Review – Element Botanicals Man Up All Natural Deodorant

Ladies and gentlemen! Drum roll please! I have a MAJOR announcement. She’s So Eco is expanding to include a male perspective and I am pleased to welcome Rhys Murley as a guest blogger for the He’s So Eco section. Rhys will be writing reviews as he wishes, on green, eco-friendly products and issues relevant to men. A talented Jack of all trades (I mean, this guy is a writer, a singer, a father, a husband, a foodie/cook, a landscaper, and….I could go on, but I feel like I’ve justified the “Jack of all trades” thing as it is ), Rhys is an eco-enthusiast with a fun edge, a great look and an awesome personality and writing style. He also happens to be one of my closest friends, and I work hard at making sure the people in my life are amazing,so there’s that.


All photos in this post by Stephanie Deline (She’s So Eco)

I’d like to welcome Rhys, and I hope you all will, too! For his first review, Rhys will be discussing Element Botanicals all natural Man Up Deodorant. Element Botanicals is one of my new favourite B.C. brands, so I’m pretty stoked for their appearance here.  You can expect lots about Element Botanicals from me very soon, too! Without further ado, I present the very first He’s So Eco review written from a male perspective! Take it away, Rhys! Deo

For my first batch of reviews here, I am quite happy that it is for a very appropriately named product line: Man Up from Element Botanicals. And what does every man need, other than a good razor? A strong, solid, kick-ass deodorant! And Element Botanicals serves up an excellent contender with their 100% natural Man Up deodorant. I was sent the sample size, which is good for at least 3 weeks of use. The full size, sample size, and full range of Man Up products can be found here (click that!) deodorant

I have been using the deodorant for two weeks now, and overall I am incredibly pleased. I also happened to begin a new job in landscaping at the beginning of my usage, which coincidentally allowed for a more strenuous test run of Man Up – Bonus! At first I was skeptical; I have been using “natural” deodorants for close to a year now and have found that the majority still use somewhat harmful and unnatural ingredients, such as parfum/fragrance. Not the case with Element Botanicals’ Man Up. It actually is 100% natural, using essential oils to provide the manly, but not over the top or headache-inducing scent that men (and women!) crave; a powerful punch of antioxidants, and baking soda to aid with moisture reduction and keep you feeling fresh throughout the day. There are a ton of natural, beneficial ingredients within this formula, such as the coconut oil which is great for your skin and ginseng which helps to energize. See the end of the post for a full list of ingredients, and definitely do some research on them- you’ll find some pretty awesome benefits- this formula has clearly been carefully put together. deo1

Anyways, on to my experience! As I previously mentioned, I have recently begun landscaping (a new career path) and the physical work combined with the early spring weather here in Lower Mainland, B.C. (20 Celsius last Wednesday, that’s right, be jealous) has provided the perfect conditions for my test of Man Up. Even after getting up in the early a.m. and sweating all day, I don’t need a reapplication of deodorant unless I just want to smell extra manly This is a huge plus for me, seeing as with traditional deodorants I found that I would have body odour part way through the day and would need to reapply at least once, twice if I worked out. Another big thumbs up, my wife digs the scent, which is always a benefit. Note from Stephanie/She’s So Eco- I’m right there with your lovely wife, Rhys! I love the scent, too. It’s like…this is going to sound weird, but it reminds me of cola! Cola with a hint of earthy musk and a slight herbal tinge- it’s REALLY great – manly but not overpowering or harsh. I will definitely be purchasing this for my guy . So Rhys, it seems like you really dig this deodorant! Back to you.

I do have one downside, albeit a small one, which is I am beginning to notice a slight residue on my darker shirts. I could just be putting on too much in the morning, so I will experiment further and give an update in my next post. And remember, this is a deodorant, not an antiperspirant (I have to remind myself too), and sweating is normal and good for your pits. It actually helps cool you down and assists with ridding your body of toxins, and it even helps fight infection. So if you’re sweating, don’t freak out. Just do some deep breathing and calm the heck down or you’ll sweat more! All in all, Man Up Deodorant from Element Botanicals, who handcraft their products out of White Lake, B.C. using as much locally sourced and organically grown ingredients as possible like the bosses they are, is a definite keeper for me, and I’m very particular about my deodorants, ask my wife. I will definitely want to be using this as my regular from now on and I can confidently recommend it to other men who like to be and smell manly.


Keep watch for more reviews on eco/green products and lifestyle posts for guys.

Cheers from Rhys!


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