12 Days of Green Market Giving- Day 1

Situated in North Van’s popular shopping and dining mecca Lower Lonsdale,(7A Lonsdale, to be exact), nestled behind several beloved restaurants (namely The Distrcit, Raglan’s, and Anatoli Souvlaki), there’s a magical little place by the name of Green Market.

Appropriately painted a rich avocado, the artisan collective charms you before you even enter with its small but adorable square stature, flower box and seasonal details (like plants on the telephone pole, a mannequin sitting on a vintage bicycle, festive lights, etc.) Open the chocolate brown wooden door and you’re instantly swept up in the dizzying array of beautiful, locally made goods. You’ll find a selection of homespun toys, handcrafted jewellery, clean, green skincare, a diverse range of clothing, stunning art, and so much more in this North Vancouver treasure chest.

Owned by local legend Ingrid Doerr (the woman behind the famous Shipyards Markets, as well as her own clothing line, Infinity, and a range of upcycled furniture and homeware by the name of Resurrected), the Green Market brings you the best in local artisan gifts. Run by the artisans themselves, the place exudes a warmth and positive energy that steals your heart immediately.

*First three photos in this post are courtesy of Green Market. The rest are by Stephanie Edmonds/She’s So Eco (me!)*


In May 2015, (just seven short months ago) Doerr took the leap into the ultimate retail adventure, snagging her own storefront to showcase and promote local makers, which is something she’s been passionate about for many years. She snapped up the quaint little space, (a heritage building circa 1908) and set up shop, filling it with eco-friendly, handmade and locally crafted gems. The combination of an amazingly well curated product selection and a charming shabby chic aesthetic radiates heart and down-home authenticity from the hardwood floors to the rafters.

Having experienced firsthand the delight the Green Market has to offer, I’m  pleased to bring you Twelve Days of Green Market Giving, in which I will feature a brand from the Green Market each day, highlighting my favourite gifts for anyone on your list.

For Day One, I’m showcasing none other than North Vancouver artist Duane Murrin, whose work is heavily featured at the Green Market. From coasters to lanterns, candle holders to a wide selection of prints at various price points and size ranges (all of them affordable), Duane’s stunning work features the amazing scenery of British Columbia, processed through his keen eye and spun into artful magic via his talented hands with his own unique spin. Though Murrin’s exceptional and much-beloved work is a little bit reminiscent of the Canadiana landscape style made famous by the Group of Seven, it’s certainly not what you would call derivative- this artist’s most recognizable influences are (as evidenced in his work),  his own mind, his own vision, his own hands and his unparalleled passion for the beauty of British Columbia.
 It’s the artist’s unique, vibrant, visually arresting style combined with his down-to-earth, extremely friendly demeanour that has made Murrin a success. I’ve witnessed -many times- people who have literally been stopped in their tracks by his work. People who’ve just wandered into a coffee shop to jack up on caffeine, unaware that there’s an artisan market taking place, have walked out with several of his prints upon seeing his booth and having a conversation with the man himself. I’ve seen people walk into the Green Market asking specifically for his work, looking for a certain print, finding it, and proceeding to fall in love with others, ultimately leaving with an armful for the simple reason that they couldn’t choose.
What better gift to give than a local artist who creates beautiful pieces and sells his prints at an extremely affordable price? And as if I haven’t given you enough reason to love this artist, here’s another- he cuts the wood for his prints, drills the holes, places the prints on the boards himself, and wraps the glass for the candle holders with his printed stickers. Murrin does not enlist a manufacturer for his work. He’s a self-made man through and through!
Here are a few of my favourites from Duane Murrin’s collection, found at the Green Market.


8 x 8 print- $23
Murrin is a highly prolific artist, so you’ll find LOTS of his beautiful work at Green Market. This mountain landscape is one of my favourites- how spot-on is that reflection in the water? This one was painted at the Elfin Lakes. According to Wiki, “Elfin Lakes are two lakes in Garibaldi Provincial Park that are popular for hiking, snowshoeing, skiing, and mountain bicycling trail located east of Squamish, British Columbia, Canada.”
I have been compelled to visit this spot since I saw this print- that’s the power of art!
Mountain Coaster Set, $17.25
Sweet little squares adorned with stunning B.C. scenery? Need I say more?
Glass Candle Holders, $23
Grab a beautiful candle and give the gift of candlelight and beautiful local art. The ULTIMATE hostess gift.
I hope I’ve inspired you to check out Green Market’s amazing selection of Duane Murrin’s incomparable art. If you’re not local and are interested in Duane, check out www.duanemurrin.com
Pop by Green Market
7A Lonsdale Ave
North Vancouver
(604) 985-9694
Click HERE to visit the store on Facebook.
Which artisan will be featured tomorrow? Come visit again to find out!
With much local love,
P.S. Be sure to check out the awesome Shipyards Christmas Market!
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