Complete Face Palettes: A Painted Earth must-have (guest post by Stephanie Deline)

Hi dolls! I’ve got a very special Reblog for you today. When I first began beauty blogging only a month and a half ago, I’d have laughed until I cried if you told me I’d be guest blogging for my favourite cosmetics company. Well, it turns out that’s not such a crazy notion after all! I’m pleased and proud to announce that my first guest blog with Painted Earth skincare has now been published! I hope you enjoy reading it. I know I was thrilled to write it!

Painted Earth Skincare & Cosmetics

Palettes are functional makeup kit items for makeup artists and enthusiasts alike. For weddings, other special occasions, or even just a night out, having several coordinated colours in one place takes the guess-work out of that perfect look. Space-saving is also a plus; storing your go-to look in a sleek, flat kit can be a lot easier than digging through a box of loose eyeshadows, blushes, etc.                                                                            

But it’s actually a huge challenge to find palettes that are paraben and toxin-free, as well as high in quality and colour pay-off. When I first decided I wanted to train as a makeup artist (I’m still studying), I did a lot of research on…

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4 thoughts on “Complete Face Palettes: A Painted Earth must-have (guest post by Stephanie Deline)

  1. Oh come on, Steph! Your post were always informative and good in content, your looks are so beautiful it’s their gain to have you blog there haha 😀 I have learned about this company from you and I can’t wait to try it if I ever find they deliver in my country 😀 congrats dear!

  2. Aw that’s so sweet!!! I think we BOTH gain from it, it’s definitely cool to be featured on my favourite makeup company’s blog, AND it looks GREAT on my resume! (I want to write for beauty magazines!) Have you emailed them? I wouldn’t be surprised if they do deliver to your country!!

  3. Congratulations on your guest blog! You look gorgeous as usual and I love the looks you did! Their palettes have absolutely stunning colors! Would love to get my hands on them!

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