Canada Day Special – My favourite Canadian green beauty products!


I spent this blazing hot British Columbia day driving the Sunshine Coast with Jordan and my little girl after a three-day stint in this insanely beautiful place:


We beached, we hiked, and we just generally basked in the beauty of this magical island, where we’re fortunate to share a Summer cabin with family. The drive home was spectacular too, if crazy long (we missed the second ferry – this trip requires two longish drives, two ferry rides, and a water taxi, and is worth every kilometre), exhausting and just plain HOT! (There will be sunburns. Oh yes, there will be sunburns.)

We enjoyed watching the waving red and white flags, which of course were displayed  in abundance, and the men, women and children decked out in their best Canada-themed gear (and yes, I wore a red and white Maple Leaf-adorned headband, while my daughter sported a sweet red shirt with a pink and red cupcake emblazoned across the front. The sprinkles are red and shaped like maple leaves. It’s just how we roll.)

Anyway, the point (yes, I’m getting to it!) is that I feel blessed to be Canadian and to raise my daughter in what I truly believe is one of the most beautiful places on Earth. I love Canada deeply, and am so proud to call it my home. And given that my blog is mostly beauty and fashion related, I thought I’d give you a rundown of my favourite Canadian green beauty products!

Happy  Canada Day to my fellow Canucks, and happy early Independence Day to my American buddies! I hope you enjoy this post as much as I enjoyed putting it together. Special thanks to all the brands I’m about to showcase, because they truly do make exceptional products. *Note- I’m not going to display ingredients, and reviews will be short, as this is already going to be a long post. Click the links provided for more information, including ingredients. Stay tuned at the end for what I put these essentials IN!*



Top row Left-to-right:

Pure Anada Tinted Moisturizer in Very Fair offers sun protection that’s roughly equivalent for SPF 15, and provides a really nice, satiny coverage that’s light but still enough to even things out and make me glow! Obsessed with this and MANY other products from this Manitoba brand!

Cocoon Apothecary Rosey Cheeks Facial Cream is a GODSEND! This Kitchener, Ontario brand purveys skincare that is both simple and luxurious. I love this light yet decadent cream for its all-natural formula and radiance-inducing performance. Ideal for dry skin, it packs a hydrating punch and feels like silk. I love to mix it with the Rosehip Oil (which is pictured next to the cream) to create a cream crossed with serum. This leaves me with super-soft, quenched skin. Next to that, the Rose perfume oil (ALL natural) also by Cocoon Apothecary, is delightfully fragrant and literally leaves me smelling like fresh roses!

Pure Anada Fruit Enzyme Exfoliating Cleanser is thick, creamy and, yep, smells like a bowl full of fresh-picked citrus fruit! Tiny jojoba beads (as opposed to, um, the totally toxic plastic microbeads that are so controversial right now because of what they’re doing to the enviornment – look it up! It’s terrible!) add an exfoliating action to bolster the already amazing natural formula. LOVE. This is an ESSENTIAL! (Also try their pressed blush, which is AMAZING, and the Natural Mascara, which is top notch! Actually, try anything from this brand. I’m confident you’ll love it as much as I do.

Demes “Look Ma, Clean Hands!” is one of my favourite multi-purpose products. I’m sure it’s a big seller for the Ottawa-based brand, because this natural liquid soap performs on so many levels. Use it as a hand wash, body wash, dish-soap, floor cleaner, etc. A seriously effective non-toxic cleanser that bursts with light, essential oil-based scent.

Speaking of Demes, I ADORE their ‘Butter Me Up” moisturizing sticks, which serve as portable, delicious natural hydrating helpers for lips, legs, knees, elbows….you get the point. Wherever you need a quick boost of yummy-smelling moisture, this is your friend. My favourites are Mint and  Tangerine Vanilla! (Note: the product pictured is a sample size).

Middle row, left-to-right: Delizioso Skincare lip gloss in Guava is an all-natural, super-pigmented baby pink, and I LOVE a baby pink lip! Not sticky in the slightest, this gloss will give you the perfect pink pucker without all the nasties! Delizioso Skincare is a London, Ontario brand that I’ve worked with for a year now, and I LOVE their lip products. (As well as their eyeshadow, mascara, and something else you’ll see in this post!)

Wildrose Magnolia All Natural Mascara in Brown is something I’ve been raving about a lot, and if you follow me on Instagram, (shesoeco) you’re well aware of this amazing, hand-crafted Toronto brand by now. This mascara rules. In a few coats, you’ll get amazing results (length, volume and separation) without all the chemical drawbacks. Seriously, do yourself a favour and pick this up.

Sappho Organic Cosmetics liquid foundation in Mia (the lightest shade offered) is one of the highest-quality non-toxic foundations I’ve ever come across. Jo Ann Fowler is the Vancouver-based celebrity makeup artist behind this exceptional line of close-up quality cosmetics and I couldn’t be happier to have had the chance to try this and many other amazing Sappho products. This foundation is well-celebrated, as it offers great coverage that holds up and doesn’t look at all cakey- almost like second-skin. It’s expensive, but I highly recommend it. It’s worth it! Another note, it’s quite scented (an herbal/earthy smell that doesn’t bother me at all), so that’s something to keep in mind. I really adore this foundation!

Hammock blush by Wildrose Magnolia is the PERFECT Summer shade for me! It’s like a combination of dusty rose and light bronzer, and I even use it to contour sometimes. It’s tough for fair-skinned girls to find a contour colour that doesn’t look ashy or orangey, so this is wonderful! LOVE this entire brand!

Pure Fusion Cosmetics Golden Apricot eyeshadow is described on the Pure Fusion Etsy Shop as a ‘beautiful apricot shade with an iridescent shimmer of gold and gold flecks’, and that hits the nail on the head! Actually, I love every shadow I have (and that adds up to plenty) from this Terrace, B.C. brand! I love this colour with my blue eyes in the Summer. Natural loose shadows that are Canadian and affordable? Score!

Earth Lab Cosmetics is another British Columbia brand that makes some great products. I was sceptical about a claim that any bronzer would work ‘on all skin tones’, as the website suggests, but this one seems to offer a nice bronzing that is neither pumpkin-esque nor ashy. It wears REALLY well and is extremely pigmented.

Batty’s Bath lip butter is a creamy, dreamy lip treat. Very emollient and housed in an adorable tin with a slide-off lid, this lip butter imparts fabulous moisture, a hint of pink and a scrumptious apple taste! Batty’s Bath is a great London, Ontario brand.

Bottom row, left-to-right: Wildrose Magnolia Berry Lip Balm is DROOL-WORTHY. I’m telling you! This stuff is magic. It’s sweet, shiny, with a tease of berry colour and incredible slippery-soft hydration. I love its slender little tube, too! Definitely another essential for Summer.

The Green Kiss is owned and operated by Megan Johns in Victoria, B.C. It’s a retail location that offers plenty of green  beauty brands, including their own! The Green Kiss lip shimmy in Dollface is one of my favourite lip products ever. It’s got this gorgeous pearly shimmer and adds a sheer, pretty wash of very light pink. And it conditions like nobody’s business!

Delizioso Skincare’s lip and cheek tint in Cocoa Punch smells and tastes like real chocolate and graces lips and cheeks with  a stunning colour that’s half cocoa, half rose. Delicious! (I love lots more from this brand, but this just happens to be what I’m into right now. As you can see, I’m obsessed with lip products!)

Batty’s Bath mineral cream concealer in Warm Sand is perfect for concealing under-eye circles and using as a cream highlighter! I love the thick, creamy consistency, and that a little goes a LONG way with this natural concealer. Warm Sand doesn’t seem to be a warm shade to me, it’s actually more on the cool side, and is a tad too light for me (and I’m very fair), but I can get away with it under my eyes and as a highlight. In fact, it really opens up  and brightens the under-eye area and any area I want highlighted.  I could also be taking the shade name too literally, as the “Warm” may well be referring to the colour of sand that is warm  to the TOUCH (which is often white, come to think of it!) as opposed to a warm colour. Definitely worth the $12, just be mindful when you choose your shade. There are only two shades offered, Warm Sand and  Cocoa Cream, but if there is ever a SLIGHTLY warmer and darker (VERY slightly, mind you ) version of Warm Sand, I’ll be the first in line. If not, I’ll still definitely use Warm Sand, because the coverage is fantastic and I love the formula.

And what do I cram all these essentials in? My beautifully handmade makeup bag, sewn with heart by my friend and neighbour, the owner, designer, and seamstress of Cedar House Sews. Made with cotton and natural hemp, this durable zippered pouch is sustainable AND stunning! And this baby can hold a LOT!

DSC_1653 DSC_1652 ch

Looks like I’m getting this post in just under the gun (and past midnight in some areas, but I did what I could!)

Wishing you a Happy Canada Day,  (or whenever your country’s birthday is, have a happy one!) and hoping yours was (is) as full of beauty, appreciation and true patriot love as mine has been.

With a glowing heart,







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