Super Simple Glowy Skin and Makeup

Last night I indulged in some glorious new skincare from Josh Rosebrook and Authentic Skin Remedies, and although it’s rare to see a difference after only one use of a product, I was floored with immediate results. After using Josh’s Active Enzyme Exfoliator, my skin felt and looked tighter, smoother, and brighter. When I added Authentic Skin Remedies Enrich Nourishing Lipid Serum and  Balance Seawater Mist, I just couldn’t get over how amazingly energized, refreshed and glowing my skin looked and felt. Even my husband noticed when I walked out of the bathroom after a luxurious bath (which was so relaxing and pampering, because of these products, that it may as well have been a spa). He said something to the effect of; “Wow, what did you DO in there? You look great.” Without a trace of makeup, I felt beautiful, and my skin was just as radiant this morning.

I wanted to put on a bit of makeup to enhance this glow, but because I really felt like showing off my natural skin today, I decided to keep it very minimal. Simple, glowing and pretty, like a fresh spring day, was my goal. Do you think I achieved it? I do! I love this look, and am adoring every product I used to achieve it.

The Skincare


Left to right: Josh Rosebrook Active Enzyme Exfoliator, Authentic Skin Remedies Enrich Nourishing Lipid Serum, Authentic Skin Remedies Balance Seawater facial Spray, Celtic Complexion Creme (a luxurious, handmade coconut oil based moisturizer that works wonders).

The Palette


(Sorry for my well-loved products! They get used a lot!) Left-to-right: OhSudz All Natural Blemish Cover-up (used on under-eye area), Brija Cosmetics Wide Eyed Waterliner (a  must-have! Put this on your waterline and it’ll wake your eyes right up! I use it every day), Willow Tree Minerals Highlighter in Sheer Pink (used on cheekbones, as browbone highlight, and swiped once across lids), Delizioso Skincare Black Diamond Mascara, Willow Tree Minerals Natural Lip Shimmer in Pouting Plum. That’s right, I used NO eyeshadow for this look. I just wanted a very simple, clean look and didn’t feel like blending today, so I just swiped the same highlighter I used on my cheekbones and browbones on my lids!

The look


Have a great Wednesday, beauties!




6 thoughts on “Super Simple Glowy Skin and Makeup

  1. Do they have that wide eyed waterliner in different shades or just the one your wearing? It looks lovely but im not sure how it will look with my olive skin.

  2. It is only that off-white/beigey shade, but I’ve seen it on MANY skin tones, and it really adapts to the tone! It’s very, very neutral, and it looks like that on me because it is picking up my skin tones! I highly recommend it! I think you’ll love it!!

  3. Looking very fresh and natural… i really appreciate quality cosmetics that achieve that look…. thanks for the reviews… and your hubby is right… you look great 😉

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