I. Am. Canadian.

Canada Day is one of my favourite celebrations of the year! I like to deck out in red and white and have a blast! Now, since I have a little girl, I get to doll her up for the occasion too!! So fun. Today, we’re going to do something super fun, we haven’t decided what yet since there is so much going on around the city. But two things I do know? 1) I’ll be wearing this makeup and 2) my daughter will be wearing her specially made red and white tutu! Maybe we can even convince my fiancee to wear a maple leaf on his cheek….but that’s doubtful!

Happy Canada day! I feel lucky and blessed to live in the true north strong and free all year long!!


(Excuse the pixelated cell phone pic, my camera battery needs charging today!)

Stay tuned for a special surprise later!

Beautiful, CANADIAN love,



5 thoughts on “I. Am. Canadian.

  1. So cool, I’m sure your little girl looks the cutest in her red and white tutu! I have relatives in Canada, you’ll probably know that in Canada there’s the biggest estonians community in the world? Would be awesome to visit one day! =)

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