Try this look Tuesday Vol. 3 (Lea Michele, Jessica Alba and more!)

Intro: So I’ve had this post written and ready since this morning, and my internet has been acting up all day, only giving me short bursts of access and then being a jerk again. I’m releasing the post early, (so I guess it’s Try This Look Monday this week!) because I worry that the issue with my internet is going to continue tomorrow. I would hate to have it just be down all day, rendering me unable to release the post at all!

Happy Tuesday, (edit: Er, Monday….) dolls! If you’re just joining us for Try this look Tuesday (TTLT), here’s a brief rundown of this exciting feature. Every week, I send a celebrity look to another blogger for them to recreate, photograph and send me the results. That blogger selects a celeb look for me, I copy it as best I can, photograph it, and voila! We have a super fun post! I’m currently doing double features (I send looks to two bloggers, they send each send a look  to me, for a total of four looks) so that I can catch up before I move across the country and have to take a few weeks off at the end of the Summer.

This week, I’m thrilled to bring you Patricia from Beauty Informer and Michele from TrendyBelleblog, two absolutely stunning ladies who I’m so excited to be collaborating with! Don’t forget to check out and follow these amazing bloggers, and watch their blogs for re-bloggings of this post with added info about the products they used and descriptions of how they got their looks.

Let’s get right down to it:

Patricia channels Lea

Here’s the Lea Michele look I selected for Patricia. I chose this look because Patricia reminds me so much of Lea with her big, dark eyes, full lips and beautiful facial structure. I particularly love this look because of the red lips and understated eye makeup!

Lea’s look:


Patricia’s interpretation:



She nailed it! I think this replication is spot-on and Patricia looks as beautiful as I knew she would. I love this red on her lips and the lash-y yet simple eyes look amazing on her! Her warm, glowy skin tone is perfect, and her full brows are lovely.

Patricia’s impressions

On the collaboration:

“I was so excited when Stephanie contacted me about doing this collaboration with her. I am glad I did it. I enjoy playing with makeup and I love red lipstick. So, when Stephanie shared Lea Michele’s looks for inspiration, I immediately chose the look Lea wore for the 2011 Grammy”.

On the look:

“While I love bold red lips, I usually never go without my thickly lined kohl eyes. My signature daily look includes a lot of eyeliner on my upper and lower lids, including my waterline.  However, I decided to try this look because it would force me to stay away from heavy liner. That’s something I find difficult to do, but I absolutely enjoyed recreating the look Lea wore! I wore the look to work and everybody liked it. I may just wear this look again.”

Stephanie takes on Taylor

For me, Patricia picked this awesome bronzy/brown smokey eye look that Taylor Swift wore to the 2013 People’s Choice Awards. Taylor and I both have blue eyes, so I was excited about the bronzy tones because I know they make blue eyes pop. This look was a challenge because it’s a very  multi-toned smokey eye, and I really wanted to find the right shades. I think I did a decent duplication and had a blast with this look. I love it! Check out the bottom of this post for the products I used and a description of how I got each look.

Taylor’s look:


My interpretation:


Patricia’s impressions of my recreation:

“I chose Taylor Swift’s 2013 People’s Choice Awards look for Stephanie because I love how Taylor makes her beautiful eyes the center of attention, and tones everything else down. I also chose this look for Stephanie because Taylor was the first celeb I thought of when I pictured Stephanie recreating a celeb look. I love the look Stephanie recreated. She didn’t forget the little details like the highlights Taylor wore at the inner corners of her eyes, the barely there blush, the neutral lip and the blend of the neutrals on her lids. I think Stephanie did a great job of recreating this look and it suits her features just as I imagined it would.”

Michele VS  Jessica Alba

From the moment I saw her, Michele reminded me so much of Jessica Alba. She just has the same type of  timeless, fresh beauty. Their features are so similar that I knew she’d rock a Jessica look, and she did! When Michele sent me her photos, I was blown away by the resemblance. I like how she made the look her own by using slightly different lip colour and wearing her hair down. I think this makeup is amazing on her!

Jessica’s look:


Michele’s interpretation:




Michele’s impressions:

“This collaboration was so much fun! It was really interesting to find out what looks someone else would pick for me, and it has definitely given me a lot of new inspiration! My go-to item is my eyeliner. I wear it almost every single day. But this look challenged me to make my eyes pop without using any eyeliner at all! I was definitely nervous that I wouldn’t be able to pull it off, but I ended up loving how my makeup came out! This collaboration has given me a lot of confidence to put down my go to beauty product, go out of my comfort zone, and try something different!”
Stephanie takes on Laura Prepon:
Michele says:

“While searching for the perfect look, I was googling many different red head celebrities. While I tried to find as many different red heads as I could, it was a common theme throughout all my results to find  a very similar look (light eye makeup with bold lips). The look is beautiful, and Stephanie would’ve easily looked beautiful with that look, but I wanted to find something a little more fun. I love reading Stephanie’s blog, and I found that many of her posts include eye catching eye makeup.When I found Laura Pepron’s look, I knew it was perfect for Stephanie! Green eyeshadow isn’t the easiest to pull off, but I knew Stephanie would do it with elegance and grace. When I first saw the images, an immediate smile appeared on my face. Stephanie didn’t just get the look, she mastered it! It looks exactly like the look I provided her with, and she looks absolutely stunning. The green eyeshadow really makes Stephanie’s beautiful eyes pop out. I hope Stephanie was as happy with the results as I was, and starts rocking this look more often! She looks gorgeous. “
I hardly ever wear green makeup, unless it’s a blue-green, so this was definitely stepping out of my comfort zone too!! I love Laura Prepon’s look and was immediately excited to recreate it. I tried to stay as true to it as possible, though I did make the eyes a little less muddy and a little more vibrant and pigmented, and I let my freckles show though instead of covering them. I’ve really been embracing them lately! I will definitely try this look again!
Laura’s look:
My interpretation:
The loot for Laura’s look:
DSC_0166 2
Eyes: Chickaboom 88 Palette: Champagne coloured highlight (red circle) Green all over lid (yellow circle) and blackened brown in outer third of eye (blue circle) Painted Earth Super Lash Mascara in black
Face: 100 Percent Pure Fruit Pigmented Tinted Moisturizer, a light shade from my Painted Earth pro concealer palette (not pictured, forgot to add it in the photos)
Lips: Revlon Vital Radiance lipstick in Honey Nude
Cheeks: Painted Earth baked blush in Rose Gold (very light application)
The loot for Taylor’s look:
Eyes: Highlight: Revlon photoready eyeshadow (1). All over lid, Chickaboom 88 shimmer palette (2) layered with 3 (on eyelid). Outer third of lid, swept out at corners and lower lashline, the brown shade from the revlon kit (4). Chickaboom gel liner in black (6) was traced along my upper lashlines, slightly thickened at the outer third. Blackened brown shadow (5) was placed in very outer corners and along outer half of lower lash line. Quo falsies were added and mascaraed with Painted Earth Super Lash in Black,
Face: 100 percent pure Healthy Skin foundation with Super fruits in Creme, light concealer shade from Painted Earth concealer Palette
Cheeks: Pur Minerals bronzer (I didn’t use blush because Taylor looked to me to have a one-shade cheek, and it looked very slightly bronzed, a natural glow).On cheekbones, I lightly glazed the Pur Minerals glowstick.
Lips: Revlon  renewist lip colour in Perfectly Pastel, layered under Key Botanicals berry creamy lip colour in Coco Berry.
And there you have it! I had a blast with this week’s post, and want to thank Michele and Patricia for their wonderful contributions!
Beautiful Love,

16 thoughts on “Try this look Tuesday Vol. 3 (Lea Michele, Jessica Alba and more!)

  1. Reblogged this on beauty informer and commented:
    I recently collaborated with the beautiful Stephanie from Elegant Rebel Beauty to recreate a celebrity inspired look. To give you some context about this series, every week, Stephanie sends a celebrity look to another blogger for them to recreate, photograph and send her the results. That blogger in turn, selects a celeb look for her. She recreates it, photographs it, and posts the results.
    I found this collaboration so much fun. Here is the post that Stephanie put together. It includes Michele’s recreation of a Jessica Alba look and two celeb looks that Michele and I chose for Stephanie.

  2. I love it!!! They literally all look so good 🙂 Everyone did a great job picking out looks for each other. I have the same problem with the internet too! It’s so annoying when all you want to do is put something up and it isn’t letting you haha

  3. These are all great! I totally see the similarities between Patricia & Lea Michele!
    That Taylor Swift look?? Gahhhh!!
    And Michele is so gorgeous, her blending was perfect!

  4. Michele and Patricia are both gorgeous! I hope the Gahhhh is a good thing? Hehehe. I tried my best to recreate Taylor’s look, but of course she’s over a decade younger than I am and I”ll never measure up to her, but I tried!!

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