Vasanti makeover and review!


You all trusted me when I promised a big Vasanti post, right? Well, I know it took forever, but I’m finally making good on my word.

I’ll cut right to the chase. Vasanti is a pretty darn amazing Canadian company. Founded and run by three Canadian women, Vasanti makes high-end, luxurious cosmetics that are paraben-free. Oh, and by the way, I’m kind of (totally!)  in love with this brand!

Last weekend, I had a makeover session with one of Vasanti’s talented makeup artists, Misha. I was impressed both with Misha’s skill and the products. Let me tell you, I wanted to walk away with the whole collection, but my adoring husband would have had me committed if I had blown any more cash on makeup this month (and rightly so; I’d exceeded my budget well beyond what’s reasonable, eek!), so I walked away with two amazing products (but if you ask the husband, they were free (um, full sized) samples….I won’t tell if you won’t.)

You can read all about Vasanti and browse their wide range of products on their fabulous website (linked above), but here’s a little something to tide you over until you’ve finished reading this post and head over there yourself, because that’s exactly what you’ll be doing! Right?

We set out to develop a beauty brand with a focus on skin enhancing products that could meet the diverse needs of our customers world-wide. Our formulas are engineered to add radiance to your skin, look and feel natural on and are made with the highest quality raw materials. As our brand continues to grow and evolve, our customers are still our #1 source of inspiration! We want everyone to celebrate their natural beauty, embrace their unique characteristics and find what they love about their looks.

Now, I had planned on including an interview with Misha, but I’ve decided to introduce a whole new feature where I’ll be talking to and profiling industry professionals, so I’ll save the interview for that.

Today, I’m going to bring you some before and afters, the products Misha used on me, as well as reviews of the two products I purchased after my makeover.

Here’s me before:


The above photo was taken 30 minutes before my makeover,and this is how I showed up (minus the fuzzy pink robe, of course!)

Here I am after Misha’s magic with all Vasanti products:




The first two makeover photos were taken at Shoppers Drug mart in very bright, synthetic light, with my portrait lens. The third was taken in natural light in front of my window, two hours later, with my regular 18-55 mm Nikkor lens .

For the third photo, I added my lipshine in Java Sea on top of the lip products she had already used on me.

Here’s the lovely Misha, a very bubbly and knowledgable artist:


Here are all the products she used on me:


Face: V0 Foundation and V1 face base
Cheeks: Brazilian bronzer and himalayas blush on apples of the cheeks
Eyes: Tinseltown palette (gold colour all over lid, emerald colour on outer V, brown in crease) and kajal liner in brown (lined the waterline and top of the eye, Condition Long Lash Mascara

Lips: Luxembourg lipstick and the North sea Lip-shine

All, of course, by Vasanti.

This was a really cool experience. Talking with a makeup artist about a brand I really like, and asking questions that relate to a career I want for myself was fascinating. I loved the look Misha created and the products themselves are really quite beautiful. I even got some tips for being a left handed makeup artist (Misha, like me, is a south paw, and believe it or not, it really does have an impact in makeup application and tools!)

Now for the review part of the post. I ended up walking away with the Vasanti  foundation (Liquid Cover-up oil free foundation and concealer, in the shade V0, (fair) to be exact), and the lipshine in Java Sea.

Heres what Vasanti has to say about the foundation: Incredible coverage, featherlight finish and radiant glow in a one-of-a-kind liquid foundation. Providing coverage only where you need it for the most natural looking finish, this advanced formulation blends into skin without a trace. Evens out skintone while disguising undereye circles and camouflaging blemishes, a concealer and foundation in one! Hydrates and brightens for flawless looking skin. Works on all skin types and tones.

Here’s what it looks like:


And here’s the brush- a small, nail-polish type brush on a thin wand. I’ll discuss the brush more a little later.


The obligatory swatch:


And finally, here I am in the foundation. I have nothing on my cheeks because I wanted to demonstrate the texture, coverage and colour of the foundation alone.

With my light, my professional flash, in front of the window at approximately 10 a.m.:



Without flash, in front of the same window, at 4pm:


My impressions:


Vasanti claims this foundation is heavy duty enough to double as a concealer, and I’d have to agree. My face is chock full of freckles with varying pigments ranging from very light to quite stubborn. I’m a fan of them, and as such I tend to not include foundation as part of my every day makeup routine. Having said that, I know a good foundation when I see one. And this is a good foundation, dolls. There are times when I feel like letting my freckle flag fly, and there are times when I want to camouflage my freckles and bare a flawless, totally even skin tone. For those times, this foundation is perfect. The photos above have not been edited. This foundation covered my freckles, my dark circles, and the bits of red discolouration around my nose. It covered the two fairly substantial blemishes I had at the time I took the photos. Granted, my skin is pretty decent, so I don’t need a full coverage, but I would definitely suggest this foundation to those who do. I built it up to see how far I could take it, and it really does provide remarkable coverage. Since having a child, I’ve sacrificed so much sleep that my skin has started to pay for it, most notably in the under -eye area. There have been some totally overcast days that I haven’t left my house without sunglasses because I don’t want to explain to the good people in my neighbourhood that no, I didn’t get into the losing end of a fight, I just haven’t slept in 48 hours. So I’m always on the search for a good concealer, and I kid you not, this foundation conceals just as well, if not better, as anything I’ve tried.

So it covers, but how does it look?

Ever try a foundation that covers impeccably but crawls into your lines, looks cakey, or maximizes your pores? I have. And it drives me crazy! This foundation not only provides excellent, build-able coverage, but it gives you a flawless satiny finish without looking like you’re wearing much at all. I found my skin to be smooth-looking with a consistent colour. V0, the lightest shade of the twelve offered, is a perfect match for me.  My pores and lines were in hiding, and there was no flaking or caking in sight. I really felt like someone with absolutely perfect skin, and as I examined my face at different stages of the day, this did not change. It was almost as if the makeup melted into my skin, perfected and covered my flaws, and went as undetectable as makeup gets. You always hear and read about the latest foundation to mimic true skin, and for me, this is the closest thing to real skin in a liquid form.

The formula:

This  is a liquid foundation, but it’s on the creamier side of liquid. It’s light and non-greasy, and blends very easily on the skin. The rich and slightly creamy texture spreads evenly and effortlessly. It’s not tacky or sticky, but also not thin or watery.

What about that crazy little brush?

In all honesty, the small, nail-polish type brush freaked me out at first. I saw Misha pull it out of the slender, sleek tube and was skeptical at best, but I was pleasantly surprised. The small brush actually allows you better control of application, and it’s great for concealing. It’s also great in that you don’t end up wasting product, because you are applying smaller amounts and building up to your desired coverage. The precision this brush offers is pretty cool. And yes, there will be a little bit of excess on the wand, but that’s easily scooped up with your finger and applied to any area you wish.

 To sum it up:

This is a lightweight foundation that provides a flawless coverage. It’s long-lasting, smoothing and perfecting. The fact that it really does double as a concealer makes it well worth the $23 price tag. It’s quite pigmented, so a little goes a long way. I love how my skin looks when wearing this. Definitely a repurchase and a must-have!

Vasanti lipshine in Java Sea ($15) Mini Review:

I totally forgot to swatch this! Naughty, naughty beauty blogger!


Here it is alone:


And here it is on top of Luxembourg, the lipstick Misha applied:


This is a lightweight, non-sticky gloss in a lovely spice colour with a bit of brown undertone. Applied alone, in one coat (first photo), it comes across as a nude, slightly caramel colour. Applied in two coats, the brown shows up more. Applied over a lipstick, it adds a really nice high shine, without over-the-top glitter. It’s got sheer coverage and a very wet look to it, which I love. The colour is smooth, not at all patchy, and I find the tint lasts even after the gloss effect has gone down. Overall, I really like this gloss. It’s a versatile colour and I love that it’s not sticky or tacky. I can’t wait to try more colours!

I hope this post inspires you to try a really great brand. My Vasanti experience has been awesome so far, and I’m sure they will become a “household name” in my blog!

Beautiful love,



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