Pacific Ocean Blues

I’ve been thinking of (well, longing for, really) the West Coast and all my Vancouver family and friends a lot lately. This time of year always brings thoughts of the serene cabin my in-laws own, set on a beautiful island just steps away from the beautiful Pacific Ocean.

Today, my makeup is inspired by my nautical desires, with a look I think a mermaid might have. I kept the lips very simple and used a light coverage (tinted moisturizer with just a hint of foundation), because I wanted a dewy finish. It definitely didn’t have the same effect as sitting on the white sand beach and watching the waves roll in, but it cheered me up and made me feel like I could be perched on a rock, waving my shimmery tail and tossing my hair back in the bursting golden sun. Products are listed below.


DSC_0704100 Percent Pure Luminous primer

100 Percent Pure fruit pigmented tinted moisturizer in Creme

Painted Earth Perfect Every Thyme Baked mineral foundation in Dover Beige

Key Botanicals mineral eye primer

Chickaboom 88 shimmer palette Here is a photo, zoomed in on the area of the shades I used. I did this because the shades aren’t named and there are 88 colours. Image Excuse the shadow dust- these shadows do tend to powder and have a lot of fallout)

I used (from the top left),t he first colour all over my lid and almost to my brow bone, the middle colour in the 4th row on outer half of my top lid (from the middle towards the outer corners), swept up in an arc towards the ends of my brow bones) and the last shade in the 4th row (jewel toned purple) in my crease, using a windshield wiper motion. I extended this into my outer corners in a v shape, and brought it just below the darker aqua shade to create a layered effect. I then added mascara and lined my lower lash line with the aqua shade, and added the highlighter from Painted Earth’s concealer palette on my brow bones and inner eye corners. I lined my lower waterline with Annabelle’s eye pencil in “Glow”.

For cheeks, I used 100 percent pure lip and cheek tint in warm peach and Painted Earth’s highlighter from the concealer palette.

I also used a concealer from this palette under my eyes.

For my lips, I wanted a very pale, nude/pink colour, so I brushed concealer all over my lips and added Painted Earth’s Baby Hint of Mint gloss in Mint Sorbet.


6 thoughts on “Pacific Ocean Blues

    1. Thank you so much!!! I loved doing this look!!! Chickaboom and Painted Earth are SUCH amazing brands! (especially Painted Earth, OMG I don’t think I’ve ever used such great cosmetics!) I think you’d like their products a lot!! If you ever get anything from them, can you mention that you heard about them through me? xoxo
      here is the facebook, they have lots of fun promotions there!
      Do YOU have a facebook page?! I’d love to like it!

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