New Feature- Transformation Thursday!

In light of the fact that I plan on becoming a certified makeup artist in the very near future, I think it’s only fitting that I document my experience applying makeup to women other than myself. I’ve had the good fortune of doing a lot of this lately, and I have decided to make a blog feature out of it!

The first Thursday of each month will feature someone who has had their makeup done by me. Sometimes the looks will be based on a celebrity look, and sometimes they will come straight from my wild and crazy brain! In celebration of  Transformation Thursday Volume 1, today I’m bringing you two lovely friends of mine who were kind enough to be beautiful canvases for me.

Monika is my neighbour. She’s a wonderful, charismatic lady from Czech Republic, and when we first discussed me doing her makeup, I asked her which celebrity she has been told she resembles. She cited Cate Blanchett as her frequent celeb comparison, and so I immediately dove into google images for some Cate inspiration. Monika, like Cate, wears very minimal makeup, so I wanted to stray from that and find something a little more glam. Here’s the look I took inspiration from:Image

Here is Monika before the “transformation”


And here she is after! (front porch, with flash)


Backyard, no flash:


Balcony no flash:


Monika has similar features to Cate’s, and they even share the same birthday (down to the year!)  I love her look and so did she! I’m so sorry, I forgot to take shots of her looking down, and I also don’t have time to do photos of the products I used for this look, (I never think of it at the time, when they’re all actually out and ready!). I used the following: Face: Medium concealer from Painted Earth pro palette, Painted Earth Coconut Oil Luminous Foundation in Light Sand. Eyes: Light shade from the Painted Earth complete face palette (bronze) for the highlight, Key Botanicals mineral eyeshadow in Helios (Gold), Brown shade from Painted Earth complete Face Palette (bronze), Chickaboom gel liner in black on upper lash line, Painted Earth Super Lash Mascara in Black.I wanted to use falsies for both of these looks, but the models had never worn them before and I didn’t want the makeup to get cried off from a reaction to lash adhesive! Cheeks:  Key Botanicals mineral blush in Rose Petal.Lips: Painted Earth Baby Hint of Mint gloss in Baby Doll. Brows: Brushed light brown matte colour from my Chickaboom 88 palette.

This was a great experience and I’m super happy with hoe it turned out! I hope you all enjoyed this too!

Next up is Lisa, a very close friend of mine for many years. She has a gorgeous, clear complexion and I’ve always wanted to do her makeup. As a teacher and a mommy, Lisa is always on the go, and rarely has time for makeup. Not that she needs it at all, but this was still a lot of fun to do. I decided to take inspiration from a look Jennifer Hudson wore to the 2009 Grammys, because I think it is perfect for Lisa and I know it’s way more dramatic than something she’d ever put on herself. Here’s the look:


And here’s Lisa pre-makeup (also, can I get a Hallelujah to these brave women for baring their totally makeup-free faces to the world? Good thing they’re naturally gorgeous, right? But still, it’s a scary thing to do! Way to go ladies, cheers to you both!)


Lisa post-makeup: (with flash, after I had darkened up the liner a bit)


Without flash, before liner was intensified:


Without flash, with ISO setting set much lower: (I forgot to crop the top of her child’s hair out! Ha! Oh well!)Image

I used: Face: Mac Studio Fix NC50 (model’s own) and matching cream concealer, mode’s own. Eyes: Revlon Creme Illuminance Shadow Quad in Black Magic (white shade mixed with silvery white shade on lid, to brow-bone, dark grey shade in crease and outer half of lid. Key Botanicals mineral shadow in Bewitched in outer V, Chickaboom gel liner in black on upper lash line, extended and winged out, thickened at outer third of lid, and traced along bottom lashes. Painted Earth Lash Luxe Mascara in Black. Cheeks: Revlon Cream Blush in Berry Flirtatious. Lips: Painted Earth Baby Hint of Mint gloss in Mint Chocolate Truffle.

And there you have it! There is certainly more I could say, but if I don’t hurry up and post this, it won’t even be Thursday anymore, which would render my cool title completely useless. As it is, I only have fourty minutes to spare, so here goes nothing!

Big thanks to my stunning models, and of course, all you pretty dolls who humour me by reading my little blog.

Big, transformational love,



11 thoughts on “New Feature- Transformation Thursday!

  1. Great looks Stephanie. I’ve done a few transformations myself in the past but I havent put them up on my blog. You inspire me to start doing this myself:)
    Can’t wait to see more xoxo

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