Eco Fashion Summer Spectacular Vol. 2 Feat. Miik

Oh, hey again! Told you I’d be back today with another Eco fashion post from the photo shoots we did on our Island vacation! If you joined me yesterday, you know what this is all about, but if not, here’s a quick rundown:

My husband’s folks own a gorgeous heritage cabin on a remote island in B.C., a full day of travel from our Vancouver home. Two long drives, two ferries, and a water taxi later (totally worth the travel and the scenery makes it that much more delightful), and you’ve stepped out onto paradise. Literally paradise. The cabin’s french doors open up to a spectacular view of the Pacific, which is just steps away, with soft white sand beaches stretching out in front of it. Trails, dirt roads, a beautiful wharf, wild flowers and just pure lush beauty everywhere you turn.

I was inspired to pair my ever-growing Eco-friendly Summer wardrobe with these stunning backdrops, and the Summer reversible two-layer maxi dress by Toronto’s Miik fit perfectly into the mix. Miik kindly sent me the dress as well as a Willow Waterfall cardigan, both made of 100% micro modal, and I swear I could live in these beautiful, buttery soft pieces! I chose the colour combo of Natural/Citrus, because I’m a sucker for creamy neutrals and was intrigued by the bright citrus details. The dress is also available in Navy/Ocean blue,  Mulberry/Tangerine, Black/Natural and Tangerine/Heather.



What makes Miik Eco?


Why Miik? It’s quite simple really. One word – sustainability. 

 What does that really mean? Well, we could go on about how much bamboo is better for the environment from a growing and harvesting point of view (really…. the stuff grows like weeds). Or how the bamboo for our products is processed in a certified closed-loop system designed to minimize harmful effects to our environment. Or even how our product is designed, milled and crafted all within the Greater Toronto Area, minimizing our carbon footprint. All this is true. But for us, real sustainability goes even beyond this.

What we’re interested in here at Miik, is introducing change in a world of temporary, disposable clothing. We want to lengthen the time between purchasing the clothing you love, and it’s eventual disposal. This is the real reason for starting with bamboo and other sustainably-sourced fabrics. Rayon produced from bamboo, by its very nature, looks and wears beautifully and when properly cared for, doesn’t pill, lose its shape or fade like other natural fabrics.

Combine this with a modern twist on classic styling and you’ll be enjoying your Miik clothes for a long, long time. Oh… and did we mention we use only the softest and most comfortable fabrics that drape beautifully to flatter every size and shape?

We’re willing to bet once you’ve tried Miik, you won’t want to wear anything else.


Why this outfit is a Summer Essential for me:

As the mother of a VERY busy toddler and someone who works about four jobs from home, I appreciate clothes that are comfortable. But that doesn’t mean I want to sacrifice looking like a Goddess! Miik makes clothing that lets you have your cake and eat it too, with durable, supersoft, high quality fabric that looks just as amazing as it feels.  I used the word Goddess, a word I don’t take lightly, because I really do feel like one in this dress. There are so many ways to wear it, too! It’s a simple, flattering cut with interesting little details that add a bit of drama, like the side slits that offer a glimpse into the colour of the bottom layer, and the pretty shoulder tuck detailing. Front-to-back reversible, you can change the neckline from a scoop to a boatneck just by turning the dress around, which really does change the look of the dress. (In the photos, I’m wearing it scoop neck style). The Willow Waterfall Cardi in citrus adds another burst of fruity pop to the outfit, to cover the arms if there’s a bit of a chill in the air, or when you just feel like formalizing the look a bit.

Free-flowing and full of bounce, the Summer Reversible two-layer maxi dress is the perfect choice for the season. Micro modal is a very stretchy and forgiving fabric, and a very breathable one at that. This dress has a Princess meets boho girl feel with a twist of classic elegance, and just the right touch of edge with that bottom layer peeking through. I’ve put it through the ringer already- beach photo shoots in a maxi dress, in between rainfalls? Not an easy task for a dress to hold up to – and it’s still holding up like a champ. I was terrified that I might have ruined it, because it is long, and the bottom was covered in damp sand, seaweed and mud by the end of the shoot. Plus, there’s no electricity in the cabin, so it was handwashing all the way, but everything came out crystal clean and the fabric, after many wears (I kid you not, I could live in this dress) is as strong and uniform as it was on the day it first graced my eager hands, fresh out of the package.

So if it’s not clear by now, I LOVE this dress. I love Miik, period. Elegant, functional pieces with a conscience. Right up my alley.

Where I’ve worn it: Pretty much everywhere.

Where to get it:





The accompanying Eco makeup:

miikmake miikmake2



Pure Anada Tinted Moisturizer in Very Fair

Sante Concealer Stick

Pure Anada Natural mascara

Simple Beauty Minerals Eyeshadow in Copper

Red Apple Lipstick eyeshadow in VooDoo (outer ‘V”)

Delizioso Skincare Creme de la Creme lipstick in Grapefruit Explosion on lips and cheeks.

Necklace: thrifted.

All photos by Jordan K. E.

Hair, makeup and art direction by yours truly

Special thanks to Miik for sending me this gorgeous outfit. I was sent these pieces as press materials, and while I did not pay for them, my opinions are honest and are never swayed by receiving product as a press sample. Makeup was also generously provided by the brands as press materials.





4 thoughts on “Eco Fashion Summer Spectacular Vol. 2 Feat. Miik

  1. I agree with the above poster – beautiful colour choice on you and lovely jewellery as accompaniment, I also love your hair! Very interesting to know about this company, I’m always interested in bamboo products.

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