Shine On Blog Award/Shiny Star look/Announcement!

Hi there! As you’ve probably gathered by the title, there’s a lot going on in this post! For starters, I’ve been nominated twice for the Shine On blog award, which was created by senior bloggers. It’s an award for fellow bloggers to celebrate and promote what you’re doing on your blog and show you appreciation for it by nominating you. Once you are nominated, you’ve received the award.

I’ve only been at this for a little over a month now, so the fact that two of my peers think highly enough of me to nominate me and award me this WordPress honour is really exciting.

The rules of accepting this award are:

Display the Shine on logo on your blog. No problem:


Give a shout out on your blog to the blogger who nominated you.

Nominate fifteen bloggers you think are deserving of the award.

List seven facts about yourself.

I just want to mention quickly that the next two Tuesday collaborations on my blog will be done with these ladies, and I’m super excited about that. Next Tuesday will be a collab with Patricia and the following will be with Tori. Some exciting looks are headed your way! Also, because I was so thrilled about my Shine On nominations, I took the liberty of creating a fresh, glowy, natural kind of look match the occasion. It’ll be included at the end of this post.

Now, the first thing I want to do is the shout-outs! But more than simply linking to the girls who nominated me, I’d like to give you something extra. These two ladies are super special and talented, and I’m inspired by their knowledge, passion and impressive blogs. I did mini interviews with both Patricia of Beauty Informer and Tori of NotoriousBeautyBlog (what can I say, it’s the journalist in me!), and you’ll find their impressions below. I asked them both why they were compelled to nominate Elegant Rebel Beauty, what their favourite Elegant Rebel post is, what they think is special about the Shine On award, how they feel about their own nominations, and what their three must-have beauty products are.

Patricia says:

I was nominated for the Shine On award by Cristina from and I felt so touched to receive this award from a fellow blogger. Getting nominated reminded me of how kind the blogger community is and how much they want to help fellow bloggers get noticed. I only started blogging a couple of months ago and I have found so many like minded people who I enjoy interacting with on WP. I got to know most of the wonderful people because of the Shine On and similar awards. This award not only introduces bloggers but also gives us a chance to get to know each other.

I nominated Stephanie for this award because I love her and her blog. I only recently got to know Stephanie. I love her because she is filled with positive energy and awesomeness that keeps me coming back to her blog. She is currently hosting an interesting collaboration series weekly. She will give you more information about this in a while. I really like that Stephanie collaborates with fellow bloggers and helps them and their skills get noticed by her readers. Thanks for being so kind dearest, and I think you deserve to Shine On.

I love all of Stephanie’s posts but my favorite is her What makes YOU pretty on the inside? ( post. Like she mentions in her post, beauty on the inside is just as essential as the beauty we try to achieve on the outside. If you have not read her post on inner beauty, you should read it as it gives you a lot to think about and reflect on.

And the three beauty products she can’t live without? Revlon black eye liner, makeup cleansing wipes and hand cream.


Tori says:

Hello Elegant Rebel Beauty readers, my name is Tori and I am the author of Notorious Beauty Blog.

I nominated Elegant Rebel for the Shine On blogger award because she has an amazing blog and has supported me through comments and encouragment on my own. Whenever I put up a new post I can count on the fact that Stephanie will give me feedback tell me what she enjoyed about it.The Shine On award is special to receive because it makes you, as a blogger, realize that other people out there appreciate what you are doing and would like to give you the support and encouragement to keep going! I love reading Elegant Rebel Beauty blog and I definitely want Stephanie to keep posting so I can stay updated and keep learning new things from her blog 🙂

It is important for us as bloggers to support each other because sometimes you feel like a small fish in a HUGE blog sea but when other bloggers give you encouragement it makes it all feel well worth it! Even if I only affect one other person through my blog it will definitely be worth it and Elegant Rebel has already affected me in a very positive way, so I wanted to recognize that.

My favorite post on Elegant Rebel Beauty is the Pacific Ocean Blues. I love wearing dark blue eyeshadow when I do a colored smokey eye but bright blue look like that would terrify me…yet it looks amazing on her! Definitely makes me want to play around more with bright colors 🙂

My three can’t-live-without beauty items would have to be mascara, concealer, and blush. My current favorites are Benefit Erase Paste in #2 for my concealer, Almay Get up and Grow mascara, and Arbonne Ballet blush.

Shine on Elegant Rebel Beauty blog! I cannot wait to see what you come out with in the future and I will always be a loyal follower <;;3


I want to extend my deepest thanks for these gorgeous girls for their support of my blog. It means so much to me!

Seven things about moi:

1) I’m a family and boudoir photographer (separately, of course. I know they’re opposite genres but that’s why I love them! I love photography and experiencing different aspects of it is what it’s all about.

2) I went to school for journalism and started out in music journalism, writing for Canadian Musician Magazine, Professional Sound Magazine and more. In addition to my career aspirations of makeup artistry, I would like to be a beauty writer as well.

3) The reason I jumped into (and love!) music journalism is that I’ve been writing, singing, gigging and recording for many years. Here are some links to some of my music:

4) I currently reside in Toronto, but this Summer my husband, 2 year old daughter and I are planning a move to beautiful British Columbia, my favourite place in the world!

5) I’m obsessed with poutine. Every time I go to a restaurant, I have to try their poutine.

6) I have an undying love of Mariah Carey that began with the release of her first album. I adore her, and will debate with you all night if you diss her.

7) I have six tattoos. I only like two of them.

Here’s my Shiny Starry look:

(I used Painted Earth Perfect Every Thyme foundation in Dover Beige, Golden Glow blush by Key Botanicals, Revlon Illuminance Creme shadow in Not Just Nudes (four shades- I used the lightest all over lid and second lightest in the outer corners), the white shimmery highlighter from my Painted Earth concealer palette as my brow bone highlight, and Revlon Vital Radiance lipstick in Pink Shimmer, and a clear gloss (I can’t remember which one!) I used my beloved Painted Earth Ultimate Volume mascara in Black.




I hope you enjoyed this post!! The fifteen bloggers I would like to nominate are:


17 thoughts on “Shine On Blog Award/Shiny Star look/Announcement!

  1. Have I ever told you before that I love your hair? =) It’s such a pretty colour. Also, you look really good in those photos! Thanks so much for nominating me.

    Would you like to do a collab post in future by the way? =)

  2. Thank you and thank you! I’ve had it every colour you can name but within the last few years, I’ve decided to keep it natural.

    And yes, let’s collaborate! Send me a look for me ASAP (so I have lots ot advance time to choose and buy colours, perfect and photograph the look, etc) and then l will do the same for you! We can release the post on Tuesday July 2nd.

  3. Congratulations, your blog is growing and improving every day! And thank you for nominating me, I was just about to publish my post and now I can add you as well =) What is poutine? Six tattoos and you only like two of them, that can’t be a very nice feeling 😀 And last but not least, your look is beautiful and fresh, you have such a uniuqe beauty that you could be a model just like that, seriously!

  4. Well, it’s mostly because the others aren’t finished that I don’t like them as much! Poutine is a TERRIBLE dish, it’s a staple here in Canada. It’s fries topped with gravy and cheese…yep, it’s terrible for you, but SOOOO good!!!!

    Thank you SO much, you make me blush! I am too old to me a model, I wouldn’t even try because I’m afraid I’d get laughed at!! I’m also still very insecure about things like my hair and freckles (I got seriously bullied about them by girls in school, and that’s hard to shake- they tormented me and tormented me until I finally covered my freckles and dyed my hair), so I’m just starting to embrace those things! It sure helps to have so many beautiful women in support of me!!!! xxo

    1. Thank you ladies!!! Patricia, my hair is suuuuuch a pain!!!!!! So it’s nice that others appreciate it, because honestly, I have to really fight the urge to chop it all off almost every day!!

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