12 Days of Green Market Giving: Day 5

Welcome to day five of my 12-day blog feature on the artisans at North Vancouver’s Green Market artisan gift store. Located at 7A Lonsdale ave (tucked in behind Raglan’s an the surrounding restaurants), this Lower Lonsdale treasure chest features hand-picked, hand-made goods from local artisans.


(Above photo from Green Market’s Facebook page)

Back in my Day 2 post, (see it HERE) I talked about the lovely jewelry from Shine Makes. Today, I’m talking about the other side of Carman Ho’s North Vancouver brand. Shine Makes features a wide range of jewelry, but also purveys a range of handcrafted home and body care as well! Carman’s clean, green lifestyle products are some of my favourites in the world, so I wanted to give them a post all their own.

While everything you  from Shine Makes (including home cleaner, lip balms, bug spray and sunscreen) is wonderful, made with love and premium, non-toxic ingredients, I’ve somehow narrowed it down to four that I think are perfect for the season and excellent for gifts!

Photos: Stephanie Edmonds/She’s So Eco

Natural Pit Stick, $15, Green Market


Chances are you’ve heard or read my raves about this amazing, all-natural deodorant before. It’s the one I constantly recommend to anyone seeking a truly effective natural deodorant, and I’ve turned many a friend, follower and family member into loyal customers based on this amazing gem. Carman likes to say that I “made her deodorant famous”, but SHE is the one who did that-I just spread the word!

Serious odour protection that lasts all day, and is free from perfume, parabens and all the other nasties you do NOT want on your body, the full size is well worth the price, but there’s also a mini available for $6. This is one of Shine Makes’ very best products. I can’t recommend it enough! I love that it’s made with local beeswax, and hydrating organic coconut oil and shea butter. It has a light scent- it mostly smells like the coconut oil, but the lavender and tea tree essential oils break through a bit for a lovely, mild unisex scent. Excellent for men and women!

Lavender Hand & Body Butter, $12, Green Market


Ohhhhhhh, this stuff is like gold in a creamy, luxurious form. The natural lavender scent is dreamy- almost as dreamy as the smooth, soft, hydrating punch this hand & body butter packs in just one application. A little goes a long way, so the 4-oz bottle will last you for ages, ;having your hands and body smelling gorgeous and feeling moisturized and smooth as silk.

Cough & Cold Rub, $10, Green Market


Tis the season for joy, laughter, coughs and colds! But did you know that the leading brand of cough and cold rub is full of chemicals like FRAGRANCE and petrochemicals? This is counter-productive, people! Fragrance is NOT an ingredient- and it has no business being in anything you put on your body. This is an umbrella term used by brands to disguise the contents-  whenever you see perfume or fragrance on a label without disclosure of exactly what the fragrance is comprised of, you can safely assume that there are lots of undisclosed chemicals within that “fragrance”. Scary stuff! Besides, why would you want to basically be rubbing a bottle of perfume on your throat and chest, ESPECIALLY when you (or your loved ones) are under the whether?

Luckily, this all-natural, handmade balm provides instant relief thanks to the potent therapeutic essential oils. It really is comfort in a jar. I use it all the time on myself and my child when we get colds and coughs, and we both find it to be very soothing. It has a lovely minty/eucalyptus scent and spreads easily thanks to the non-gmo avocado oil and locally sourced beeswax. You and your family deserve the best, so grab this handmade, all-natural alternative to the much-less-healthy leading brand, and experience relief the natural way.

 Natural Perfume Oils $18, Green Market


Appropriately enough, given what I just said about fragrance and perfume, Shine Makes has an amazing array of handmade, tuly natural perfumed oils. From health-driven (Balanced Mind, Well Being) to seasonal (Christmas Spirit, Ginger Snap), with many others in between, these oils are fragrant, lasting, and all-natural. Each oil has a luxurious golden jojoba oil base, surrounded by pure, divine-smelling essential oils. They all smell beautiful, and there is a scent for everyone- from sweet to floral.

Check out the diverse range of Shine Makes products at Green Market, and be sure to watch for them in my upcoming stocking stuffer edition of the 12 Days of Green market Giving feature!

With local love,




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