Quick catch up/Sneak peek!

Hello, gorgeous!

I’ve missed you. Deepest apologies for being off the blog wagon for so long. I’ve tried to be diligent with posting regularly, but this past couple of weeks has been arduous to say the very least! I’ve been writing pitch letters to beauty magazines, have met with the incredible founders of Delizioso Skincare (www.deliziososkincare.com, do yourself a favour and click that link.) and working on looks with makeup from them, as well as the awesome CRUSHcosmetics and other natural makeup brands.

I so wish I could explain everything and give you all the detailed posts and reviews that are itching to be released, but I just can’t right now. I’m in the middle of packing for a move from Toronto to British Columbia, we have one more week until we have to jump on a plane and head towards our newest adventure! I will be continuing my blog as well as attending school for makeup artistry. That will be exciting to document for you! When I am settled into our new home, I have lots to talk to you about. Watch for special announcements, tons of photos and reviews, and more!

Because I have so many beautiful brands who have sent, -and are in the process of sending- big, gorgeous packages to me, I’ve decided that in September I will feature Eco-week. As you know, I’ve typically featured a brand or product on Eco-Friendly Friday, which reviews only brands and products that leave out each one of David Suzuki’s Dirty Dozen list of twelve cosmetic ingredients to avoid. I have found so many exciting brands and have so much to talk about that a full week only seems fair!

In the meantime, I have to run and tear some more of my hair out while trying to pack and dance around a very curious two year old, getting as much done as I possibly can while the husband wraps up at work. He has found his dream job at a Vancouver firm (he’s an architect), and we both have amazing opportunities waiting! We’re so excited. I promise I’ll fill you in SOON!

To tide you over, here are some sneak peeks of what I’ve been up to!

Details and descriptions will be outlined during Eco-week!!

Beautiful west coast love,


*all photos and makeup artistry by yours truly

p.s. YES! Try this look Tuesday WILL resume as soon as I’m settled, and I have two lovely girls who have been patiently waiting for me to do my darn post with their gorgeous looks. I’m so excited to finally release that post and to start on a whole new batch of TTL Tuesdays!!! Thank you all for your patience and support!!

Beautiful West Coast LOVE,



Above: Soft, neutral Mother-of-the-Bride look using CRUSHcosmetics



Above: HUGE Fall/Winter trend alert: Brown Smoky eyes (Using Delizioso SKincare cosmetics)



Above: HUGE Fall/Winter Trend alert: Red Wine lips (featuring Delizioso Skincare cosmetics)

purple4 closeup

Above: Purple Smoky eye using CRUSHcosmetics (as seen HERE on their ETSY page! They featured my photo and artistry!)

GreySmokey2(a)medres smokegreymedres

Above: Stormy smoky eye featuring CRUSHcosmetics


5 thoughts on “Quick catch up/Sneak peek!

  1. I’ve missed you gorgeous! Good luck with the move & all your new adventures! I’m so excited for you to go to makeup school! 🙂 You’ll have a blast.

  2. I’ve been away too but it’s good to see you back and I can’t wait for all the new stuff that will be on your blog! I absolutely LOVE all the m,ake up looks here and you look amazing! ❤

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