Painted Earth Summery look

Disclaimer: I have not been paid to discuss this brand or their products. I started out as a customer (and I remain one, faithfully!), but Painted Earth has since generously gifted me with several items, with the understanding that I will give honest reviews and document the looks I create with photos. Again, I have a background in journalism and photography, and am studying to be a certified makeup artist, so I feel like we have established a mutually beneficial relationship!)

If you’ve been keeping up with my blog, you know by now that I’m a tad obsessed with Painted Earth, a brand based in Georgia and founded by C.E.O Joanne McClure.

I came across the Painted Earth website about a month ago and have been indulging in their gorgeous, high-end makeup and spa quality skin care ever since.

What I love about this brand is that it offers a vast selection of colours and products, and both functionality and ingredient quality are of equal importance.

Here’s a mission statement, straight from Joanne herself:

‘Painted Earth is a luxurious Skin Care and Cosmetic brand. Painted Earth was founded to offer an alternative to pore-clogging chemical skincare products, and our exclusively organic, natural and non-toxic products don’t force users to sacrifice health for beauty; instead we make accentuating beauty a healthier process.
On top of our dedication to human health, Painted Earth also looks out for the welfare of our furry friends, and does not condone animal testing or use animal by-products.’

I can assure you that the folks at Painted Earth practice what they preach; they deliver on every promise they make. Since I’ve already done a lengthy review of several products (see my first ever post), today I’m posting a look that was achieved using only Painted Earth products. Next week I will be reviewing three Painted Earth products.

Also, since I am now fortunate enough to own enough Painted Earth cosmetics to do several full-faced looks, expect a series of them on different models throughout the coming weeks.



Products used: (All by Painted Earth.

Perfect Every Thyme baked mineral foundation in Dover (a light-as-air feel with a coverage that can range from light to full, always giving a polished, flawless look that doesn’t cake or dry.)

Powder mineral camouflage concealer in Saffron (a pastel yellow that neutralizes dark circles and redness- I love this concealer!)

Complete Face Palette in Bronze


I’ve had this for only a few days, and it’s already an essential kit for me. The shadows are rich and luxurious, with lasting power and brilliant colour payoff. The blush and blush glow are perfectly co-ordinated for the apples (blush) and highlight (glow), the liner is a great brown with a hit of sparkle and the face powder is the finishing touch. I rarely use powder because I find it maximizes my pores, but this one is smooth as silk and matches my skin tone perfectly.

I used the lightest eyeshadow as my base (all over lid to brow-bone), and left it as my highlight as well. I popped the medium shade in my crease and the darker shade in my outer corners. I applied the liner along my upper lash line and a small amount in my waterline.  For extra intensity, I also used my  SuperWear Gel Liner in Sienna on top of the liner in my upper lash line.I swept the medium shadow (the one I used for the crease) along my lower lash line, and in the outer 3/4 of my lower lash line, I applied the dark shade, smudging and blending to create a soft line. I then applied the liner to my waterline and smudged. I used Superlash mascara in black to finish the eyes.

The cheeks were pretty basic; I simply used the blush on my apples and the blush glow on my cheekbones.

On my lips, I layered Luxury Matte Lipstick in Hollywood over Luxury Matte Lipstick in Nouveau.

I love every product I used, and continue to be very impressed by the quality of all Painted Earth’s products.

I bet you would be too! Do your gorgeous self a huge beauty favour and check out

I’m confident you’ll be as thrilled as I am!

Much love,

The Elegant Rebel


10 thoughts on “Painted Earth Summery look

    1. Well at least you CAN tan!! Ha! I’m either crazy pale of a lobster. But I think the fair skin suits my colouring at least. It’s a pain though because I have to slather on like a bucket of sunscreen to go out in the sun for ten dang minutes!

      p.s. thank you!! haha!

    1. Thanks! I’ve had it for about 8 years and can’t bear to part with it! I had my lip pierced for ten years, but took that out a few years ago to tone my look down a bit. I love the Monroe because I think it’s the classiest of all facial piercings and somehow fierce and dainty at the same time.

    1. Thank you so much, and oh my gosh, totally do it! Mention that I sent you!! Here’s the link. It’s honestly one of the most beautiful palettes I’ve ever had!! Mine is in Bronze, but I’m thinking of getting Neutral and Spotlight too since I’m so impressed with the shadows, they feel like silk. And I LOVE that it comes with an eyeliner, two blushes and a big mirror! Not to mention it’s NON-TOXIC!!!!

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