Eco Outfit/Makeup of the week w/LOTS of Discount codes!

Happy Sunday, loves! Yesterday afternoon I attended a really fun fashion event hosted by Ekaterina Sytcheve of Prospect Solution, where local ladies were showing Haute Couture pieces by Rada Fashion Design, with Stella & Dot jewellery curated by stylist Natalya Popova, paintings by Anastasia Kondratovitch and a beautiful photography exhibit by photo show by Kristina Napolskih.

There were some beautiful pieces and lots of friendly people, and they ladies made great use of the North Vancouver space. It was a great event! I, of course, turned up representing three things I love; Eco Fashion, Eco beauty and LOCAL artisans!

What I wore:



Top: Handmade Cape top with bat sleeves, elastic empire waist and white elastic trim made with Bamboo fabric, organic cotton and spandex by Little MoSo (

Leggings: Organic Cotton blue leggings from Magaly Fuentes’ Pashen Collection (

Grey faux leather ankle boots: Thrifted

Bag: Sapphire Plum Trailing Flowers Messenger Bag by Rosie Toe’s Designs. Handmade with Knit and felted from 100% wool. Strap: High quality jacquard ribbons.

Necklace: Single arbutus branch necklace by Drifted Jewellery

I’m trying something new with my fashion posts where I ask the designer what their thoughts are about the piece; what makes it  mazing, unique, and why it’s special to them! I think this will offer some insight into the mind of an artisan, which I find fascinating. With that in mind, here are thoughts from the designer and crafter behind my top, Jean Stenhouse, local (North Van) designer and seamstress extraordinaire, owner of the amazing artisan cooperative In Good Company, and founder/C.E.O. of Little MoSo. Little MoSo features bamboo and organic cotton essentials for men, women and children, with a dash of dressy, high-fashion pieces thrown in.

“Made from my favourite fabric, bamboo, this cape top came about from a recent trip to Seattle. I was shopping in a little boutique on Pike Street and saw a cape top similar to this one. It looked so comfortable and very forgiving on all body types. Its simple lines are exactly what I love in fashion, with emphasis on materials used and “the little details”. This top is in mist grey bamboo fabric with a smidge of spandex for easy movement and ultimate comfort (plus it helps the longevity of the fabric). I added the white Greek key inspired trim as a contrast to emphasize the beautiful, fluid shape.  The elastic empire waist was added to avoid a “tent” top, and bring the fabric against the body to reap the benefit of the tops softness. It’s versatile, beautiful and super comfy; an all in one top!”

My thoughts: I could not agree more. This is my favourite top right now. It’s SO soft, moves so well, and accentuates my waist (which is on the smaller side, while my hips are curvy), while flattering my hips and giving me a silhouette I love. I adore the bat wing sleeves, because I’m a huge fan of that slightly hippie look with a romantic twist, and the mist grey is just gorgeous. Jean’s right, the little details like the empire elastic waist and the pretty trim really make this top extra special. Of course, I make no secret of my love affair with bamboo, so this top, with its mix of bamboo, organic cotton, and a touch of spandex for stretch, is literally the perfect top for me!




Thoughts from Magaly Fuentes on the beautiful Organic Cotton leggings: “I live in these leggings! The organic cotton fabric is super soft but durable, cool and breathable for warm weather, protective and cozy enough for cooler weather…and they have a fantastic waistband that doesn’t flip!!”

My thoughts: I wear these so much that I need to get another pair! Not that they’ve worn out – in fact, the stretchy, comfy and soft fabric hasn’t faded or worn at ALL through dozens of wears, but when they’re in the laundry, it makes me yearn for another pair! I adore Magaly and her entire collection. And I LOVE this cool blue. So pretty!


Thoughts from designer/artisan crafter Lucy Chapman of Rosy Toes Designs:

“My creative process varies from piece to piece. Sometimes I’m inspired by the fibre or fabric, and sometimes by a pattern or image I’ve seen in nature. This particular bag was inspired by the gorgeous jacquard ribbon. When I purchased it, I had no clear picture in mind of the bag I’d make with it, but knew that it needed to be something special. I pulled out all the purple and blue yarn I had and began comparing and contrasting yarns; trying to choose ones that would compliment the strap colors. I love how this bag turned out – from the deep sapphire body of the bag, to the striping that mirrors the banding of the strap, to the floral spray that goes across the bag body. When I was done putting the whole thing together, I looked at it and knew that this was a bag that someone was going to love for a long time. Any time I put a bag together, I make sure I’m only using quality materials that are going to last. One of the best feelings for me is when I hear that the customer or recipient absolutely loves their piece. That they get compliments and questions everywhere they go. When people support handmade, they are having an immediate effect on the life of an artist. They are supporting someone’s passions and dreams directly. You aren’t buying a mega-company or factory made product, but a piece that someone has put a bit of themselves into with every stitch or brushstroke. It goes beyond the product to the story behind it.”

My thoughts: Well, how do I follow such an eloquent and profound statement on handmade, artisan pieces? All I can I say is that I am DEFINITELY one of those people who gets questions and compliments about this bag whenever I sling it over my shoulder- which is often. I absolutely love the design, colours, and softness of this bag. It’s so unique and so beautiful, not to mention extremely durable. And it actually holds a LOT of stuff, which is great because I tend to carry my life with me. Plus, it goes with SO many outfits. The cotton lining has a retro vibe to it that I love and that strap is just a work or art in itself. I love how this bag worked with the outfit!

DSC_1037 DSC_1033

Screen Shot 2014-09-28 at 1.24.23 PM

*above photo that shows the lining was taken from All other photos by Stephanie Deline (me!)

Thoughts from Andrew Azzopardi, designer, wood-worker and co-founder of Drifted Jewellery, a division of Studio Robazzo, which is owned and run by himself and his partner, designer Christina Robev. The two craft Drifted Jewellery from salvaged wood and driftwood that washes along the beaches of Victoria, B.C.

“I love arbutus because the tree has a mysterious quality. It sheds every year and bleeds. The twisting and contorting branches are frozen in motion. We have been trying to capture these qualities.”
My thoughts: I LOVE arbutus as well, and to wear it on my neck is something very special. The single branch arbutus necklace is so simple and tasteful, the perfect mix of modern elegance and earthy romance. I am so fortunate to have received this and other pieces from Drifted Jewellery and I can’t wait to show you more. I wear their designs almost every day, and am proud to do so! People are always asking me about them, they are handcrafted conversation starters!
Andrew has generously offered a discount code for 25% off Drifted Jewellery, which is already very reasonably prices! The code: shesoeco
DSC_2816 DSC_2820
Eco makeup: Eyes: Eyeshadows in Sapphire, Galaxy and Moon highlight powered by Ecco Bella, Mascara by Ecco Bella
Lips: Tinted Lip Moisturizer in Sultry by Scentuals Bodycare from Nature on lips and cheeks (use code sheissoeco_20 for 20 percent off! You WANT these lip tints, trust me!)
Bronzer/contour: Cream bronzer stick by Wildrose Magnolia (use the code “she’s so eco” until October 1st for 20 percent off your cart. Take advantage of this INCREDBILE Canadian brand!!
I hope you enjoyed my Eco outfit/makeup of the week and will join me again for many more posts of this nature!

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