What’s in my travel makeup/beauty bag

Hi lovelies,

It’s been a while! I’ve been SO busy planning a last-minute holiday- Jordan surprised me with the news that he will be whisking me away to our Ocean-facing cabin on a remote island with white sand beaches for my birthday gift and it’s been a lot of planning! I can hardly wait to feel that soft sand exfoliating my feet and the Pacific lapping rhythmically at my toes. This is much needed! I have never been to the cabin this early in the year- part of the reason we moved to B.C. was that we couldn’t justify spending only one week per year on the island and then getting on a plane back to the the smog-filled concrete jungle of Toronto. So I’m naturally very excited to go on this trip.

There is no electricity in the cabin. There is a generator that we can run to charge our phones if we need to use them, or to play the stereo, but other than that it’ll be just a complete disconnect from daily stress and a re-introduction to pure, raw nature. We will wake up to the ocean view and the sound of waves tasting the shore. We will explore the forests and frolic on the vast beaches. It will be, as it always is, paradise, and I can’t think of a better way to quietly celebrate my birthday with my two loves (my wonderful man and my beautiful daughter).

But let’s get to the real reason for this post! You all know by now that I’m a green beauty product junkie, and though I’ll be unplugging from the world, I do need to need to allow myself the luxury of my beloved makeup and skincare, especially since I’m going to be taking advantage of the stunning scenery by doing lots of epic Eco fashion and beauty photoshoots for the blog! This means I will be bringing more makeup with me than the average woman would on vacation- but I will definitely be going bare faced as much as I can, too!

I’m bringing basically my whole collection, but that’s all going in a big, separate case. These are the essentials I want by my side at a moment’s notice! From cleanser to concealer, here are my travel makeup and skincare essentials. Once I arrive at the cabin, they’ll be going on the counter STAT!

Skin/body care


Top row, left to right:

TASTYFACE Organics Rosemary Aloe Toner is a staple in my skincare routine. I love mist-on toners because I’m a big fan of simply spritzing them directly on my face and letting them soak into my skin. This brand is one of the most beautifully formulated and well crafted I’ve had the pleasure of getting my hands on and I LOVE this toner. It smells amazing, the rosemary and aloe together make for an almost fruity scent, and it invigorates and refreshes my skin instantly.

HANA Organic Skincare gentle cleanser for face is another mist-on product, and a spritz cleanser is something I haven’t come across very often, but I love it. I mist it on my face in the morning as the first step in my skincare routine (I know, I know, these are not in proper order, I wasn’t thinking about that at the time I photographed them. Oops). At any rate, I love this light cleanser. When they say gentle, they mean it! With a formula based on rose hydrosol and castille soap, framed by jojoba oil and essential oils of geranium and neroli, this basic cleanser really refreshes and cleanses beautifully, and because of its simple formula, it’s great for pretty much all skin types. I stayed at a friend’s house one evening and she has notoriously sensitive skin. Curious, she tried the cleanser and prayed that her skin wouldn’t be a disaster zone in the morning. Not a blemish or reaction in sight! It’s watery and thin in texture, but it works itself into a lovely foam. Love this!

Delizioso Skincare Organic Body Oil in French Lavender is another simple, beautiful product. I love the light lavender scent and the way it glides on, leaving petal-soft skin but no slimy residue. It’s perfect as a body oil, massage oil, and I LOVE it in a hot bath!

Delizioso Skincare Luxury Body Cream in French Vanilla is a rich, very hydrating body cream (thicker and more luxurious than a lotion). This one smells exactly like vanilla ice cream and is so tantalizing! I love the soft scent it leaves behind and the smooth, supple skin I have for hours after application. It’s water-free, so it’s very concentrated and a little goes a long way. ADORE!

Demes Look Ma, Clean Hands! I received this all-natural soap, made by Ottawa, Ontario’s Demes as a press sample, and I now have a full size in my bathroom. I plan to have one in my kitchen as well, at all times. This all-purpose liquid soap is amazing for hands, body, dishes, cleaning, you name it. I even use it in my mop bucket as soap when I wash my floors. I have the bergamot geranium, and it smells GORGEOUS, but I’m so stoked to try the other scents (Eucalyptus Peppermint and Lavender Frankincense)! This is the original sample, and it still has quite a bit in it. The small size is perfect for travelling. When I use public restrooms I always balk at the gross hand soap- it’s always the kind that is chock full of dyes, fragrance, and other nasties, so this is coming with me!

Demes Butter Me Up is a portable stick of moisturizing perfection on the go! Cherry is my favourite scent of these natural little powerhouses. Housed in a little deodorant-type tube, this product is aptly named because it honestly hydrates like a stick of butta! Ultra convenient for quick hydration. Cocoa butter and Shea butter lend intense moisture to heels, elbows, lips, or wherever you need a moisture boost! A travel must-have!

Bubble and Bee Pit Putty Cream deodorant in Orange Vanilla is one of the simplest formulas I’ve come across in a natural deodorant that actually works. Plus, um, it smells like Creamsicles, so how can you resist? Seriously, this cream deodorant does the job, really hydrating the underarm area and keeping odour at bay. Some days I find I do have to apply it twice (once in the middle of the day), but I’m more than happy to make that trade-off for a deodorant that is non-toxic, smells incredible, and above all, WORKS. These three things are not easy to come by in one product. Big thanks to Crystal from Clean Beauty Craze, whose lovely review of this product convinced me to purchase it, without regret!

TASTYFACE Organics Vanilla Mint Daily Moisturizer  is pretty self-explanatory. You already know how I feel about this brand and their amazingly natural hand crafted small-batch skincare. This moisturizer is true  to its name. It smells like vanilla. It smells like mint. It moisturizes beautifully. Boom, simple.

TASTYFACE Organics Lemon Rosemary Mint lip balm is glossy, conditioning, and tastes and smells like Summer. Also amazing as a cheekbone highlight!

HANA Organic Skincare Luxe Serum falls right in line with my desire to keep my skincare as simple as possible. This serum nails it with certified organic ingredients like apricot and rose seed oil, with a jojoba base and other nourishing, natural oils in the mix. I love HANA because their formulas are so basic, yet so well put together. Curated with nourishment, hydration and all-around skin wellness in mind, all the products I’ve tried form this brand are stellar. I love this simple serum because it feeds my skin moisture and gives it a noticeable glow.



The key word for this post is simple. While I’m away, I want a very basic beauty routine, aside from getting dolled up for the photo shoots, of course. These are going to be my right-hand girls! (Not pictured, because it was in my purse at the time, and I had forgotten, is the Delizioso Skincare Berrylicious Lip gloss palette, which will also be in my essentials, because it’s beautiful ad I’m obsessed with lip products lately! Also not pictured because I forgot it on my counter at the time of photographing, is Sante eyebrow pencil in Blond 01, which I use every single day.)

Pure Anada Tinted Moisturizer. Ah, bliss. This natural tinted moisturizer evens out skin tone instantly, banishing redness and smoothing out the skin. The coverage is sheer, but I don’t wear foundation much, so this is perfect for a bit of coverage without hiding my freckles, and a natural sun protection that is roughly equivalent to SPF 15  (due to the Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide). I’m a little bit obsessed with this! It’s amazing, as are all the products I’ve tried from Pure Anada.

Vapour Organic Beauty Siren Lipsticks in Pin-Up and Au Pair are slick, sleek little slices of lip bliss! Au Pair is a shiny, beautiful berry rich in moisture and smells/tastes like fruit! Pin-up is a bit drier, but not what I would call a dry or drying formula by any means. This stunning peach is perfect for Summer, and because it’s a medium peach (not too bold or too orange) it’s great on many skin tones. I love it with my fair skin and red hair. These two colours give me a choice between a cool and a warm tone, and they’re just so quick and easy to apply. Plus, they come in those pretty little tubes that are the perfect size for travelling. I love Vapour Organic Beauty’s formulas- they are SO clean, and are obviously so thoughtfully and honestly crafted. Oh, and did I mention that I use these as cream blushes, too? Hence the lack of an actual blush in this post!

The Green Kiss Lip shimmy in Dollface is like a lip bam with brilliant shine and a subtle pop of baby pink colour. I love love love this! The owner of The Green Kiss (a green beauty store and brand in Victoria, B.C.) gifted me with all three shimmys in the Winter, and I haven’t stopped using them since. They literally drench the lips in moisture and the gloss on them is so pretty. Dollface is my favourite, with its subtle yet definitely detectable hint of icy pink.

Pure Anada Natural Mascara: One coat gives a natural look, two coats gives a flirty fan, three coats and it’s WOAH, falsies! One of the best performing clean mascaras I have ever used. Addicted. Simple as that.

Glory Boon Heal & Conceal is an amazing self-adjusting concealer (no, seriously!) that covers SO well. It’s fantastic for blemishes and under-eye circles, and it really does adapt to your skin tone. Take it from someone who is VERY fair and was totally freaked out by the dark colour in the tube- it works. I love the creamy, blendable formula and the stick form makes it super easy and quick for convenient application.

Top: Jane Iredale Jelly Jar Gel eyeliner in brown is pretty much the best eyeliner on the planet. Combined with the ergonomic angled brush (also pictured) this glide-on, super-pigmented liner makes cat-eyes or simple definition a cinch.  I’m bringing brown because black is a bit harsh for the beach!

Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques Organic Lip Scrub actually belongs in the skincare category, another oops. How long can I use the fact that I work like three jobs and am balancing work with a toddler as an excuse? Forever works for me. Anyway, this lip scrub is AWESOME. Based on organic brown sugar and free from all things nasty, this is an essential for me. It instantly makes my lips a million times softer and smoother, and the taste makes me want to dig in with a spoon- which, of course, I don’t! But it’s tempting. This superior lip scrub removes dry, dead and chapped skin and leaves behind baby-soft lips. I swear, since I’ve been using it, I notice a decrease in my lip lines, too! I’m a lip biter so a good scrub is important to me, and this is my go-to, hands down!

Well, that’s it, beauties! I didn’t include sunscreen because I haven’t found that perfect one yet, but I will update you.

I’ll see you all when I get back, but in the meantime, tell me about YOUR travel must-haves!

With nautical wishes and saltwater kisses,


DSC_0048 DSC_0049 DSC_0045



5 thoughts on “What’s in my travel makeup/beauty bag

  1. I love Vapour products, especially their cream blushes!! They blend in really nicely with dry skin like mine and give my cheeks a nice radiant glow! I have yet to try their lipsticks but they look fabulous! How are they for lasting power?

    1. Hey there! I LOVE their lipsticks. They last pretty well, I’d say. I wouldn’t call them ultra long-lasting, but they hold their own! And the feel, smell, and pigment is just amazing. Au Pair is especially pretty and moisturizing. It’s a gorgeous berry!

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