Try this look Tuesday (Jennifer Lawrence, Michelle Phan, Naya Rivera and more!)

You know what the day after Monday means! Tuesdays are quickly becoming one of my favourite days of the week thanks to these fabulous collaborations. Quick rundown: I pick a celeb look for a blogger to copy and photograph and they do the same for me. Then, we bring you a post all about it!

This week, I collaborated with beautiful Natalie of and for the second time, the lovely Maria of Amriaa’s blog.

Natalie chose this Jennifer Lawrence look for me. I love this look, and  I could only find one picture of it (the one Natalie sent seems to be the only one of this look-it was for a shoot), and the photo is stunning but a bit difficult to nail the makeup. This is because the photo is shot in a very artistic manner with a specific light and angle. So what I tried to do was copy the makeup as best I could (it looks like a pretty simple look to me; heavily lined eyes, some silver-gray shadow in the creases to the brow bone, nude lips, and some all-over bronze for an earthy glow), and also tried to focus on recreating the photo itself.

Jennifer’s look:


My recreation:




Of course, once again I forgot to take product photos when I actually had them out, so here is a list of what I used (I DID remember to take photos for my second look! YAY!).

Face: Revlon PhotoReady concealer in Fair, Revlon Whipped Cream ColorStay 24 hour foundation mixed with moisturizer (about 1 part foundation to 2 parts moisturizer. I wanted a light coverage that just evened things out and I am out of tinted moisturizer, so this seemed the logical thing to do.)

Eyes: I lined my waterline (top and bottom) and lash line (top and bottom) heavily with my Jet Set Black gel liner by Chickaboom, and applied it thicker in the outer corners of the lower lash line, smudged out. It looks to me like Jennifer has a dark grey shadow from corner to corner, almost up to the browbone, so I used Key Botanicals mineral shadow in Tunder for that, blended and smudged, to create kind of an “I slept in my makeup but still look put together” look. I applied two coats of Painted Earth SuperLash mascara in Black.

Cheeks: I used my Pur Minerals Mineral Glow Bronzer all over my face to create a natural glow. I used it very sparingly with a big powder brush.

Lips: I smudged on and blended out Painted Earth Luxury Matte lipstick in Hollywood. I applied very little and really blended it out to create a very bare looking lip.

Natalie says:

I’ve been looking forward to seeing updates for these collaboration posts. They look so incredibly fun, and it’s always interesting to see the fresh takes on the celebrities’ looks.
 I love how Stephanie usually has this edgy vibe (must be the piercings!) about her. I didn’t think she’d ever done an all over smudged eye pencil look before, which I thought would really suit her. I found the Jennifer Lawrence picture and thought how lovely it was. It’s both edgy and soft, which really suits Stephanie.
For Natalie, I chose a Michelle Phan look because they both look like dolls to me!
Natalie’s impressions:

Even though I love Michelle Phan, I’ve never attempted to try any of her looks before (they always seemed so complex) so it was a pleasant surprise when Stephanie showed me the look to try out. It was definitely more challenging than usual to complete it, as I’m currently overseas and didn’t have all the eyeshadow powders I own at my disposal. I used the Maybelline Color Tattoos I’d recently bought instead, and it was definitely challenging trying to use two different cream eyeshadows and blending them out properly (I usually use just one as a base all over the lid, and then use powder eyeshadows on top). It’s definitely not an exact replica of the look. I toned down the cat eye a little because I wanted the focus of the look to be on the beautiful silver eyeshadow.
Natalie’s recreation:
You look great, Natalie! LOVE silver on your eyes!!! Thanks so much for participating and your lovely contribution to this week’s feature!
I’m catching up on as many looks as I can before I take a few weeks off to move at the end of the Summer, so the Tuesday series will be a double feature for a little while.
My first ever collaboration post was with Maria, and it inspired me to make a series out of it. Here she is again with a gorgeous Naya Rivera look that I chose because I love bright bold lipstick on Maria, and Naya really reminds me of Maria! It’s that ladylike elegance with something fierce behind it! Check this out- she absolutely nailed it!
Finally, here’s the Christina Aguilera look that she chose for me. I had actually never though of even touching a Christina look, her looks are often too harsh for me, but this one is smokey and soft, and I just love it! It’s so romantic. I tried to duplicate it as closely as possible.
Maria says:

I try to find pictures that look like Stephanie so she can find a resemblance recreating them! This picture of hers I sent is one of my favourites, she is stunningly beautiful and I thought Stephanie was  perfect for the look 🙂 It is also something different, not the usual smokey eye or effect so it is something really pretty  to try. As usual, she nailed it! I think this collab post is a great idea for blogger interactions, and a true land of fun as we each have something exciting to be part of.
For Christina’s look: Revlon ColorStay 24 hour Whipped Creme makeup in Ivory (I LOVE this foundation, it makes me look flawless without looking cakey! And it’s paraben free!) I did not need concealer when using this foundation.
Eyes: Chickaboom 88 Shimmer palette, light greyish colour (circled in blue) for all over lid and into the crease. I blended it with a bit of light brown. For my highlight I used the lightest colour from the Painted Earth Complete Face Palette in Neutral.. Painted Earth shadow duo in Matte Mauve/Matte Pink (used the mauve to blend in outer half of eye and crease), darker smokey purple colour  (circled in white, Chickaboom palette) in outer v and blended into the mauve colour. Shimmery gray/black colour (also circled in white, next to purple) blended into outer V, upper lash line and lower lash line). Chickaboom gel Jet set liner in black, traced softly along upper lash line and lower water line, smudged out on upper lash line. Quo half band of falsies and Painted Earth Super Lash Mascara in Black!
Cheeks: Tp keep the neutral, matte one-toned look of Christina’s cheeks, I used only one cheek product: 100 percent pure blush in Pretty Naked (the gorgeous shiny pink package!)
Lips: Revlon Just Bitten lip stain in Beloved  under a light coat of Painted Earth baby hint of mint gloss in Sugar plum.
Thank you so much for joining us, I hope you enjoyed this week’s Try this look Tuesday! Stay on the lookout for some VERY exciting looks next week.
Beautiful love,

11 thoughts on “Try this look Tuesday (Jennifer Lawrence, Michelle Phan, Naya Rivera and more!)

  1. Reblogged this on natzisstash and commented:
    Collaborated with Stephanie from Elegantrebelbeauty! Check out the various looks featured here. I really love this feature, it’s when bloggers challenge each other to try out various celebrity looks. It’s great for bloggers to interact, and it’s really fun trying to recreate looks you may not have otherwise considered.

  2. Stephanie I love the look of your skin in your JLaw look! I should wear that ore often, love it! I love that whole look on you! Everyone looks great 🙂 And Maria , am loving the dark eyes & bright lips! You nailed it!

  3. WOW! All the looks are just fabulous, all you girls look amazing! Jennifers look is so beautiful on you and once again I have to say that you look hot with blonde hair! 🙂 ❤

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