Must-have of the week: Nezza Naturals Cinnamon Chai Lip Plumper!

Happy New Year, loves! One of my New Year’s Resolutions is to devote more time and attention to my blog. As you know, I have a small child and a lot on my plate, but I am determined to post more often in 2015! For the most part, I do my posting (including reviews) on Instagram, so you can catch me there at least five times a week, but I’d like to devote a post per week to my blog. With that in mind, I’m introducing a new series: Must-have of the week, in which I will review a product that I am head over heels for. Out of all the products I try (and that’s a lot) this series will feature the cream of the crop, the natural, eco-friendly gems I can’t get enough of. This could be skincare, makeup, fashion, or whatever tickles my fancy!

The very first Must-have of the week is the Cinnamon Chai Lip Plumper from Nezza Naturals.


I’ve been addicted to this amazing green beauty essential lately. Here’s the scoop: Nezza Naturals is a one-stop shop for eco-friendly, natural home and personal products, hand-crafting everything from laundry soap and cleaning supplies to skincare and cosmetics. Based in Victoria, B.C., Nezza Naturals has a gorgeous storefront in Victoria and a diverse webstore (click HERE to visit ). I adore the Cinnamon Chai Lip Plumper for five simple reasons: 1. It works! It really does instantly plump lips (thanks to the natural cinnamon bark), lending a lovely pillowy effect to your pout without drying, and best of all, without the use of harsh chemicals. It does give off a slight sting, a bit like you’ve just rubbed a cinnamon heart over your lips, but I actually like that because it tells me that it’s working! The sensation is brief, but the plumping effect sticks around. image

2) It’s handmade! By now I think most of you know that I’m passionate about handmade products. There’s just something about knowing exactly where your products came from, and being able to reach out to and ask questions of the person who crafted them with their own hands.

3) It smells and tastes amazing! The cinnamon bark and vanilla bean work together to create a heavenly scent and taste, without the caloric intake!

4) It FEELS amazing! With the texture and design of a stick lip balm, this shea butter-based lip plumper glides on smoothly and gives lips a wash of moisture while it plumps.

5) The formula is all-natural and is packed with amazing and beneficial ingredients. Shea butter, cocoa butter and coconut oil condition and hydrate, smoothing lips and imparting softness. Cinnamon bark temporarily causes lips to swell and appear fuller, by stimulating blood flow. This causes a slight stinging sensation, but nothing uncomfortable, unless you have a particular sensitivity to this ingredient. Hemp oil, with its abundance of essential fatty acids, is soothing and restorative. Cardamom, a powerful antioxidant, exudes warmth and improves blood circulation. Clove bud is naturally antiseptic, and vanilla bean is an anti-inflammatory.

Bonus: It’s only $5.95! Get it HERE Free shipping on all orders over $100 within Canada. Nezza Naturals does ship internationally! Visit the website for more information. image




3 thoughts on “Must-have of the week: Nezza Naturals Cinnamon Chai Lip Plumper!

  1. I love how something so inexpensive can pack such a punch. Always a bonus. That scent sounds like it could really kick off some cravings. I want to give it a go.

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