Guest Post: Vibrant look using Delizioso Cosmetics

Hello loves!! I’m thrilled to announce that I’ve been featured as a guest blogger on the blogs of my favourite cosmetics company- Delizioso Skincare! Founded and run by two amazing young women in London, Ontario, Canada, the brand is chock full of high-end cosmetics and skincare that perform like a DREAM, and are 100 PERCENT, TRULY AND HONESTLY NATURAL! If you’re looking for high end beauty products and have interest in NOT putting the nasty, toxic chemicals most brands use, look no further. Click the post and read all about the look I created, and don’t forget to follow their blog! Leave a comment on their post as opposed to here, so they can enjoy all the love I know you’ll share!! Don’t forget to click the images on the post to enlarge them!

Natural love,

Delizioso Skincare

Good morning! Today we have a guest post by Stephanie from Elegant Rebel Beauty! She’s so sweet and has the best hand with a makeup brush ;p Go check out her blog!

Hey, Greenies! Summer’s not finished with us yet, so celebrate the tail end of the season with a fresh, vibrant look using Delizioso cosmetics!

Tropic Pop is a bright, colour infused look that brings a pretty punch of summer hues, flattering any skin tone. Stand out at that end-of-Summer party or just wow at the beach. Either way, rocking pigmented colours with all-natural ingredients is the perfect statement for any season.


To get the Tropic Pop look, start with Coconut eyeshadow all over your lid and up to your brow bone. Add Mandarin eye shadow all over the lid, in the inner corners of your eyes, and swept on your lower lash-line. Sweep Vanilla Bean eye shadow…

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