12 Days of Green Market Giving: Day 7

Today officially marks day seven in my “12 Days of Green Market Giving”. All week long, we’ve been celebrating Green Market, the North Vancouver artisan gift shop that’s taking Lower Lonsdale by storm with its handpicked selection of quality, locally made gifts for anyone and everyone on your list. From clothing to jewellery, from body and skincare to belt buckles, from handmade signs to loose-leaf organic tea and everything in between, Green Market truly does have something for everyone. You can get all your Christmas shopping done in one trip, AND  when you buy Green Market, you support your community (as opposed to multi-million dollar massive companies that peddle plastic and aren’t known for their ethical policies and procedures.) Plus, you give beautiful, meaningful gifts this way!

Head over to 7A Lonsdale ave (behind Raglan’s) to check out this North Vancouver gem, and pay them a visit on their Facebook page HERE.


(above photo courtesy of Green Market)

Day seven belongs to one of Green Market owner Ingrid Doerr’s brands, Resurrected. If you’re a North Vancouverite, you’ve likely crossed paths with Doerr in one way or another. She’s a constant presence on the North Shore. Between owning two brands (Resurrected salvaged wood products and Infinity clothing,), founding and operating the North Shore Green Markets at the Shipyards (this includes the famous Summer Friday night markets and the upcoming Christmas Market), and of course, owning the Green Market shop, it’s a wonder this woman has any time to sleep! She’s literally devoted her life to her community and the artisans within it- supporting handmade, local makers is her very first priority, and it shows in all the amazing work she does.

But aside from all the work and effort she puts into other artisans, Doerr is no slouch at creating her own amazing wares. Resurrected began when Doerr started making bags from old leather jackets.Doerr got so busy with her markets that her own work took a backseat for a time, but she’s now ready to resurrect (pun intended) this aspect of her creativity.

The idea behind Resurrected is to breathe new life into salvaged  and recycled wood and other found materials. In partnership with her carpenter, Doerr designs and creates growler holders, charming shabby chic signs, coat racks and more. She often adds her own artistic touch by applying her beautiful, intricate designs to these items,(stunning trees birds, inspirational words, etc.), via the same silkscreening process she uses for her clothing. Water-based, fully compostable dyes are used for this process.

Here are a few unique, enchanting items from Resurrected, available exclusively at Green Market. Brighten someone’s Christmas by gifting them with one of Ingrid Doerr’s creations- you’ll be sure to put an ear-to-ear grin on the giftee’s face!

*Photos- Stephanie Edmonds/She’s So Eco*

‘Believe’ Reclaimed Wood Shabby Chic Door Sign, $20, Green Market


Beautiful curvy cursive delivers a sweetly simple message while a darling white snowflake adds a touch of seasonal charm. The silkscreened white pops against the vibrant, festive handprinted red of this delightful salvaged wood sign. Grab one for your own door and tuck one under your arm as a hostess gift- you can’t go wrong!

Reclaimed wood Growler holder w/vintage hand drill handle, $70, Green Market


This unique growler holder, topped with a vintage hand drill, is a heck of a find! Use if for its intended purpose (show up with this and two freshly-filled growlers -get some local craft beer from Green Leaf Brewing Co., just steps away from Green Market), or get creative! Grab a bunch of items from Green Market, stuff this beautiful piece with pretty tissue paper and give a one-of-a-kind local artisan gift basket! So many ways to use this awesome piece.

Reclaimed wood bottle holder w/tree silkscreen print, $40


The picture says it all- look at that rich dark wood and the stunning contrast created by the pretty white tree (designed by Doerr). Instant conversation piece!

Reclaimed Wood Christmas Tree Word Sign, $20, Green Market



More sweet seasonal signage! How pretty are these uplifting words arranged into a Christmas tree with Doerr’s silkscreening process. I love the look of the bare wood behind the pop, pop, pop of that bright Christmas red. Timeless.

Take a trip to Green Market and pick up these beauties before they disappear! And don’t forget to check out the fabulous Christmas Market:



See you here tomorrow for Day 8!

With local love,



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