Must-have Monday W/TASTYFACE Organics! +Discount code!

Welcome, welcome! I’d like to introduce a brand new She’s So Eco blog series called Must-have Monday. To beat the Monday blahs, I will talk about an absolutely essential pick-me-up that I’m obsessed with each and every week. I’m really excited to introduce you to some of the amazing makeup and skincare I’ve been crazy in love with lately.

Today, I’m shining a great big green beauty spotlight on the divine Blood Orange Vanilla Body Butter from none other than TASTYFACE Organics. (Yep, the name is highlighted because if you click it, you’ll get magically whisked away to their glorious website. but read this first!)

Based in Oregon and run by Kelly Ross, the sweetest Jennifer Garner lookalike I’ve ever (virtually) met, and kinda want to be BFFs with, TASTYFACE Organics is a big, delectable slice of pure, organic, natural skincare heaven. I received a generous package from Kelly recently, and you can count on reviews of everything, but I’m starting with the best body butter in the world because….well, because it’s the best body butter in the world.

Now, I have to admit that out of all the skincare and beauty products I use, I’m pretty bad for not indulging in body care as often as I should. I guess I find body lotions too time consuming, not fabulous enough and I just don’t prioritize them. Well, let me tell you, that’s all changed, thanks to TASTYFACE Organics. I’ll get to why in a minute, but first….

Here’s what this beautiful body butter looks like: (All photos by Stephanie Deline of She’s So Eco)


No, that’s not hay. Yes, those ARE coconut husks.

And another, because I’m a photo junkie and think this packaging looks absolutely stunning in photos!


Photos of the actual butter are coming a little later, but first….

What TASTYFACE Organics say:  This is a TRUE butter.  Thick, rich, dense with moisture.  Shea, cocoa butter, coconut and sweet almond combine to create a powerfully moisturizing and nourishing all over body treat.  Smells like a combo of creamiscle and chocolate from the cocoa butter… your skin will soak it up!  And only 12 ultra clean, pure, lovely ingredients… you truly could eat it.(Please note:  product consistency can vary depending on temperature.  Colder temps will lend to a hardened consistency – will soften at room temp.  Likewise, try to keep below 75 degrees to avoid melting!  *just like butter.) Weight: 8 oz. Ingredients:  Shea butter*, cocoa butter*, coconut oil*, sweet almond oil*, blood orange essential oil, jojoba oil*, vanilla extract*, essential oils*

*organic/high quality source

 Directions for Use:  Slather on as you see fit – this is one that is completely up to personal preference.  It might seem oily/rich at first but it will absorb quickly, don’t fret.  

What She’s So Eco says:  The TASTYFACE description is right on the money. The moment I opened the jar, I was transported into an otherworldly land of warm, buttery, orange and chocolate fragrant bliss. It literally made my stomach growl. I dipped my fingers in this whipped soufflé and indulged my arms, legs, belly and chest in a luxurious, instantly softening cream-to-oil body moisturizer. I actually really love that this body butter turns into an oily texture when you begin to rub it in. Oils are amazing- especially ones like coconut oil, sweet almond oil and jojoba oil, which you already know are featured ingredients in this product. I always find that more oily products impart a deeper moisture, and this is no exception. Don’t worry about your skin being all oily and greasy, though- as soon as it’s blended in, the oil absorbs, and you’ll be left with glowing, deeply hydrated, ultra-soft skin with a healthy, subtle sheen that catches the light. Oh yeah, and there’s also the smelling like a Terry’s Chocolate Orange without the sugar intake. That (naturally occurring!) fragrance lasts a few hours, though I do wish it lasted all day, only because I want to smell like this all the time. However, applying it mid-day is quick and easy, so mission accomplished. The moisture is round-the-clock, by the way.

In summation: Worth its weight in gold. I’m officially converted to the realm of body care, and it’s so worth committing to nourishing the skin on my body now that I have such a luxurious body butter. Taking that extra two minutes (which, believe me, when you work three jobs and have a two-and-a-half year old, is also worth its weight in gold), is a highly indulgent no-brainer now that I have TASTYFACE Organics Blood Orange Vanilla body butter to drool over.

An absolute Monday (and EVERY day!) must-have.  Until Friday, use the code ECO15 at checkout to receive 15% off!





*Product was generously sent to me (with many thanks!) by TASTYFACE Organics in exchange for an honest review. This does not influence my opinion. No product sent to me is ever guaranteed a good review, or a review at all for that matter, as I try my best to talk about the products which excite and ignite me.*


7 thoughts on “Must-have Monday W/TASTYFACE Organics! +Discount code!

  1. I love TASTYFACE Organics! I am currently using the peppermint white chocolate shave cream, which smells AMAZING and will most definitely be featured in an upcoming shave series that I have planned. I am also using the coconut vanilla cream cleanser and it leave my skin so soft. Wonderful review, as always Stephanie 🙂 Body butter has been added to my wishlist!

    1. I can’t wait to try the shave cream! I’ve got that too and am just waiting until I need to shave again. But honestly, I could sit there and smell it all day. Ridiculously delicious. Can’t wait for your shave series!!!

  2. You changed your blog name! Well I think this is more appropriate to you 🙂 this body butter looks amazing! I want to try my hand at making my own 🙂

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