Eco Fashion Summer Spectacular Vol. 3 Feat. Synergy Organic Clothing

Welcome to the third instalment of my Eco Fashion Summer Spectacular series, where I feature outstanding brands with Eco-friendly fabrics and values, modelled by me, and photographed by my better half on our recent holiday!,

The beautiful scenery at our Ocean front cabin island inspired me to play dress up, and how fitting that I have a gorgeous Eco wardrobe to compliment the stunning natural setting of our Summer home.

Today, I’m featuring Synergy Organic Clothing, which was actually the brand that got me into Eco Fashion. I also brought along two other pieces from Synergy, but sadly they got too wrinkled in my bag to model (and there’s no electricity, so ironing wasn’t an option!)

However, I’m proud to be modelling this gorgeous two-tone angel wing dress, which is one of my favourites. It’s made of  100% organic cotton, and I absolutely adore the look and feel of it!




What makes Synergy Eco Friendly:

For starters, their entire collection is made with 100% organic cotton, and dyed with only low impact dyes. Founder Kate Fisher developed her brainchild in 1993, when her travels to Nepal inspired her to purchase the fabrics that planted the seeds of Synergy in her mind. Today, Synergy still maintains production in Nepal, in accordance with fair trade organizations, using low impact dyes that meet the basic requirements of GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard). They’ve even hired professionals to oversee the production, ensuring that no toxic chemicals are used, and always prioritizing fair wages. Read more about Synergy here and here.

Why this outfit is a Summer essential for me:

As you may have noticed, I like versatility in my clothing. I like comfort and adorability, both of which this little number has in spades. Organic cotton is super soft and with just enough stretch to it, and like many of the pieces in my current wardrobe, this dress can be dressed up (heels and a smokey eye, hair piled up in a pretty bun) or dressed down for a Sunday afternoon, like I’ve done here, with loose hair, my Sole Rebels shoes and a grey cardi. (By the way, Sole Rebels is another amazingly Eco friendly brand that makes fabulous footwear!). Let’s not forget the GORGEOUS angel wing appliqué, which is not screens, but sewn in, with strips of fabric. Isn’t is beautiful? I also love the v-neck and the pretty dark grey (midnight is the name of the shade), which is easy to accessorize with and goes with almost any shoe or sandal!

I am so impressed with the durability, functionality, versatility and classic yet modern vibe of Synergy Organic Clothing. On their website, they touch upon the idea of fusing Eastern and Western fashion influences in their designs, and I think they pull that off effortlessly. Their pieces are very wearable, super comfortable and flattering, and their Eco-friendly fabrics and ethics are admirable. Combined with the adorable, elegant, timeless yet unique cuts and designs, this brand is an absolute gem and I’m thrilled and proud to own their pieces.

Where to get it:

Right here!

Other pieces I own and love from Synergy:

The Cherry Blossom Angelina skirt in Emerald and the Sweetheart Cami in black, both of which you will find in an upcoming look, and both of which are essentials in my wardrobe!




Necklace: Thrifted. The accompanying Eco Makeup: Pure Anada tinted moisturizer in Very Fair, Pure Anada Natural Mascara, Ecco Bella lipstick in Cafe Au Lait, Ecco Bella blush in Wild Rose, Glory Boon Heal and Conceal concealer.


Til next time! (lots more Eco Fashion posts are coming your way, so stay with me!)



*Dress generously provided by Synergy Organic Clothing for honest review. Makeup generously provided by Ecco Bella, Pure Anada and Glory Boon in exchange for honest review. Whether I receive a product for review or purchase with my own money, my opinion is never influenced and is always honest.*






One thought on “Eco Fashion Summer Spectacular Vol. 3 Feat. Synergy Organic Clothing

  1. Lovely styling and obviously lovely fabric! Awesome that they’re 100% organic cotton, I’ve hand washed everything most of my life but in the years I had/used a washing machine I found gm cotton to look deteriorated in texture and faded more each time after having been through a cycle and never lasted years let alone decades like it should.

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