Eco Fashion Summer Spectacular Vol. 1 (Feat. LNBF!)

Well, darlings, I’m back from paradise! We went on a much-needed week long holiday to one of the most beautiful islands on earth and I’m feeling refreshed, connected to my body, mind, and nature, and….ready to turn around and go back to the “Tropics of Canada”!

I took advantage of the beautiful scenery (the white sand beaches, the rolling pacific ocean, the tall trees and grasses, the wild flowers) and paired it with my beautiful Eco wardrobe from many brands, and I’m going to share the photos with you!

Let’s start with LNBF (Leave Nothing But Footprints), a Toronto based Eco fashion brand who kindly sent me their gorgeously versatile Grace Tunic Dress (Coral) and  Ophelia cardigan (Deep Marine).

What makes them Eco:

From  LNBF stands for Leave Nothing but Footprints – from the age-old saying

“Leave nothing but footprints, take nothing but memories”.

Our mission is to empower women to create a sustainable world for future generations – starting with the clothes we wear. We want to minimize the impact fashion has on our environment. Which is why we do what we do: design stylish pieces for women who refuse to sacrifice on comfort or quality.

Based in Toronto, LNBF was started in 2007 by a passionate team whose aim was to combine flattering and timeless silhouettes with eco-friendly and luxurious fabrics like viscose from bamboo, Tencel, and organic cotton. Using OEKO-TEX® 100-certified mills, our bamboo fabrics use fewer chemicals, and less water to manufacture than synthetics and cotton. Bamboo also has anti-bacterial and moisture-wicking properties that will keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Whether working out at the gym, running errands, or rushing your kids to school in the morning, you will find a LNBF outfit that suits your busy lifestyle.

Our vision is to inspire people to live a sustainable lifestyle by choosing apparel that is both fashionable and environmentally-friendly. You will feel so good in our collection, that you’ll want to keep LNBF in your closet season after season! 

Why this outfit is a Summer essential:

For one thing, viscose from bamboo (which makes up 95% of this dress- the other 5% is spandex) is about as comfortable a fabric as you can get, not to mention very sustainable. The Grace Tunic feels light as air, and really moves with the body in a beautiful and elegant way. Never heavy or hot, this dress breathes SO well. When the side flaps are down, the dress floats as if on water. When they are tied to the front or the back, the feel of the dress is still light and bouncy, but it changes the look entirely. Throw the cardigan on top and you’ve got a totally different outfit! I think that’s my favourite thing about the Grace Tunic (other than the beautiful bold orange and deep blue stripes, and the unique and gorgeous, flattering cut). It is such a versatile piece. I love wearing the flaps down for a more earthy, casual look, or throwing the cardi and a pair of heels on, adding a smokey eye and tying the flaps to the front or back for a more formal look. This can be styled so many ways and worn to so many different places- from the beach to the dance floor, even a Summer wedding. Let’s not forget that it’s only $60! LNBF has struck gold in creating figure-flattering cuts from Eco-friendly fabrics, for women of all shapes and sizes, and affordable prices to boot.

This brand proves that you don’t have to sacrifice style for function, and that you can easily find beautiful, fashion-forward pieces from companies that use Eco-friendly fabrics and employ sustainable values. I feel very comfortable with my body in this dress. I don’t feel as though I need to adjust it or that I need to be self-conscious at all. It hugs my curves in all the right places (sorry, who was it that said curvy girls shouldn’t wear stripes? They’ve never met this dress!) and it’s so easy to just pull on and go!

Where I’ve worn it:

To the Eco Fashion Week fashion shows, around the house, to the park, shopping, out to lunch, and on the beach (as you can see!)

Where to get it:

But, listen, stop taking my word for it! The photos say it all, don’t they?





All photos by Jordan K.E. (my other half!) Styling, art direction, hair and makeup by yours truly

The accompanying Eco makeup:

Crimson Kiss and Brat Eye Shadow by Pure Fusion Cosmetics

Natural Mascara and Tinted Moisturizer by Pure Anada

Heal and Conceal by Glory Boon (SUCH an amazing concealer! Covered everything I need it to while looking totally natural!)

New York lipstick by Red Apple Lipstick on lips and cheeks (still my all-time favourite nude lippy! SO versatile and stunning!)



See you tomorrow for Vol. 2! Who will be featured?! Come back and see!




One thought on “Eco Fashion Summer Spectacular Vol. 1 (Feat. LNBF!)

  1. Wow what a beautiful beach dress, perfect for paradise! The material looks so refreshing and cool. Definitely need to check out LNBF! Thanks for the great review!

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