What makes YOU pretty on the inside?

I’ve always been a bit of a makeup fanatic. I’ve gone through the trends that are now regarded as tacky and dated (and rightly so – dark lip liner with light lipstick, anyone? Gothy black lips? Glitter mascara? Check, check, check.) I’ve cycled through makeup phases that were totally wrong for me (covering up my freckles with too much foundation, penciling my brows with one, way-too-dark line). Very recently, I finally achieved  a makeup routine that feels good to me, which makes me ecstatic. And now that I’m training to be a makeup artist, expanding my beauty horizons with the proper tools is beyond fun.

But something I wrote in my “No-makeup makeup” post is causing me to reflect upon and consider a certain perspective tonight. I claimed that “the real beauty is on the inside.”

I meant that. I really did. So I’m sitting here asking myself one question:

If the real beauty is on the inside, and you’re a beauty blogger, why haven’t you written about inner beauty?

Well, self, you pose a thought-provoking question there. In lieu of a reply, I’m going to just show myself, and my readers, that I really do think inner beauty should be emphasized more often. How? By writing about it, of course!

In this sexed-up, celebrity-crazy world, it can be all too easy to get wrapped up in a twisted, single-minded notion of beauty. The magazines tell you to fight aging with all you’ve got, because you won’t be beautiful with lines. Music videos tell you to wear as little clothing as possible and shake your money-maker with a smile, otherwise guys may not like you. Fashion tells you that the thinner you are, the more beautiful and desirable you are.

Listen, we’re girls. We’re women. We like to look pretty. We like to be gorgeous on the outside. It’s fun to rock the perfect cat eye and a standout dress. Who doesn’t love pampering themselves with a luxurious hair masque and a silky new eyeshadow? Nothing, and I mean nothing is wrong with indulging in outer beauty and the dizzying array of accompanying products. But I have a stipulation, and that stipulation is a little thing called balance.

If we’re going to show our daughters, our sisters, our friends and our partners our pretty faces, we must also let them know the importance and power of our pretty hearts. For every mascara swipe, a good deed. For every eyebrow tweeze, some sage advice. For each glance in the mirror, a glance at a book or a listen to your favourite song.

To further delve into this concept, I’m going to list five non-physical things that are beautiful about me. This isn’t about tooting my own horn. Rather, it’s about taking some time to put my money where my mouth is. I’m the one who said that real beauty thrives way down below our pores. Now it’s time to prove it.

I hope you, dear readers, will take a few minutes to do the same, either by reblogging this or posting a comment below, unabashedly staking claim to five things that make you pretty on the inside.

Cosmetics are great. They’re fun. But it is of the utmost importance to be a kind, decent, happy person. Having said that, this is a beauty blog. So while embracing and identifying your inner beauty is one of the most beautiful and empowering things you can do, it never hurts to do it with long, lush lashes and your favourite lipstick.

Five things that make me pretty on the inside:

1) My little girl. The purity of her heart and the endless joy of her musical laughter makes me smile and laugh so hard that it’s impossible not to grab some of her light and radiate it from within.

2) My songs. I write and sing. Music has always been one of my biggest outlets, and my songs are unapologetic, emotional reflections of my life. Some are happy reflections, others are sad and angry. But they’re all very real, and very honest. And that’s beautiful.

3) My unwillingness to pretend. I’m a very open person. I was bullied a lot as a kid and because of that I felt stifled and not accepted. I think I should thank the bullies, though, because I’m quite sure it built my character and helped me to become the person I am today. I refuse to be someone I’m not. I won’t ever give up on my dreams, and my pursuit of them will always be relentless. Not everyone can handle me; I’m an outspoken, very driven girl and when I decide I want something, I go for it. I think that my individuality is beautiful and I think every woman should embrace hers.

4) I’m crazy loyal. I will drop everything if someone I love is in pain or needs me. I will defend my friends and family tooth and nail, and when one of them is hurt, scared or angry, so am I. Friendship is beautiful and I take mine seriously.

5) I’m full of passion. When I love, I do it with all my heart. This opens me up to a lot of pain, but it also makes me emotionally available for some very beautiful, intensely memorable experiences.

Everyone is beautiful in their own way, both inside and out. Don’t forget to look inside yourself at least as often as you look in the mirror.

Beautiful love,

The Elegant Rebel

Two other beautiful things I love: taking photos and British Columbia sunsets (photo by me)



9 thoughts on “What makes YOU pretty on the inside?

  1. What a beautiful post and I love your writing style! My five things, I’d have to say my first one is like yours – my children, they make feel Woman, with or without makeup I feel like I’m a real woman and that is beautiful. Nr.2 would have to be my sense of humor, this is something I love in other and in myself, no one can be ugly when they make people laugh. Nr.3 would have to be my kind personality, I’m, always nice to everyone. For example when I was little and at school I always wanted to be friends with not popular kids and the poor kids with who others didn’t want to hang out. But I always felt that every human being deserves to be loved and I’m happy to show that I care. Nr.4 I’m beautiful cause I’m a little crazy and you don’t always get what you see, I guess my crazyness makes me fun (or just crazy for others lol) and as I said before, fun is beautiful =) Nr.5 I’m very honest and I don’t like to hide my emotions, I guess it’s a nice thing to be opened about feeling and emotions. And that’s it for my five things. PS! The sunset photo is beautiful!

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