One tee, one day, two outfits with Threads 4 Thought

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Want to hear about my favourite new tee and and a couple of ways I’ve styled it, for both work and play? Perfect! Let’s do it. Before I get into all that though, I want to share a 20% off code for my readers from Threads 4 Thought. Enter the code shesoeco20 at checkout!


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So, a little while back,  I was presented with an awesome opportunity from Threads 4 Thought, an American clothing company with a fabulous range of men and women’s clothing, consciously created with fabrics like organic cotton and recycled polyester. I was contacted and asked if I would like to participate in their blogger campaign, and was given a gift code to purchase $100 worth of clothing of my choice for review. I was beyond stoked! I’d been needing some new comfortable clothes for a while, so this was the perfect chance to make that happen.

So desperate was my need for comfy t-shirts that I actually ordered THREE Veronica V-neck t-shirts (organic cotton/recycled poly blend). I chose one in black, one in oatmeal and one in grey. When they arrived, I think I actually shrieked and freaked my kid out. I mean, it’s just so rare to find the ultimate t-shirt- figure flattering, not too tight, not too loose, cute and luxuriously soft- but that’s exactly what the Veronica V-neck is, so you can’t fault me for my enthusiasm. After all, I’m a busy mom, photographer, singer, writer, wife, etc, so yes, comfort is key. And sometimes I’m more than fine to lounge around my house in PJ’s (trust me, I am SO good with that), but looking pulled together and being comfortable at the same time is never a bad thing. And as if you didn’t already want ten of these tees, let me just fuel that fire a bit more for you – UM, THEY’RE ONLY TWELVE DOLLARS right now.

Ah, the “perfect tee.”

It’s not a fashion phrase to be taken lightly, is it? It involves so many factors – cut, fabric, feel, texture, body shape. Yet the Veronica tee came swooping in and stole my heart with its ultra classic vibe, and supersoft, supremely cozy comfort. Plus, let’s not forget that it’s a V-neck! I adore V-necks. One thing of note- the neckline IS a bit low. I don’t mind that, but if you do, it can be easily solved by wearing a straight-necked tank top underneath. Honestly, I was hesitant about ordering not one, not two, but THREE of the same style of t-shirt, (a t-shirt I’d never even tried on, at that). But I am SO FREAKING GLAD that I did, because these t-shirts will be lived in. Worked in, played in, slept in- you name it. They’re adorable, they feel like second skin, and they’re just so versatile! Which reminds me of the point of this post- I really wanted to highlight the versatility of the t-shirt, so I would like to share two ways I wore it in one day.

When my husband got home from work one recent Autumn evening, we decided to take our four-year old on a little hike. I wore the black Veronica V-neck with my Nouveau leggings (Black Combo- also from Threads 4 Thought, 95% organic cotton, 5 percent spandex- and for the record, these leggings are also going to be lived in- they are ridiculously comfortable and I think they’re just darling – get them here). I stayed comfortable throughout the hike, and I felt confident in my body, too, which, I admit, is a rarity. The leggings bring out the shape of my legs in a very flattering way, and I LOVE that the tee is on the longer side- I tend to favour long t-shirts. Oh, did I mention that the leggings are just TEN DOLLARS right now? (major sale, they are regularly $38!). Here’s the outfit:

IMG_8977 IMG_8987 IMG_9007

That same evening, I had a meeting with a guitar player (I’m auditioning guitarists for a music project I’m working on), and I left the Veronica V-neck on, ditched the leggings and popped on some navy blue skinnies (H&M), added a blazer (vintage Donna Karan), an antique silver cross (vintage) , a bangle (vintage) and some black zippered ankle boots (Aldo). I took my hair down, shook it out, and pinned the front back. I applied Celtic Complexion’s Ceara lipstick and Milada liner, gave my lashes a fresh coat of mascara, and BOOM, done!

IMG_9011 IMG_9018

*Sorry the photo quality for the second outfit isn’t great- my camera malfunctioned (it’s been repaired, thankfully!) and would not shoot ANYTHING. It was BAD! So the second outfit had to be shot in fairly low light with my camera phone.

There are about a million other ways to wear the Veronica V-neck t-shirt- with Chuck Taylors and ripped jeans, with cute PJ pants on a sick day, with shorts and sandals in the summer- truly, the possibilities are endless with a basic, essential piece like this.

Stay tuned for the rest of what I got in my delightful Threads 4 Thought package.

Find out more about Threads 4 Thought by visiting This is actually a very giving and caring brand- they give to many important causes (like breast cancer awareness), and are partnered with many change-makers, such as New Roots (“The IRC’s New Roots program helps refugees become self-sufficient and contribute to their new home through community gardening, nutrition education and small-business farming. With training, tools and land provided by the IRC, refugees are sharing their agricultural skills and producing affordable, locally grown vegetables and fruit for their families and their neighbors”).

All this AND affordable, quality clothing. Seems like a no-brainer to me. Let me know if you end up trying anything from Threads 4 Thought. You won’t regret it!

Thoughtfully & Thankfully (thank you, Threads 4 Thought!),



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