Rave Review – Woodpecker’s TOYS Handmade Wooden Sail Boat

Hey, fellow eco-parents! I’ve been waiting to release this post for almost a year now, because I wanted to see how this adorable, handmade wooden sail boat from Woodpecker’s TOYS held up. Well, the verdict is in – it still looks, floats and delights just as it did on the day my little girl received it!


Woodpecker’s TOYS is a handmade toy shop based in Powell River, B.C. Run by a lovely and passionate husband and wife team, Woodpecker’s TOYS purveys fine handcrafted toys and imaginative costumes. (Think felt crowns, magic wands, mobiles and more.)


(Banner from Woodpecker’s TOYS)

What makes Woodpecker’s TOYS eco-friendly?

Woodpecker’s TOYS:
* Use local products whenever possible.
*Do NOT use any plastic, in their products OR packaging.
*Do NOT use any harmful chemicals.
*Widely use wood from renewable sources, instead of petroleum products.
What makes this adorable sail boat eco-friendly?
*The paint is AP certified and conforms to ASTM D-4236, which, in simpler terms, means it’s non-toxic.
* Finished with 100 percent natural and certified food safe beeswax made in Salt spring island.
Now, on to my thoughts and my daughter’s thoughts about this beautiful sail boat!
I LOVE that it’s handcrafted and made in B.C. The craftsmanship is obvious in the design, and though this boat has seen many sails, both in the ocean and in the tub (not to mention lots of play outside of the water!), I haven’t seen a single chip in the paint or tear in the sail (which is made of thick, strong fabric). My daughter never gets tired of playing with this finely crafted boat- the colour is vivid, it floats like a dream, and she loves to make her tiny toys go sailing in it!
Her thoughts: “Well, it’s pink and purple, so it’s really pretty. And it’s fun to sail!”
So there you have it, folks!  Who needs a mass-produced plastic hunk of junk when you can choose a custom made (pick your own colours!), wooden sailboat made to last and last, with non-toxic paint, a natural beeswax stain and plenty of heart for just $28? Yes. Your little one needs this.
 Nearly a year later, my girl still  treasures it, and it’s a bath-time staple!

All photos by Stephanie Deline (She’s So Eco) Product generously provided by the brand in exchange for review. This does not reflect my opinion, and these are my honest thoughts on the product.


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