Painted Earth Cosmetics review – My first post!!

Welcome to Elegant Rebel Beauty. To learn more about me and what I’m trying to accomplish with this blog, please check out the “About” page. This is my first post, and I thought I’d take this opportunity to talk about a brand that has really inspired me as of late.

I was introduced to Painted Earth via a google search for a paraben free concealer palette. I’ve been interested in buying palettes, because as an aspiring makeup artist, it’s really helpful to have lots of one product in different shades, in one place. It was more difficult than I imagined to find concealer that was paraben free (one company rep actually asked me; “What do you mean paraben free? Like free shipping?”……. Face palm!!!!!) Mercifully, the makeup Gods finally led me to Painted Earth, a company based in Georgia that provides natural makeup, skincare and more.

Now, I’m always skeptical when I see the words “natural” or “organic”, because so many companies are hopping on that bandwagon, yet don’t have the ingredients to back it up. (Always read and research the ingredients if you’re serious about putting non toxic makeup on your face. If ingredients aren’t listed, ask point blank). Painted Earth is a company that stands behind their ingredients, priding themselves on being paraben free and boasting main ingredients like coconut oil and aloe vera. All well and good, but it’s always a gamble when you’re purchasing something online from a company you haven’t heard of. After reading reviews and watching video demos, I felt confident enough to at least try the concealer palette, and I added “Perfect every thyme” baked mineral foundation to my order.

A week later (sent from the US to Canada), my package arrived. I ordered the concealer and the foundation. I received those, plus four Baby hint of mint lip glosses, a trial size Baby Come Back anti-aging moisture cream, a trial sized Vitamin C eye treatment, a trial sized Boo-Boo gel, and  a trial sized acne moisture treatment.

Let me clarify that I am not being paid to talk about these products, and the samples were not given to me with any expectation to promote them. This company simply cares about their customers and are confident enough with their products that they justify the expense of (substantially sized) samples. I suppose their way of thinking is that the customer will try, love and purchase. They’re right.

Perfect Every Thyme baked mineral foundation:

My skin is very fair and tends to be the on the drier side. Foundation is always a challenge because I find that it is so often drying, cakey, and difficult to match to my skin tone. (There is nothing worse than the dreaded jawline foundation streak, or an orangey or grey-cast foundation.) I purchased Dover beige, the lightest shade available. Initially, when I popped open the sleek silver compact (complete with a mirror), I was convinced that the shade would be too dark. Upon application, however, I was pleasantly surprised to see a perfect match for my skin. My other concern was that due to my skin being on the dry side, powder anything is a big risk. Perfect Every Thyme (which contains Thyme extract, Green Tea extract and many other nourishing ingredients) glided on and blended like a dream. It truly did give me a flawless, seamless finish. My skin looked radiant, my imperfections were seriously diminished. My pores were virtually invisible and my skin tone was balanced. Its silky smooth texture meant that my dryness was minimized, rather than pulled out and put on display. My skin is very sensitive, and almost always reacts to foundation. I’ve been wearing Perfect Every Thyme for over a week now, and no sign of irritation anywhere. The coverage is really buildable. I have pretty good skin, aside from some under-eye circles (becoming a parent equals lack of sleep), some fine lines and a touch of redness in some areas, so I tend to use a light coverage, especially because I do have freckles and I embrace them. But if I’m doing a pinup look  or something to that effect, and want a full, matte coverage, I can easily build up to that.

Final verdict: A foundation truly worthy of its name. I would recommend it for any skin type.  A definite repurchase.

Concealer palette:

14 shades of creamy concealer and one gorgeous highlighter. The range of shades is perfect for makeup artists, and if you don’t see the right colour for you, you can mix the shades until you have a match. I use a concealer shade that’s two shades darker than my skin-tone for contouring, and it does a great job at that. The concealer itself covers and blends really well and is a great consistency. The highlighter is a silvery-white, shimmery bliss. It’s perfect for on top of the cheekbones and on the browbones, and in the inner eye corners to brighten up any look. I’ve almost run out of it!!

Final verdict: A must-have for any makeup artist that’s concerned with ingredients and is looking for quality concealer in an impressive array of shades.

Baby come back Anti-aging moisture cream:

This product claims that you will see results in two days. I have to say, this is not the case. It’s more like five minutes!!! No word of a lie, when I applied this the first time, I watched my skin appear firmer, lifted and brighter. I’ve worn it every day since, and can’t believe I ever went without this miracle cream. My skin feels soft and quenched, and looks more youthful and fresh. I’m thirty-three, so I’m starting to become concerned with fine lines and wrinkles, as they’re beginning to visit me. I feel adequately armed now that I’ve tried Painted Earth Skincare.

Final verdict: A pleasant and lightly scented cream that tightens and brightens.

Baby hint of mint lip gloss:

I always have trouble finding a good lip gloss, especially in more natural brands. They tend to be sticky, too runny, too thick, not enough colour, etc. These lip glosses taste good, feel smooth, and the colour payoff is wonderful. My husband hates kissing me when I wear gloss, but when I’m wearing this, it doesn’t bother him at all. In fact, he likes the minty taste!

The colours range from subtle (mint sorbet is the perfect, shiny enhancer for my natural lip colour) to bold (mint cherry is a gorgeous glossy red!), and they leave my lips feeling conditioned. Ingredients are becoming increasingly important to me, especially because I have a child who kisses my face all day, so once again Painted Earth comes through with a product that is not only natural, but also beautiful.

Final verdict: My favourite lip gloss right now. High-shine, beautiful colour. Enough said.

I haven’t tried the acne moisture cream yet, since my skin isn’t acne prone, but I plan on giving it to a friend who is always looking for ways to control her acne. I will report back! Another item I haven’t tried yet is the Boo-Boo gel, which is touted as being an all purpose “wonder gel”, and has rave reviews. It’s one of Painted Earth‘s signature products, and I’ll review that as soon as I try it.  I also (sniff sniff) didn’t get to try the Vitamin C eye treatment because it was flushed down the toilet by my (luckily very cute) toddler, but I’m positive that it rocks because everything this brand stands for and provides is amazing.

As you can see by the product photo, I’ve used the concealer a lot! Sorry for the messiness. The other photo is of me wearing my beloved Perfect every Thyme foundation, concealer from the palette, and Mint sorbet lip gloss. The photo has NOT been retouched. It’s just really good natural light and REALLY good makeup. Make sure to check out their website and like their Facebook page at and post on the wall that Stephanie Deline’s review sent you!!

Yours truly,

The Elegant Rebel




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