Eco-friendly Friday (new series!)

Hello beauties!

As most of you know by now, I’m a sucker for natural makeup and skincare products. This began when I was pregnant with my daughter, who is now two. I decided to take a good hard look at what I was putting on my skin, since everything that goes on our skin gets absorbed into our bodies.

I noticed, deep within a body wash label, a very troubling ingredient one day: Formaldehyde. Can you believe it? I was shocked and disgusted and it totally called into question my choices as a consumer. A healthy me contributed largely (and still contributes!) to a healthy baby, so I now try as hard as I can to adhere to David Suzuki’s Dirty Dozen, which is a very educational list of ingredients to avoid.

Of course, I’m not perfect, and I do crave certain products that I can’t deny myself at times. But I use them in moderation and really do make an effort to buy as many natural products as I can.

Label reading is a must.  If you’re serious about clearing out the toxins in your cosmetic kits, beware. “Organic”, “Natural” and the like have become trendy keywords that companies use to make sales, and the catch is that they can put anything they want in the name of their product. They can call it “Super Natural Organic Mascara” as a product name, and get away with it even if it’s chock full of chemicals with nothing organic in sight. As long as they’re honest about the ingredients, and they aren’t making claims such as “This is a one hundred percent natural product”, it is, unfortunately, fair game.

So, this means you’ve got to be your own ingredient advocate and become an expert at label reading. If there’s an ingredient you don’t understand, fire up that search engine, baby!

Again, I really recommend consulting David Suzuki’s Dirty Dozen. It can be tricky, (but not impossible!) to find products that exclude everything on the list, but start small; buy one lipstick that is free from all twelve of them, (like today’s feature!) or even just one, like parabens, and you’re on your way.

Now on to the goods: Every other Friday, I will bring you a product that does not contain a single ingredient on the Dirty Dozen list, and today I’m proud to introduce Key Botanicals Mineral Lipstick, in the shade Sophisticated.


The company: An independent, Toronto company run by one fabulous woman named Elena who was inspired to change things after having difficulty finding natural cosmetics. The venture began as a way to make her own cosmetics for herself, but when friends and family kept up the enthusiastic response to how amazing she looked in her new makeup, she was compelled to start Key Botanicals. The line is sold via Etsy and, and boasts an extensive array of lip shades, eye shadows,  blush, soaps, and more. Elena’s vision is to offer quality, natural makeup and skin care at an affordable rate.

The ingredients:
• Ricinus Communis (Castor) Seed Oil
• Hydrogenated Castor Oil
• Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil
• Beeswax
• Copernica Cerifera (Carnauba) Wax
• Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis (Sweet Almond) Oil
• Caprylic/Capric Triglycerides
• Tocopherol Acetate (vitamin E)

The description: The Key Botanicals website describes these lip colours as “Great mineral lipstick, paraben-FREE, Petro Chemicals-FREE, Cruelty-FREE. Our Mineral Lipstick is specially formulated to quench thirsty lips. This hydrating formula made with beeswax, nourishes the lips with vitamin and nutrient rich oils while adding a soft shine to lips”.  Sophisticated is a gorgeous, nearly matte medium pink that is universally flattering and described as “creamy rosy colour with soft pearl shimmer”.

The formula: Not too wet, not too dry, it’s creamy and hydrating. I wouldn’t call it super long-lasting, because it’s not designed as a long wear lipstick, but I definitely wouldn’t  say it wears quickly either.  I’d say it wears about the same as your average Cover Girl lipstick. It’s non-greasy, and the colour doesn’t bleed or feather.

The price: Currently (prices are subject to change, of course) the Mineral Lipstick is priced at $7.25  for one, $13.50 for two, or three for just $18.00 For an all-natural product that actually delivers, that is a STEAL! The packaging is simple and no-frills, which is fine with me if I’m paying $7.25 for a handmade, organic product.

Why I love it: Uh, see above! It’s affordable, beautiful and natural. I have many shades, but I’m rocking this one a lot lately. I just find it goes with so many makeup styles. You can dress it up with a cat-eye and intense shadows,  daytime it with a neutral smokey eye, or simply pop some good mascara on with it and walk out the door, like I did below.  Simple as that!

Don’t take my word for it! Photographic evidence of its worthiness:



And, the all-important swatch:


Thank you for joining me for our first Eco-Friendly Friday! I’m looking forward to developing this bi-weekly feature, and I hope you’ve enjoyed Volume one.

Beautiful, natural love,



19 thoughts on “Eco-friendly Friday (new series!)

  1. I can’t believe there is formaldehyde in some beauty products!!! Yuck :/ Currently I look for products that are not tested on anaimals and don’t have parabens in them but I have a feeling this series will make me want to become even more of a natural product seeker 🙂

    1. paraben-free is a great place to start, and my gosh its astonishing how many brands use parabens! That’s a big one for me, sometimes I’ll snatch a product up based on just being paraben-free as parabens are such popular fillers!!!

  2. I just checked them out! Omg I want everything ! I think I’ll get some eyeshadows from them 😀 what do you think, wich is your favourite?

    1. Honestly, I love ALL the shadows! They are so pigmented and beautiful and have SUCH minimal ingredients, it’s amazing. And at $5 each? Seriously! Pearl is a gorgeous, shimmery white, perfect for highlighting. The Smokey Eye kit is also an amazing value, the black shadow can be used damp as a liquid mineral liner, it’s so awesome! Pearl is also included in that kit. Be sure to say I sent you if you order anything!! XO

  3. Such a great series! I too have been going for organic & natural ingredients over chemical nasties. Especially for skincare. Thanks lipstick looks stunning & is a great price! I can’t believe one lady made it on her own! Inspirational. & the colour payoff & pigmentation is great. I need to try this!

  4. I completely agree with Tori, I have stopped buying products with parabens and I am avoiding products tested on animals (I am so happy I found the Nature’s Co.) I am lookingfor more options and I am so happy you started this series Stephanie. The Key Botanicals Mineral Lipstick seems like such an awesome lipstick that I wana buy it right away! I wonder if they ship internationally…
    I can’t wait to see more good stuff from you. While you are at it, could you also mention some brands that should be avoided because of the ingredients they use? My friend recently asked me to Avoid Avon and Clinique lipsticks as they have a lot of lead in them.

  5. I found formaldehyde in some lash glue of mine and realized it was giving me horrendous headaches and I am now super vigilant when buying hair care products when I found some higher end natural shampoos to have hydrolyzed wheat protein in them. Eww! This is a great idea though, I’d love to find more makeup lines that are gluten free. I love lipstick and so far haven’t gotten sick but I’d rather 100% know what is going on my face.

    1. Awesome! My issue is parabens mainly, but the dirty dozen is really educational with other ingredients and why they should be avoided! I haven’t gotten sick either but these can slowly build up in your system and parabens have been found fully intact in breast cancer tumours! Scary, and they’re in soooooo many things!

  6. I love this new series! I try to buy products that have no parabens and do not test on animals, but you are right, they are hard to come by which is so unfortunate. 😦 That lipstick is beautiful, though!! I already can’t wait for your next post! 🙂

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