About She’s so Eco

I  am a blogger, freelance journalist, photographer, and makeup artist in Vancouver. I am obsessed with non-toxic and Eco-friendly beauty, hair, skin, fashion and lifestyle products and the majority of my writing reflects that. I attended George Brown College in Toronto for Journalism, and wrote for Canadian Musician Magazine, Professional Sound Magazine and more before realizing my true passion: Using, writing about, photographing and promoting Eco-friendly products.

I am extremely selective about the products I use and the ingredients they contain. My standards have changed greatly since I began this blog, and I am currently in a very comfortable place with respect to what I use. I try to only talk about brands I truly love, with the foreseeable exception of the odd negative review that I feel might be truly beneficial to the reader.

I contribute to Bee Green Magazine, a British Columbia publication that focuses on Eco-friendly businesses, artisans and lifestyles. I have recently been brought on as a freelancer for the popular women’s site Allwomenstalk.com, for whom I will provide fun, engaging pieces with an Eco-voice as well as the Paris, France based Eluxe Magazine, a magazine focusing  on all things that combine luxury and Eco.

I do accept product for review, but will only review full-size products, as samples do not give me adequate time with the product. If you would like to send me something for review, please keep in mind that I am very particular about ingredients and product standards, and email me using the contact form on this page, so that we can discuss and see if your product is a good fit for my blog, or any of the other publications I write for!

Thank you for reading She’s So Eco!

Pure, Green LOVE,





14 thoughts on “About She’s so Eco

  1. You are so right about a face being a canvas. None are unattractive, but it’s fun to play with and why not highlight your best features? Loved reading this! You have lovely writing skills.

  2. Hey Stephanie, thank you so much for the follow on my blog. Having looked at yours I thought you might be just the person to ask this question to…
    You don’t happen to have a recipe for home made face serum that contains Vit C, glycerine and distilled water. Or do you have any knowledge about using the volatile Vit C on your face? If not, then don’t worry. Cheers for taking the time to look at my blog and I love the pics on yours!

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  4. Hello! I cant seem to find your email or a contact form anywhere on your website. Maybe I’m missing it. If you get the chance can you email me back for a possible product review? Thank you

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