12 Days of Green market Giving: Day 3

Welcome back! I’m pleased to present day 3 of my 12 Days of Green Market Giving blog feature, in which I am showcasing some of my favourite locally made goods from the amazing artisans at Green Market (located at 7A Lonsdale avenue, behind Raglan’s) in beautiful North Vancouver.

(Above photos: Green Market)

Today, I’m showcasing the remarkable woodwork of North Vancouver’s Chris Stiles. With a dazzling, hand-crafted array of reclaimed and salvaged wood products including, but not limited to; pens, shaving kits, bowls, goblets, pepper mills, boxes, and wine stoppers (the lost goes on and on), this craftsman has a great thing going- and his work is heavily featured at Green Market!

*photos: Stephanie Edmonds/ She’s So Eco*


When I recently had the chance to meet Chris and talk to him about his longstanding passion for woodworking, he told me about a photo of him when he was just six years old, opening up a box of tools. Clearly, all those years of practice (amazingly, he’s self-taught) have paid off, because they’ve culminated in a diverse, unique and absolutely stunning range of wooden products.

Here are three of my personal favourites from his line. It was hard to choose what to feature, because this entire line truly is lovely and diverse. So check out these three meaningful, handmade gifts from Green Market artisan Chris Stiles, and then head on down to the store and see his whole range (and a plethora of other artisan goods) for yourself!

Wedding Goblets, $180/set


Just look at these cherry wood beauties! Talk about your one of a kind gift for ANY couple in your life. Know someone who’s having a Winter wedding? Snag these and you’ll be the talk of the gift opening party! Simply beautiful.

Jewellery/trinket box, $59



Each year, Chris crafts a special gift for his nieces. This year, it’s this striking Mountain Ash circular jewellery box, which is also available for your enjoyment at Green Market. Who wouldn’t want to store little treasures inside such a unique and gorgeous creation? Perfect for wives, daughters, nieces, friends- pretty much anyone.

Wooden pens, $25-80 each



If you ask me, putting pen to paper is a highly underrated act. In this age of screens, keyboards, and just about any kind of stylus (technology’s answer to the pen), we too often forget that actually writing something down can be pretty grounding. I myself am a lyricist, songwriter, and journalist, and I seriously write everything out by hand before I transfer it to a computer. I liken this to reading a real, physical book (as opposed to using an E-reader) – there’s just something special, something authentic about it. Whether it’s a grocery list, a handwritten note or a best-seller, anyone you gift this to will take pleasure in using one of Chris Stiles’ handcrafted pens made from a variety of salvaged woods.

Be sure to pop into Green Market to check Chris’s truly amazing work. Like all things featured at this local gem of a store, his creations come straight from the heart. Well, technically they come straight from his workshop (Chris converted his garage into his workspace). But you know what I mean.

Not local? Not to worry! You can catch Chris online HERE.

With local love,



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