Red Apple Lipstick converts me to an Orange lip lover!

I’m usually pretty bold when it comes to my makeup choices, blatantly disregarding “rules” and running like mad with whatever makes me feel hot. But when Spring’s orange lipstick trend surfaced, I admit that I totally cringed. “Great,” I thought, “everyone but me is gonna be in flaming orange lips, because that’ll totally clash with my hair and freckles.” But not if Jay Harper, C.E.O. of Red Apple Lipstick had anything to do with it!

After my initial Red Apple reviews and pictorials (see here and here, Jay himself reached out to me and asked me what else he could gift me with, tossing in a few orange suggestions. Ugh. How do you argue with the man responsible for a gluten-free lipstick revolution? You don’t. So I thought, what the hell, let’s give this trend a shot.

Well, as it turns out. Mr. Harper and co. really know what they’re talking about. Here I am rocking Push Pop, which, like all of Red Apple Lipstick’s products, is gluten and toxin-free, super creamy and pigmented, and ultra long-lasting. I’m obsessed! Surprisingly, for such a bright colour, I don’t think it clashes or competes with my hair and freckles at all, but actually gives them a pretty punch. It’s like a modern twist on the bright red pin-up lip. Badass.




Orange lipstick is officially on my list of beauty dares to indulge in fearlessly.

You win, Jay Harper.

*Also wearing ZuZu Luxe liquid liner in Raven, Jane Iredale Pure Lash Lengthening mascara in black, and OhSudz concealer. Red Apple lipstick in Push Pop graces cheeks and lips. Lipstick generously provided by Red Apple Lipstick. Free product never influences my reviews or opinions and does not guarantee a spot in my blog.*

All photos by Stephanie Deline (me!)


8 thoughts on “Red Apple Lipstick converts me to an Orange lip lover!

  1. I’m of the firm belief that there is a colour for everyone, it’s all about finding the most flattering shade. Congrats on getting an orange that you love! =) You look wonderful.

  2. Orange lipstick looks amazing on you! It’s a lovely red toned orange. I love the gorgeous shine too!

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