12 Days of Green Market Giving: Day 4

Thanks for joining me once again as I showcase the amazing artisans found at Lower Lonsdale, North Vancouver’s Green Market shop. As you know by now, I’m utterly smitten by the locally-driven wares Green Market features. It’s a wonderfully diverse, charming little shop packed full of handmade gems from B.C. makers.


(above photo courtesy of Green Market)

Day four belongs to Tea Lani, a Vancouver-based organic, handmade loose leaf tea company founded and operated by Mayumi Sugano. Born in Japan, Sugano studied traditional Chinese medicine there. After leaving her Vancouver office job just last Summer to pursue her passion for tea, Sugano combined her knowledge and love of tea to create Tea Lani.

Using premium European and Asian herbs, each tea from Tea Lani is created not only with the purpose of offering a delicious beverage (though of course there’s that, too), but also with the intent to infuse the tea with medicinal, emotional and physical benefits.

Sugano adores tea, and her goal with Tea Lani is to introduce organic, locally made teas that taste wonderful and are advantageous to the mind, body and soul. Sugano’s young but mighty business is the ultimate reflection of her belief in the potent healing powers that tea possesses.

With nutrition at the heart of Sugano’s blends, Tea Lani teas feature only organic ingredients and no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives. Just pure, delicious tea blends!

So let’s get into the teas themselves, starting with Tea Lani’s best seller, Daily Detox.

*photos by Stephanie Edmonds/She’s So Eco*

Daily Detox Tea


Daily Detox is a thoughtful blend for optimized health, and it’s Tea Lani’s most popular tea. Customers keep flocking back to Sugano for their fix of this healthy and delicious concoction. With eight cleansing herbs such as dandelion and juniper berry (which cleanse the liver), and peppermint, tulsi and rosehip, all of which purify the blood, it’s no wonder this tea is such a hit at Green Market. It may be gentle enough for daily use, but don’t let that fool you into thinking this tea is timid; it packs a powerfully potent health punch! $10/jar at Green Market (7a Lonsdale avenue, behind Raglan’s, North Vancouver.)

 Skin Brightening Tea



What a novel idea- a drink that brightens your skin! I talk a lot about what you put ON your skin and the ingredients therein, but any smart green beauty knows that what you put in your body is of equal importance. So why not marry outer beauty with inner health? This fragrant and visually stunning tea features a blend that includes hibiscus, rosehip and elderflower. When these three herbs are used together, Sugano says, they combat dark spots and uneven skin tone, offering a fresh, youthful glow! $10/jar, Green Market.

Calm Tea


A blissfully serene blend of Chamomile, lemongrass, lavender and rose. The combination of chamomile and rose not only serve to bring mental and emotional peace, but this duo also possesses powerful muscle-relaxing, tension-relieving, joint-soothing relief! $10/jar, Green Market.

Lavender Cream Earl Grey Tea


I can’t even begin to describe how amazing this tea tastes and smells. You’re just going to have to get down to the Green Market and see for yourself, seriously. And if you’re not local, you’ll have to trust me- it’s divine. The bergamot found in Earl Grey tea helps alleviate sadness and depression, catapulting you to a cheerier state of mind. Lavender calms, vanilla offers a fragrant sweetness, and marigold (calendula) is well-known for a variety of healing  properties, including anti-inflammatory benefits and aiding skin conditions. $10/jar, Green Market.


Head down to the Green Market and pick up some of Tea Lani’s pure, amazing organic tea- give the gift of tea that tastes great and does wonders for the body, mind, and soul.

PSSSSSST- another Green Market artisan I will be featuring, Bits & Keys (handmade upcycled and other jewellery with odds, ends, bits and pieces like vintage keys, old clocks, etc., as centrepieces), has teamed up with Tea Lani! The founder/maker behind Bits & Keys has created beautiful, one of a kind tea balls to hold your Tea Lani tea in. They’re just $20 with any Tea Lani purchase. I love it when local artisans team up like that.


See you tomorrow for Day 5!

With local love,



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