Try this look Monday (Natalie Portman, Avril Lavigne, Milla Jojovich and more!)

So I know it’s not Tuesday, (the usual post is Try this look Tuesday), but my internet is being really spastic today and last time it got this patchy, it was down for a full day. So as a precaution, this week we’re doing Try this look Monday! (It doesn’t have the same ring to it, I know.)

Each and every week, I bring you a collaboration with different beauty bloggers, where I send them a celeb look to copy and they do the same for me! I’m doing double features until I get caught up, and this week I  am THRILLED to bring you two STUNNING and brilliant bloggers I admire and adore!

I’m proud to feature the gorgeous and gifted Melissa of and the beautiful and talented Hazel of this week.

I chose this Milla Jojovich look for Melissa, because Melissa’s facial structure and overall look reminds me so much of the iconic supermodel. Melissa’s makeup artistry is nothing short of amazing, and I wanted to pick something dramatic and fun, so this Milla look seemed the obvious choice. Unsurprisingly, she absolutely NAILED it!!

Milla’s look:


Melissa’s recreation:

Milla look (looking down)


Milla look (close up)

Melissa’s impressions

On her look:  “I absolutely love the look Stephanie chose for me. Everyone who knows me knows that I like a little drama and that I like to think out of the box when it comes to make-up. This Milla Jovovich look with bright blue graphic eyeshadow and pale lips is definitely out of the box. It’s actually so far away from the box that you can barely see the box anymore 😉 But like I said, color or heavy eye make-up don’t scare me, so I was super excited to get started with the look. I actually wore it out doing groceries and I got quite a few surprised looks from people, but I felt like a rock star. ”

On the collaboration:  “Stephanie was great to work with. She’s amazing at picking celebrity looks for other bloggers and every week she amazes me with the looks she recreates herself. This was definitely a successful collaboration! “
For me, Melissa chose an Avril Lavigne look. Why she picked Avril: “I picked this Avril Lavigne look for Stephanie because both Avril and Stephanie have perfect porcelain skin, piercing eyes and great bone structure. I just knew Stephanie would look fantastic in an Avril look and I knew she’d be able to pull off the heavy eye make-up.”

How she thinks I did: “When I first saw the pictures I literally said ‘booyaaah!’ 🙂 Stephanie totally rocked her Avril look!”

My thoughts: I love Avril’s edgy look, and this smokey eye with a pop of colour is right up my alley. Her blue eyes and fair skin are similar to mine, and we’re both musicians, so it’s a good match. (Though, truth be told, I find her songs a little bit generic, and her lyrics are questionable- with the exception of a few that I actually do adore.) I had a ball recreating this look and getting super dramatic with my eyes!

Avril’s look:


My recreation:





How I got the look: SKIN: Revlon ColorStay 24 hour whipped cream makeup in Ivory, Painted Earth HD concealer in light

Eyes: Key Botanicals mineral eyeshadow in atmosphere (shimmery blue), Key Botanicals mineral eyeshadow in Bewtiched (matte black, used as eyeshadow from 1/3 of the lid,, all the way to the outer V, and smudged under lower lash line, and used damp as a liner on upper and lower tight line/waterline. Essence All Eyes on me mascara in Soft Black. Cheeks: Key Botanicals mineral blush in Warmth. Lips: Painted Earth Luxury Matte lipstick in Pink Truffle, smudged on with finger.

I chose a Natalie Portman look for Hazel because both the colour and shape of her eyes totally make me think of Natalie. There’s an elegance to Hazel that also calls Natalie to mind; sort of an Old Hollywood girl in modern times.


Hazel’s recreation:



Holy smokes, could this be any more on the mark? Not only is Hazel’s look pretty much identical to Natalie’s, but she looks just as stunning as I knew she would!

Hazel’s impressions:

Of her look: “I personally like my look as I think the purple is really edgy whilst still looking soft and pretty. I like how the main focus is on the eyes, and how the cheeks and lips a relatively neutral ti balance out the eyes. Its a create look for all year round but especially spring/summer as bright colours are on trend. ”

Of the collaboration in general: “My overall was impression of the collaboration, was that it was fun. Stephanie was really lovely to collab with, and I think its great to see how other people interpret celebrities makeup. I look forward to more of these post soon!”

For me, Hazel selected a Nicola Roberts look. Why she chose Nicola:  “I picked Nicola’s look for Stephanie for many reasons. First of all I though it would be flattering on her because she has a similar skin tone and hair colour to Nicola, so in theory the colours would work.  I also picked it because even though it is a relatively neutral look, it still is interesting The lip colour really brings out the soft brown in the crease.”

What she thinks of my recreation:  “From Stephanie’s recreation, I really love the lips, the warm, rosy brown really suits her! I also am loving the eyeliner as it makes a bold statement.”

I had a lot of fun with this look, I like the thick liner with minimal brown and beige shadow, and the  lipstick shade  is something I don’t typically wear, but I like it a lot in this look!


My recreation:




Skin: Revlon ColourStay Whipped Cream makeup in Ivory, (I find concealer unnecessary when I wear this makeup).

Eyes: Light cream shade from Painted Earth Silky Butterfly Eyeshadow Quad in Botany (circled in blue) all over lid to browbone. Shimmery taupe colour from Chickaboom 88 palette (circled, second row) all over lid. Medium terra cotta brown (third row, Chickaboom palette, circled) in crease, one third of outer half or lid, and outer V. Essence I Love Punk Jumbo eyeliner pen (black) from corner to corner of upper lashline, gradually thickened. I also added black pencil to my lower lash line and smudged. Essence All eyes on me mascara in black.

Cheeks: I just used Pur Minerals mineral glow bronzer, because Nicola’s cheek looked warm and one-toned to me.

Lips: Revlon SuperLustrous Lipstick in Sandalwood Beige layered underneath Key Botanicals Berry Creamy lip colour in Desert Berry.

Brows: Painted Earth Indelible gel brow pencil in blonde.

Watch the blogs of my gorgeous collaborators for more info on their looks!

Thank you so much for joining us once for Try This Look Monday! Next week we will return to the usual Tuesday schedule.

Beautiful, blog community love,



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  2. These “Try this look” posts just keep getting better! You all look absolutely gorgeous and I love all the colorful make up looks that were chosen this time #lovelovelove 🙂

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