Green Stocking Stuffer guide for her

It’s that time of year again! The holiday season is fast approaching, and there’s never been a better time to consider giving greener, cleaner, natural gifts to ladies you love (and/or yourself, of course!) Here is a collection of amazing natural/eco-friendly stocking stuffers that will please any lovely lady in your life!

1. DEMES Sample Pack This trio of natural products is the perfect socking stuffer! It includes Get The Funk out natural deodorizer spray, which I LOVE because air fresheners that are packed with toxic chemicals are so passé. They smell way too strong and artficial, and trust me, the stuff you’re inhaling from them does NOT belong in your lungs! Luckily Ottawa’s own DEMES has come to the refreshed-air rescue with Get the Funk out, a natural spray full of essential oils and other natural ingredients that freshen air, linen and clothes with a burst of non-toxic scent to instantly clear odours the natural way. Tip: Give your hair a quick spritz for mildly scented locks!  My favourite? Lavender Frankincense! The trio also comes with a Butter Me Up stick (all purpose natural moisturizer that comes in your choice of Mint, Tangerine Vanilla, or Cherry), and Look Ma, Clean Hands, a natural hand/bath/kitchen soap. The thing I love most about DEMES is that their products are so multi-use! Stuff this in your sweetie’s stocking and she’ll be thrilled! $20 il_570xN.687060441_tayc Photo-

2. Red Apple Lipstick “Ooh La La” lipstick Google Red Apple Lipstick reviews and you’ll see overwhelmingly positive results. In fact, you’re going to see a ton of raves, many of them from this girl. Why? Well, quite simply, the gluten-free toxin-free lipsticks this Texas beauty brand crafts are out of this world. Pigment? Check. Performance? Check. Stunning colours? Check. Cute packaging? Check! Add that to stellar customer service and it’s a no-brainer, guys. Ooh La La hails straight from the gorgeous Christmas Collection, which consists of a whole bunch of festive lippies and shadows. I chose this one because the rich, dusky rose with a hint of mauve is universally flattering and simply divine. If it’s sold out, as these gorgeous colours sometimes do, try Hollypeno, which is the perfect classic red for the season! $23.50 S3_ooh_la_la__92752.1414612615.800.800


Top photo: bottom photo: She’s So Eco

3. Wildrose Magnolia Mascara Oh. My. Gosh. Length, volume, and inky black or espresso brown lashes without the chemicals and irritants? No problem, done. Wildrose Magnolia mascara is non-toxic and pumps lashes up to their full potential. No parabens, no fragrance, no dyes, no anything you don’t want near your precious pretty eyes. Plus, the portable packaging is PERFECT for her stocking. Grab it! $16 Psssst, while you’re there, pick up the cream bronzer stick too. Just trust. DSC_3037 photo- She’s So Eco

4. Trust Fund Beauty Holiday Sample Pack This cheeky, Devil-may-care Montreal brand is so hot right now, with their “embrace your inner rich bitch” high-end branding and gorgeous 5-free polishes. The Holiday Sample pack consists of six little bottles (enough for several uses) of curated holiday colours. With white, shimmery silver, glittering gold, festive red and evergreen, (featuring names like Old Money and Champagne Problems), the colours are super seasonal and have you covered from the more subtle Christmas dinner to the dramatic NYE countdown. Solid. $16, DSC_0329


5. Kooshoo Hair Ties The only hair ties I’ve ever seen made with organic cotton elastic, these L.A.-made, Vancouver-designed beauties can stand up to MY hair, and that’s saying something. No slipping, no catching, just super-strong hold with a soft feel and a hella cute look. Pony-tail lovers will rejoice.   $15 for a pack of 5, Colorful_Pack_4e751164-1e9e-4313-a7f8-f7d46b1af81a_1024x1024 photo-

6. Seed Bombs 

Gumball-sized “bombs” that are made of soil and seeds, these bee, butterfly and bird-friendly balls of magic will disintegrate with rain, and the worm casting and red clay within them work together to push out vibrant East-Coast wildflowers! Birlliant, right? Each bag contains 5 Seed Bombs. Handmade! $7.00



7. Postarden

How cute is this? A postcard that opens up and becomes a little garden! I seriously want like ten of them! Here’s the scoop: “Escape to your allotment without ever leaving your desk and harvest your own crop in a matter of weeks! Our allotment pop up PostCarden will brighten any desktop, windowsill or sideboard. This easy growing kit is enjoyable for all ages all year round. Once opened and unfolded into its garden plot, simply sow the enclosed seeds and add water. In a few days your card will start to grow and will keep for 2 – 3 weeks.” 7.65 (UK) made-in-the-uk-growing-kits-easy-to-post


8. Shine Makes natural deodorant For much of 2014, I was on a major quest to find the perfect natural deodorant that actually worked. I went through at least a dozen, and I found the cream of the crop in my own neighbourhood! North Vancouver’s Carman Ho crafts this hardworking odour buster with a formula that features essential oils arrowroot powder and other natural ingredients dancing around a base of coconut oil. This stands up to yoga, workouts, toddler-chasing, and anything else you put it through. Trust me. $14, DSC_2189

photo: She’s So Eco

9. Nezza Naturals concealer Nezza Naturals is a Victoria-based family business focusing on all-natural/non-toxic handmade goodies from laundry soap to bar soap, skincare to essential oils, and every other personal and household need in between. It’s truly one of my favourite places on earth, and if you can’t make it to the magical storefront, visit their web store and stock up. This handmade concealer is one of the best I’ve ever tried- it conceals blemishes AND under eye circles (usually wth natural concealers it’s one or the other, at least in my experience). At first I thought it would be too dark for my skin (it only comes in one shade), but I was assured it would adjust to my skin one- and it did just that! Blends beautifully, vanishing into the skin without a trace of cake or creasing, covering flaws and leaving your skin looking perfect without any gross chemicals- just premium, natural ingredients like organic sweet almond oil, organic aloe oil, neem oil, organic shea butter and more. $13, u

photo: Nezza Naturals

10. Scentuals Lip Tints From earthy rose to sultry cinnamon, rich merlot to baby pink, these non-toxic lip tints give an impressive dose of colour while saturating lips with moisture. If the giftee is not so much a lover of colour on her lips, try the Vanilla Citrus lip conditioner.  It’s my favourite.  Tints: $10 each, lip conditioner, $5.95 Made in Coquitlam, B.C liptints unnamedq

photos- She’s So Eco

11.Trilodeon Chakra Meditation pillow w/gem stones These darling little pillows may look gorgeous anywhere in your home, but they’ve also got loads of spiritual benefits. I love mine. Some may say it’s a placebo effect, but I’m not convinced. I really do feel calmer and more at peace when my little pillow is touching my skin. “Geared toward inner awakening & heart mind connection, these can be used for chakra tuning, meditation aids, crystal chargers and so much more. They are quite magical with high evolutionary potential. Combining sacred geometry, healing gemstones and aromatic herbs these present a potent powerhouse of multidimensional magic.” This shop is beautiful and featured many other gifts for the spiritually enlightened, like beautiful sacred geometry coasters, eye masks with screen-printed, original art and more! $28, DSC_0447

photo- She’s So Eco

Happy stocking-stuffing, loves! Purely, Stephanie


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