“Try this look” Tuesday (Kristen Stewart/Olivia Wilde looks)

You may remember last week’s collaboration post with the beautiful Amriaa, in which Maria took inspiration from a look I picked, and vice versa. That post has already been one of the most successful I’ve done, in terms of followers gained and views. Plus, it was so goshdarn fun that I can’t resist making a habit of it.

The idea of seeing something in someone else that they might not see, and them doing the same for me, is something I think is really cool. Stepping outside of my comfort zone with makeup and trying to replicate a look will help me tremendously and provide me great learning experiences to pad my makeup artistry career with. I must admit, it’s also a lot of fun to study looks and pick out the colours, especially if it gives me an excuse to buy new makeup, y’know what I mean, ladies?

Without further ado via rambling, I give you “Try this look” Tuesday, where I will pick a look (usually a celebrity look) for a different blogger each week, and they’ll do the same for me.

This week, I collaborated with Mammu. This girl is insanely (enviably!) gorgeous, and an utter sweetheart to match her pretty face. I love her blog and her charm, and had a look picked out for her before I even approached her. I think Mammu looks a lot like Olivia Wilde. With her twinkly, mischievous eyes and big, glowing smile, not to mention her perfect complexion, I knew she’d pull this look off perfectly. And she did! I really don’t think she could have done a better job with this look, and I’m so glad she agreed to work with me!

Olivia’s look


Mammu’s look:



Mammu will be reblogging this and adding a description of her look and products used, so make sure to stay tuned for that if you want to get this fresh, glowing look!

Now it’s my turn. Mammu sent me three looks to choose from. One was a redhead model look, and one was Mila Kunis. The third was this Kristen Stewart look. I chose this one from the three because it scared me the most. Kristen Stewart and I look nothing alike! She has dark hair, green eyes that are a lot smaller than mine, smaller lips and a more slender nose, by far. While I know I don’t look like her in this look, I tried my best to replicate the makeup. I even added green contacts and much darker brows than I’ve ever been used to. I’m glad I chose this look, and that Mammu sent it to me. I actually really like the way it turned out! The photo has only been photoshopped under my eyes to remove a bit of fallout that I hadn’t noticed pre-photos. By the time I uploaded the photos onto my computer, my camera had died, and I knew I wouldn’t have time to reshoot, so I just cheated and removed the makeup smudges via editing. Nothing else has been changed. (Remember, I’m a photographer so I know how to use light and have a professional camera, I swear I don’t cheat!).

Mammu says:

I actually chose three different looks for Stephanie, because I couldn’t decide myself. She went and chose the most intense and fierce look from the three looks. Although her face features and hair are very different from Kristen’s, she did a great job on recreating the same make up look. It wasn’t an easy task, but she succeeded beautifully!

Kristen’s look:


My look: (outside without flash) Keep in mind my red is more intense than Kristen’s because I couldn’t quite get the proper match.


Looking down:


The one thing KStew and I do have in common is fair skin, although I have more pink undertones and freckles. I used my Painted Earth Perfect Every Thyme baked mineral foundation, which I SWEAR by. (Ahem, my first ever post was a review on Painted Earth), under Revlon PhotoReady foundation in Nude. I never wear this much foundation, but my freckles are stubborn this time of year, and you can still see them peeking through, but I did my best to get a good coverage going. I followed with Revlon PhotoReady concealer in Fair.

Eyes: The eyes are the key to this look, and they were no easy task to master. I used my Chickaboom 88 Shimmer palette (14.99 for 88 PARABEN-FREE colours!). I began with the third shade in from the right, bottom row (burgundy) all over my lid, and added more in the inner corners up to the brow bone. I then layered a light dusting the brown that’s on the third row from the bottom, first shade from the right to tone the colour down just a bit. I smuded the red under my eyes, followed again with the brown, and used the same brown in a more intense application on my outer corners, swept out in a soft wing. I added black Kohl eyeliner to my waterline and upper lash line, and Painted Earth Ultimate Volume mascara in black. For my highlight I used a champagne shade from my bronze Painted Earth complete face palette. I filled my brows in with a medium brown matte colour from my other Chickaboom 88 palette (that one contains matte shades as well as shimmer ones).

Cheeks: I used Painted Earth Baked blush in Rose gold. I didn’t apply a lot of blush since it appears to me that Kristen isn’t wearing much in this look, she looks very pale, and I wanted to stick to that. I was going to get into some contouring, but ran out of time!

Lips are almost as important as eyes for this look, because it’s super important to keep them muted and subtle to balance out the intensity of the eyes. I used Key Botanicals berry creamy lip colour in Desert Berry under 100 percent pure Naked lipgloss.

Thanks for joining us for “Try this look Tuesday”! Wait til you see what’s in store for next week! Keep watch for two special announcements regarding that, and one surprise tomorrow. If you would like to participate in a Tuesday collab, drop me a line using the contact form below!

Beautiful love, as always,

The Elegant Rebel


10 thoughts on ““Try this look” Tuesday (Kristen Stewart/Olivia Wilde looks)

  1. The both of you look wonderful! I don’t like Kristen Stewart as an actress, but I love her makeup looks. You did a great job replicating the look, and it looks really good on you!

  2. Thank you so much ladies! I’m not a big fan of Kristen in the Twilght films (those are pretty bad films period, though I think that has a lot to do with the directing too), but I loved loved loved her as Joan Jett in The Runaways!

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