13 Days of Green Market Giving; Day 10


Welcome back! It’s been an absolute blast showcasing Green Market, the artisan gift shop and collective located at 7a Lonsdale ave, North Vancouver (behind Raglan’s).


All photos in this post- Stephanie Edmonds/She’s So Eco

Today, I’d like to introduce you to Squamish-based brand Be Clean Naturally. Founder/owner Kirstin French created Be Clean Naturally with her husband, crafting non-toxic bar soap, laundry soap, essential oils, body products and more.

Check out this awesome gift basket, featuring real cedar sprigs, two soaps, a body soap, room/linen spray from Be Clean Naturally, a Gib & Nimm candle, and a lip balm from Shine Makes, available at Green Market! Green Market owner Ingrid just made them up today, and I was delighted to see them. They’re so pretty!


A Little About Be Clean Naturally​

Be Clean Naturally is all about soap made with love and 100% natural ingredients, prepared by hand in small batches.  

We use only 100% pure essential oils when scenting our products and we don’t use dyes in our soaps.  Some of the soaps do vary slightly in colour, which comes from the different oils used, the exfoliants, minerals or honey added.

We avoid packaging whenever possible. Our bar soaps do not come with any paper packaging, they are stamped with a handmade, hardwood stamp to identify them.  All liquid soaps come in a plastic or glass bottle which is always refillable (and you get a discount if you bring your bottles back to be refilled).


After having a phone conversation with Kirstin, I was so impressed by her passion and her story. Be Clean Naturally certainly makes high quality, clean products, but Kirstin’s commitment to the bare minimum in packaging and refilling all products offered in a bottle takes the quality of the business up a notch. Of course, the logical reasons for this are obvious, but I was curious as to whether there was a story behind Kirstin’s adamance to reduce waste and promote refilling. Turns out, there is.

When Kirstin was a child, she used to treasure visits to the local dump, because she would get to see bears. When she hit teenagehood, she of course had better things to do than visit the dump, but when she finally did revisit in her adulthood, she was utterly shocked at all the waste around her. This inspired her to change her way of thinking when it came to shopping and packaging, and she brought this into her own business. Marrying that awareness with her ingredient values (she suffered from acne, and nothing worked until she eliminated the chemical-laden skincare she had been using) resulted in Be Clean Naturally.

The brand has earned much success locally, and has a prominent storefront in Squamish. At Green Market, Be Clean Naturally is a favourite among staff and customers. Owner Ingrid Doerr is constantly raving about the Gib & Nimm Forest Spice candle (French recently purchased this candle company), and with good reason- the pure essential oils within it truly do emulate a B.C. forest and Christmas cheer. When this candle is lit at the store, customers are constantly asking what the divine smell is.

But that’s not all people are loving from Be Clean Naturally at Green Market- here are a few of this brand’s amazing products, handpicked by yours truly.

Be Clean Naturally  Lemongrass Laundry Soap, $12, Green Market


Gentle on skin and clothes, yet tough on dirt and stains, this water-based laundry soap smells divine and is free from artificial fragrance, dyes, and other toxic chemicals you find in most mainstream laundry soaps and detergents. Scented with pure essential oils (with an unscented version available), this is the right way to clean your clothing! Comes in a beautiful glass bottle (refillable, of course!) that holds enough soap for 14 large loads.

Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 9.55.51 PM

Rose handcrafted bar soap, $6, Green Market


(photographed with different lighting, because I’m nerdy like that, and it’s just so pretty – I had to).

So, this soap is to die for. It’s gentle enough for the face, but that doesn’t stop it from offering a deep, naturally fragrant clean. Indulge in a rich, luxurious lather and inhale the delectable aroma of not one, not two, not even three, but a quadruple dose of rose.

You read that right- this handcrafted soap contains rosehip oil, roship botanical extract, rose buds and rose essential oil. This means you’re not only going to get squeaky clean skin, but you’ll also be drinking in the many benefits of the flower that is as rich in health advantages as it is in romantic implications. With a wide range of benefits from anti-aging to anti-depressant, rose oils and extracts are nothing short of powerhouses. To say nothing of the oils accompanying the rose in this soap, (such as ylang ylang and patchouli), all of which have their own health benefits.

What’s so riveting about rose? Check out this cool info sheet I found on Organicfacts.net (click the link to read the full, and fascinating article).

Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 10.18.31 PM

Awesome, right? I’m pretty stoked, because (if you can’t tell by the fact that I have a ton of dried ones on hand at all times to use as props), I’m a fan of rose everything (as long as it’s natural).

The rosebuds along the top are like the icing on the cake of this exceptional artisan soap. Highly recommend!

Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 10.00.11 PM

Shaving bar soap, Green Market, $6


I’m tempted to hang on to this one, but I’m going to stuff it in my husband’s stocking. There’s something so authentic and old-timey about a guy lathering up with a simple bar. Be Clean Naturally’s Shaving Soap offers up a lovely, unisex fragrance (which leans heavily toward the spearmint and clove oils within it). Another plus; I’m confident this soap will be great for my husband’s sensitive skin. With nourishing, hydrating jojoba, coconut and avocado oils and a variety of beneficial essential oils (the husband isn’t sensitive to any of them, thankfully!), I’m quite sure he’s going to love shaving with this!

Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 10.45.58 PM

Gib & Nimm  Soy Wax Candles (Forest Spice, Lemongrass) in glass jar- $17 each, Green Market



I know I’ve already talked about them, but seriously, these candles are dreamy. Be Clean Naturally has recently taken over this candle company and Kirstin and her team have been crafting the divine-smelling soy wax candles. Each candle smells exactly like its namesake, by way of pure essential oils, of course. The packaging is simple and clean, and the aromas that radiate from these beauties are out of this world. The folks at Be Clean Naturally have some mighty fine essential oils, and they’re prominently featured in these beautiful candles. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at just how much fragrance a natural essential oil can churn out- and how long that can last. These are scented candles done right, folks.

Head down to the Green Market to see more of Bee Clean Naturally‘s fantastic range, and check out the remarkable goods from other local artisans- this is THE place to get your last minute shopping done if you want to give a thoughtful, meaningful gift.

Don’t forget to swing by the legendary Shipyards Christmas Market this coming weekend, beginning tomorrow (Friday, December 18th).



One thought on “13 Days of Green Market Giving; Day 10

  1. I’ve been reading all these Green Market posts and I wish I was there! I’m sure there is something similar here too, but I’m probably too lazy to find out, plus I don’t speak the language yet 😀 These candles look amazing, the forest spice must be such a treat! *.*

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