Eco Outfit of the week featuring Pashen Collection and Mirabilio

Greetings, beauties!

I’ve decided to implement a brand new feature – Eco outfit of the week! Each week (and I know you’ll allow some delays based on my chaotic mix of work, parenthood and other life stuff!) I will feature an outfit that has either been up cycled, thrifted, or is from an Eco designer, and in some cases, all of the above! I’m excited to feature my ever-growing Eco fashion collection and thrilled to start with one of my favourite outfits right now: My cotton Kaftan from Pashen Collection, To the Core necklace from Mirabilio designs, my super-old thrifted skinny Levi’s and thrifted cowboy boots.



I developed a lovely online friendship with designer Magaly Fuentes-Sagan, and not only is she a very talented artist but also such a sweet woman. She sent me the Kaftan and a pair of her Organic cotton leggings, which I wear a lot as well.

Here’s a bit about Pashen  from their website:

Pashen collection is a women’s clothing and accessories brand created as an homage to art, craftsmanship, culture, sustainability and ethics in fashion.

After working in the fashion industry and exploring various angles through visual merchandising, couture bridal design, sportswear product development, buying, marketing, and writing, Magaly Fuentes-Sagan’s path led her to sustainable fashion. Compelled by a lifelong appreciation for beautiful things that are hand-made and a newly enhanced understanding of love for our planet, Magaly embarked on a new adventure to create a little something that mirrors all of that – a collection of women’s clothing and accessories made by artisans in different corners of the world.

Magaly says: “Entering the world of eco fashion has its own unique challenges so I have decided to start slowly, first focusing on artisan work and quality craftsmanship, with hopes to later integrate more organic materials and other ‘eco criteria’. Pieces will be introduced little by little to keep things fresh (and to keep you checking back) and we will do our best to keep you informed about where the pieces are made and by whom, because there are a lot of hands and hearts going into this project.”

I love my Kaftan. It’s such a pretty colour (I’m obsessed with cream!), and it’s soft, comfortable and has a fantastic boho Stevie Nicks vibe to it, which is right up my alley. It’s made with 100% cotton (not organic cotton, but hopefully in the future Magaly will add that option!), and is supremely well-made. It is delicate though, so be mindful when wearing it, don’t ever wash in the machine (I hand wash it and lay flat to dry). It is definitely worth adding to your collection. I get a ton of wear out of this and highly recommend it. It is also a very versatile piece, wearable with jeans, leggings, with a maxi skirt, as a layer, etc. I can’t imagine my wardrobe without it! The Kaftan also comes in a beautiful  muted blue. Take a look at Magaly’s other designs, too.  They’re all gorgeous. Also be sure to check out the Pashen blog, which details interesting happenings, such as an awesome collaboration with Razimus jewelry!

Get the Kaftan here 


The jeans and boots are pretty self-explanatory, they were thrifted (I think the jeans were like $10 and the cowboy boots were $20), but the necklace by New Haven, Connecticut’s  Mirabilio designs definitely needs an introduction. Derek Mirabilio is a true visionary. His handmade jewellery is unlike anything I’ve ever seen before, with a unique blend of tribal influences with modern touches like chains of different lengths and hand-burned designs. The line also features natural elements like the unopened lily pod in the To the Core, which I take great pleasure in telling people when they ask “What IS that on the end of your necklace?”

As if the stunning, statement designs weren’t enough, Derek donated 10 percent of all sales to the NFF (National Forest Foundation) “in order to purchase and plant more trees in our nation’s forest.” How cool is that! You definitely need to check out! I am lucky enough to own three of Derek’s striking pieces, and I always feel beautiful, confident and proud when I have one on.




What’s your go-to outfit for Fall? This is my favourite season of all, and I can’t wait to feature more Fall fashion in my blog!


Til next time, loves!





2 thoughts on “Eco Outfit of the week featuring Pashen Collection and Mirabilio

  1. You are so breathtaking! As a curvier gal, I am grateful for a blog that I can relate to. It’s been nice to discover new clothing brands that I can actually wear.

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