13 Days of Green Market Giving: Day 11

Hello, again! Can you believe there are only SIX more shipping days until Christmas? Ahhhhh! Don’t panic. At least, not if you’re in North Vancouver or the general Vancouver area. Scroll through my home page and you’ll find this and ten other helpful posts featuring marvellous gifts from the amazing artisans of Green Market. (7A Lonsdale Avenue, North Vancouver, behind Raglan’s).

There are still two more posts to come after this, too! When you head to the Green Market, you’ll be filled with relief- you really can get something for everyone, at any budget, in this North Vancouver artisan gift shop. Candles! Jewelry! Skincare! Clothing! Belt buckles! Plants! Local art!  Soap! And the list just goes on and on.


Day 11 goes to Green Market owner Ingrid Doerr’s beautiful causal clothing line Infinity Clothing. Doerr does it all- she’s a designer, a seamstress, store owner, founder of the Shipyards Friday Night and Christmas Markets, and she has another brand, Resurrected, which features stunning reclaimed, reimagined wood products. (Click HERE for more on that.)

Infinity Clothing boasts a beautiful and broad range of hoodies, t-shirts, wraps, capes, leggings and more, mainly featuring Doerr’s arresting nature-inspired designs. With materials ranging from moisture-wicking, supersoft and regenerative bamboo to Melton wool to classic cotton, Infinity Clothing offers versatile pieces for work, play, yoga, and everything in between.

Here are just a few of my favourites.

Handmade Melton Wool Capes – $100 longer version, $80/cropped version. Colours include blue, cream and plaid.

Hanging up: Cropped melton wool cape in cream. Modelled: Blue melton wool cape, longer version, and plaid melton wool cape, longer version. All photos by Stephanie Edmonds/She’s So Eco unless otherwise noted. Photos of me modelling cape by Ingrid Doerr.

These capes are simply adorable, and they’re brand new to the Green Market. Designed and handmade by Doerr, they make a sweet statement and are cozy as heck. They totally remind me of an urban version of Little Red Riding Hood. Get them while they last!

Bamboo Silkscreened wraps, $80


Imagine these radiant wraps with comfy leggings, thick wool socks and a chunky beanie. Or take it to the other end of the style spectrum with a maxi skirt, layers of pretty necklaces, classic hoop earrings, and heels for an elegant evening look. No matter how you wear them, you can’t go wrong with these beauties. Ultra soft bamboo feels amazing against the skin, and Doerr’s eye-catching tree design is simply beautiful. Available in several different colours, these can be worn and styled so many different ways- well worth the investment!

Straight Outta North Van Hoodie, $30 (also available in Straight Outta Van City and Straight Outta East Van.)

DSC_2227.jpg12342671_10154451298918345_8056593949287822142_nWitty wordplay (it is, of course, a play on NWA’s classic Straight Outta Compton), meets local loyalty. Show your neighbourhood pride and your sense of humour, and look amazing while doing it in this insanely popular signature Infinity Clothing hoodie. Also available in hats, t-shirts, and onesies. Yes, onesies. Once again: ONESIES. (Bottom photo by Carman Ho of Shine Makes).

Bamboo silkscreened ponchos, $60


I am always mesmerized Doerr’s designs, and this, in which a tree turns into a murder of crows, is one of my favourites. That, coupled with the unique cut and gorgeous tassle detailing at the front makes this a must-have. I love that the design covers one half of the poncho while the other half remains solid. It’s a striking contrast that you can’t help but stare at. Shown in blue, but available in other shades, such as this plum one (below photos from Green Market’s Facebook page)



Silkscreened zip-up hoodie w/tree print, $40


This is hands down my most-worn (and of course, most-washed) hoodie. Not only is it cozy and comfy, but it looks freaking amazing with jeans, leggings, and even PJ pants. I get compliments on the stunning design all the time! And I love the colour- it appears kind of royal blue here due to the light, but it’s actually more purple in person. It is my favourite hoodie of all! (And I love hoodies, so that says something.)

Above photo of me in hoodie by Carman Ho.


Second photo (bottom) from Green Market’s Facebook page.

Infinity Clothing is an incredibly diverse brand with t-shirts, hoodies, wraps, poncho, leggings, and more, in a rainbow of colours and a variety of different sizes, styles and sleeve-lengths, for men, women and even a few pieces for kids. Rest assured that anything you choose form this remarkable brand is durable, comfortable, well-made and absolutely beautiful.

Quick! Hurry to Green Market and snap up your last minute gifts from local artisans!

And don’t forget to check out the Shipyards Christmas Market, too.



With local love,




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