Today’s look

This look was inspired by the photo of Clairy Browne in the April/may issue of BUST magazine, which happens to be my favourite print publication.

I love that the look has a retro boldness, rock-star chic, and soft femininity to it, all at the same time. Plus, since I’m back to performing with my musical project, I figured it’s a good time to try out some looks that strong female performers are pulling off!

I toned down the boldness and thickness of the liner, but for the most part I was attempting to do a decent duplicate of her lovely look.

I could only find a very low resolution photo of the look online, and it’s included below. She was photographed by Stephanie Bailly.

Clairy has a full coverage on her face, but I felt like letting my freckles show through for this look, so I used no foundation, just concealer from the Painted Earth palette under my eyes.
I used the mineral eye primer by Key Botanicals, a semi-shimmer off-white shade as my base (all over lid, to brow-bone, from my Chickaboom 88 palette), then applied a medium brown shade from the same palette to my crease and outer corners. I used Chickaboom jet set gel liner in black along my upper lash line, winged out slightly and thickened at the outer half, applied with an angled eyeliner brush from ecotools.

I then applied Organic wear®
100% Natural Origin Jumbo Lash Mascara
, which I’m not crazy about, but it was the only one on hand at the time. On my cheeks I used Key Botanicals mineral blush in innocent (a warm apricot).

On my lips I used Key Botanicals mineral lipstick in summer, over a light concealer from the Painted Earth concealer palette. I added a clear gloss. My lips turned out brighter than Clairy’s, but I kind of like it!

Clairy’s look:


My look:





4 thoughts on “Today’s look

    1. Oh my gosh you are so sweet! I’m too old to be a model I think, I’m 33 and have a child! Plus that world scares me! I have self esteem issues surrounding my looks and my body, so I don’t think my skin is tough enough for all the rejection and judgement I’d get!! Plus, I”m a photographer, so a lot of what you’re seeing is good light and the right angle. Although, much of modelling is about being photogenic and good photos I suppose!!! Regardless, your comment made my day! That’s the second person in a row that has said I should be a model since the Pink Saturday post!! Definitely an ego-boost!!

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