Taylor Swift Cover girl inspired look

I’ve always been a magazine junkie, and now that I’m an aspiring makeup artist, I’m finding myself flipping through past issues and studying the looks in their pages. I picked up one from last Winter yesterday and saw an ad for Cover Girl eyeshadows, featuring Taylor Swift. I remember when I initially saw the ad, I wanted to try the look but didn’t have the proper colours to achieve it. When I saw it this morning, I realized that I’ve obtained colours that make decent dupes, so I thought I’d give it a go.

I must apologize for the one-track nature of my blog. I’m obsessed with makeup and currently am cultivating my celebrity look replication skills, because for some reason it’s become a huge guilty pleasure of mine.

Taylor’s look:


My look: (my mint is a bit more intense and vibrant, and I didn’t do quite as much purple because the intensity of the mint is so strong)




I used Painted Earth Perfect Every Thyme Mineral Foundation in Dover Beige,  Painted Earth baked blush in Rose Gold, Revlon PhotoReady concealer in fair, two purple shades from my Chickaboom 88 shimmer palette, Key Botanicals mineral shadow in Mint and Swiss Chocolate, Painted Earth Ultimate volume mascara in Black, Key Botanicals mineral lipstick in Catalina, layered over Annabelle lipliner in Spice (I lined and filled my lips in with this before the lipstick was applied).

I really like this look! It’s bold but still soft and feminine! Which I think perfectly represents Taylor.

Beautiful love,




6 thoughts on “Taylor Swift Cover girl inspired look

  1. Thanks ladies!!!! Yeah, I think I related to this look because her hair is almost a dark strawberry blonde here, similar to mine!! I didn’t quite duplicate it, because like I said, my mint is more intense and I also didn’t have the right lip shade, but I did my best!!!

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