Try this look Tuesday (Scarlett Johansson, Amanda Seyfried, Khloe Kardashian and more!)

Hello, dolls! It’s that time of the week again. Tuesday means I give two bloggers celeb looks to try and they do the same for me. The results are documented right here, and this week is super exciting, full of fun and dramatic looks.

First off, I want to give a big shout out to Paige at and Cathi at for nominating me for the Shine On blog award. These are my third and fourth nominations for this award, and it’s very special to have such talented bloggers think highly enough of my blog to nominate me! Check out their amazing blogs. Thanks ladies!! xo

Okay, down to business! Be sure to check out the blogs of these ladies for more info on their recreations!

Ally VS Khloe:

So,  first up we have my collaboration with Ally from! Ally is a new, energetic and sweet blogger. She featured me in her blogger spotlight series (which, by the way is SO cool! Bloggers showing other bloggers love!! So dope!), and she is currently running a very impressive series called Beauty Through the Decades, featuring looks from different eras. I grabbed the 50’s slot, and that will be posted soon. I’m very excited to be part of such a creative endeavour!

I chose this Khloe Kardashian look for Ally because something about Khloe’s smile reminded me of her. I was pleased to learn that Ally loves purple and had fun with this look. Isn’t her eye makeup cool? And she totally nailed Khloe’s awesome brows! Thank you so much Ally! You’re beautiful!

Khloe’s look:


Ally’s interpretation:



Ally’s impressions of her look and the collaboration:

I loved my look! Purple is my favorite color and I love doing bold looks so when Stephanie sent this picture to me I was beyond excited to replicate it! I did do a few things different just so that it would compliment my eye shape better. Khloe had eyeliner top and bottom and that doesn’t look well on me. This was an amazing experience. I am so glad Stephanie contacted me to participate in this collab. It is such a wonderful idea. I’ve never picked a look for someone else to replicate so it was a fun first time for me. I loved working with Stephanie on this!
Stephanie channels Deborah:
Ally chose a beautiful Deborah Ann Woll look for me, which I thought was such a striking and fun look to create. Here’s what Ally had to say on why she chose the look and how she thinks I did with it:
I chose Deborah because she just really reminded me of Stephanie. Between the hair color and the facial features I thought it was a look that she would be able to pull off well. I really thought the colours in the look would compliment Stephanie just as well as it complimented her.  She did an amazing job replicating it to a T! It looks great with her hair and brow color! Absolutely love this replication!
Steph says: I had a lot of fun replicating this look. I tried to get it down to a science. I struggled with matching the eyeshadow perfectly, because I couldn’t tell if it was bronze or taupe mixed with mauve or what the exact colour combination was! It turned out a little more purply than Deborah’s, and I wish I’d used a little more taupe because hers has more of a  brown hue than a cool tone, but other than that I’m very happy with the look. My brows will never be as dark or full as Deborah’s, so that’s one difference that can’t be helped! I’m so glad Ally chose this look for me, it’s perfect for a night out! I apologize  for my hair in both these looks! I wanted to curl the bottom for Deborah’s look and have it look sleeker for Scarlett’s, but my hair is SO thick, and with a business to run and a toddler to run after, I’m lucky if I even get to brush it! Just doing the makeup, taking the photos, and writing these posts is pushing it. That’s why I do the writing at 2 am!
Deborah Ann Woll
Products used for this look: Quo Skincredible foundation in Ivory, Painted Earth Luxury Matte Lipstick in Audrey, underneath Painted Earth Baby Hint of Mint gloss in Sugar Plum and Painted Earth baby hint of mint gloss in Mint Chocolate Truffle. (I really wanted to nail her lip colour so I had to mix a few shades to get it exact),Painted Earth mineral eyeshadow in Tourmaline, mixed with Painted Earth Shimmer Powder in Snooty and Key Botanicals Mineral Eyeshadow in Kronos. Chickaboom gel liner in Jet Set on top and bottom lash lines. Painted Earth SuperLash mascara in black over Painted Earth Lash Luxe mascara in Black. Painted Earth baked mineral blush in Rose Gold.
Kate takes on Amanda:
Next up, the stunning Kate from Kate is a gorgeous and talented makeup artist with a fabulous blog, so when she agreed to collaborate with me, I was stoked! I selected a number of looks for her to choose from, and I was thrilled when she chose the most dramatic one: Amanda Seyfried’s crazy, theatrical cat eyes with a shimmery golden  twist! Kate has the big gorgeous eyes, fair complexion and Rapunzel-like locks to pull of Amanda perfectly, and that’s exactly what she did!
Amanda’s look:
Kate’s interpretation:
Can you believe this girl? Unreal!  Kate’s impressions of her look and the collab:  I absolutely LOVED doing this collab, it was really fun to collaborate with another blogger & choose looks for each other to do that we thought would suit them. I loved replicating a celebrity look. Trying new makeup looks is just so much fun! I love the Amanda Seyfried look that Stephanie chose for me. Out of all the looks she chose for me that one was the most daring so I went for it! As a makeup artist I just get such a buzz trying out new makeup looks. I don’t like to wear the same look twice, mixing it up is fun! I would also like to say a huge thank you to Stephanie for letting me participate in these super fun collabs!
Steph copies Scarlett:
Kate chose a few looks for me to pick from, and I ended up going with this Scarlett Johansson look:
Though I’m under no illusion that I could ever compare to this Goddess, I tried to replicate the look as best I could! The orangey tones were tough to copy, I mixed a few colours together, but I think I did a decent job!!!! It was a fun look to create, even though I was very nervous trying to copy a look off of one of the most gorgeous women in the world! I just got some AMAZING perfecting lights for my photography business and finally got to try them out! I’m so happy with the way they lit these photos! Combined with the awesome foundation and concealer, I really do feel like it was very perfecting! Though I wish I’d checked my camera settings! I was in a rush and had forgotten that my settings were still fixed on a previous shoot, for which I wanted a grainier, blurred feel. Oh well! Can’t win ’em all!  Kate’s thoughts:  I chose the Scarlett look for Stephanie because I wanted to pick a look that had bronzey/gold tones on the eyes, as I feel that those colours look absolutely stunning on her and suit her complexion beautifully. I think she did a great job replicating the look, it turned out nice any bronzey and smokey along the lashline, just like Scarlett’s look. I can’t get over those colours on Stephanie! Love!

Products used for this look: Painted Earth Luminous Coconut Oil foundation in light sand, Revlon photoready concealer in fair. The three Chickaboom shadows circled (all layered together, all over lid up to brow bone)) from my 88 Shimmer Palette in the photo below, Painted Earth Mineral Eye Shadow in Caramel (outer V, lower lash line) , Chickaboom Jet Set gel liner in Black, Painted Earth Ultimate Volume Mascara in Black, Key Botanicals blush in Golden Glow, Key Botanicals mineral lipstick in Catalina, Painted Earth Baby Hint of Mint gloss in Baby Doll and Sugar Plum.
Thanks for joining us for this week’s TTLT! And a big thank you to Ally and Kate for their amazing contributions.
Remember, if you want in on these collaborations, simply email me at
Beautiful love, as always,
The Elegant Rebel

10 thoughts on “Try this look Tuesday (Scarlett Johansson, Amanda Seyfried, Khloe Kardashian and more!)

  1. I got very lucky that my brows are very similar to Khloe’s ! Thank you so much for letting me be apart of this, it was loads of fun! I love Kate’s look, I actually think I am going to try that out next time I go out with friends. You did a great job replicating the Scarlett look as well! Both looks look great on you!

  2. Wow Kate looks amazing!! She did a perfect job and the looks is fab on her. The Deborah look is so pretty on you, so elegant and the lipstick is gorgeous on you! The other looks are very pretty as well, good job girls!

  3. You are too sweet Stephanie! I loved collaborating with you & would be happy to do so again if you’ll have me 🙂 You did an awesome job on both looks! No need to compare yourself to Scarlett, your stunning just as you are!

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