Bloggers love bloggers – A simple initiative to choose giving love over being mean.

Dear loyal and beautiful readers,

Mercury is in Retrograde! And with that, I’m finding that imbalance is prevalent in my life and the lives of the people I love. Call it coincidence or blame it on the timing, but either way, things are amiss.

I’ve searched my heart and brain for the past few days, knowing that I needed to do something, but unsure of the steps to get there or what the something even was.

Late last night, I realized that I needed to take some sort of stance that would change the way social media has become a bullying ground. Bloggers love bloggers is the result of my soul searching.

What is (or what will be) Bloggers love bloggers?

Bloggers love bloggers is a simple idea. My goal is to turn it into a global initiative, but for now it’s an idea with a lot of heart. What got me thinking? I heard the story of a blogger I respect being bullied to the point of her private contact information being released in a very public way. By another woman. Another blogger, in fact. I instantly related this to the experience I have had with someone who used to be an acquaintance of mine and turned into an all-out raging troll.

What happened? My “stalker” tried to post many abusive, and sometimes threatening comments on my blog. I say “tried” because my security settings are set up so that I have to approve a comment before it goes live. This person was aware of this, but continued to try over and over again to leave comments. She probably did this because she knew that at least I would see them, but it ultimately got to the point where I changed my settings so that anything containing her email or certain keywords would be immediately trashed. She got around this for a while by finding my other blogs (I have two other photo blogs) and then found the online magazine I work for, where she also posted a comment. Then she found my number and started prank calling me. Well, sort of. I mean, she just would do the heavy breathing/hang-up thing, which was kinda disappointing. I mean, couldn’t she at least do something funny, like ask me if my refrigerator is running? But I digress.

Anyway, I pretty much lost the troll, but the crappy feeling stayed with me. Then I myself got bullied by another blogger, and she began sending messages to brands about how they shouldn’t work with me because I actually hate their stuff and that I have bitched about them publicly, blah blah blah. She sent the same email to all of them. All I could do was apologize, tell them it wasn’t true, and listen… and then say “Of course I will still work with you! I was worried you wouldn’t want to work with me! Oh, you’re not buying into that crazy b*%$!’s drama? Relief! Here’s my address. I can’t wait to receive your products.”

In other words, BOOM.

But again! I digress.

So here’s the point, fellow bloggers. These stories are not rare. In fact, they’re too common. People need to stop being horrible to each other on the internet. Well, people need to stop being horrible to each other period, but that’s another rant for another time. Bloggers, especially beauty and fashion bloggers, are often so mean and competitive with each other, but the truth is that we can all be successful in our own right, and learn from each other instead of hating on each other. There’s more than enough write-up room and photo space for everyone, ladies. I promise!

Now before you go getting me wrong, please know that for the most part, I’ve encountered the kindest, most open and intelligent ladies you can imagine in this blogging world. But there have been some unfortunate run-ins as well, and I know this to be true for many other bloggers I’m close to.

This is a call to action. No more blogger VS blogger. No more trolls. If someone’s blog isn’t your thing, cool, move on. Why waste precious time on writing a vile comment that makes you look really ignorant, when you can instead direct your energy to something you’re passionate about? Let’s be adults, yes? And let’s just have fun! Your blog is unique and amazing because it comes from YOU! And the next person’s blog is unique and amazing because it comes from them. And so on, and so on, et cetera. Know what I mean, jelly bean?

Seriously, I adore and respect so many bloggers and have learned so much from watching and befriending them. Nothing but good can come from this. (Aside, of course from the occasional abusive troll, who we will swiftly ban and ignore.)

And let’s remember that kids are starting to blog at increasingly younger ages. Do you want your kid to log in and be excited to see they have a new comment, or fill with dread at the thought of it being another comment that makes them cry? The former, right? Right. Me too. So let’s set an example.

So what now?

Bloggers Love bloggers. Every week, on any day they wish, I challenge bloggers to post a photo on Instagram or on their blogs. The photo will be the most beautiful or amazing photo of not you, not your best friend, but a blogger you love and respect. And praise her for her engaging writing, amazing makeup skills, great style, whatever it is that draws you to her. What if we embraced and praised others for their inner and outer beauty? Then maybe it would be easier for us to see the true beauty in ourselves. So tell the world what you love about a fellow blogger that you think is awesome, and tell them why. Let’s start a movement! Don’t just post the photo. include a write-up. Let people know why you’re doing this, why you love her (or him, let’s be fair!), and why we need to be nicer to each other. Then hashtag it.  #bloggerslovebloggers #blb

If someone else has already started an initiative like this, MUCH respect to them, and I’m not trying to step on anybody’s toes. I was honestly just so compelled by this idea that I haven’t even researched to see if it was already being done. I just felt I had to focus on other things, like getting this message out. Besides, like I said earlier, there’s lots of room, right? The more the merrier, and all that?

I’ll start a twitter account in the coming days. Follow me on Instagram @shesoeco and let’s get this started!

I want to see this grow. Are you with me?

Introducing my first ever choice for Bloggers love Bloggers:

Britanie Faith of Beauty by BritanieImage


This girl! She’s got the most beautiful hair, brows, lips, and style! Her face is that of a Hollywood Starlet from an era gone by (the era changes depending on whether this curvy fashionista wears a crown of flowers or Lolita-style shades). Britanie prioritizes non-toxic beauty and skincare, and brings her loyal readers lots of great information, photos and reviews. She also writes inspirational posts (like this one, that talks about how she celebrates her body and why body image is so important. Britanie is well-known in the green beauty blogging world, and she combines her beauty posts with fashion, jewellery (her collection is to drool for!) and general wellness features.

I have had the opportunity to get to know Brit (as much as anyone can over the internet, anyway), and have been so taken with her sweet disposition. She really cares about what she’s doing, and she is such a sensitive and caring soul. She is the epitome of beauty from the inside out, and if you haven’t subscribed to her blog already, I highly suggest that you do! It’s well worth it.

Britanie, congrats on being the first ever face of Bloggers love bloggers!

Who will be next? Let’s find out, shall we?

Instagram: beautybybritanie

Twitter: @britaniefaith

Photo: Britanie Faith of Beauty by Britanie.


Share this with your friends and fellow bloggers. Let’s see this thing thrive!

With love,





10 thoughts on “Bloggers love bloggers – A simple initiative to choose giving love over being mean.

  1. The creme of the crop rises to the top Stephanie. So happy you chose to take the high road and do something positive from a negative situation. Your integrity speaks VOLUMES and it’s always a genuine pleasure working with you 🙂

  2. That is wonderful!!! I have also started a similar project on my blog called “Share the love”. I do believe we can all help each other, especially when we share common goals and hopes. Being mean doesn’t impress anyone. 🙂

    1. Thank you so much for all your lovely comments! You’ve got a new follower in me! By the way, the initiative does not have to be just on Instagram, you can take part via your blog!

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