13 Days of Green Market Giving: Day 12

I can’t believe it’s been twelve days already! It’s been a real joy to get to know the artisans at North Vancouver’s Green Market. What was originally going to be a twelve-day feature will now be thirteen days, so stay tuned for tomorrow’s bonus feature, which will focus on clean skincare brand Studio Aroma.


Today, I’m pleased to introduce Sinful Designs

Now, I know I’ve been featuring a lot of jewelry from the Green Market, but if you comb through the posts, you will see that each artisan is very different, with their own unique style and tone. There is SO much to see at Green Market, and since I believe they curate some of the finest jewelry on the local scene, I absolutely could not finish this feature without showing the remarkable work of Lisete Cerqueira and her partner, Christine.

*All photos by Stephanie Edmonds/She’s So Eco


Above, a selection of various hand-cut and polished stone pendants from Sinful Designs.

One of the best parts of what I do is that I get to meet the makers, hear their stories and witness not only the fruits of their labour via their incredible work, but also their seemingly endless passion. Stories are so important to me. I love when I get a compliment on a ring, a hoodie, what have you, and I’m able to talk about who made it, what it’s made of, and some interesting facts about the artisan and the art.

Lisete Cerqueira’s artistry is matched by the pure love and passion she pours into her craft. Not only that, but she is truly a fascinating human with one heck of a story.

Cerqueira was born in Africa, and has lived and studied in Germany, England and Portugal. With a sculpting background nearly 25 years deep and a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree under her belt, it’s not surprising that Lisete’s jewelry truly is wearable art. Unconvinced of the career prospects that came with her sculpting skills, yet still adamant about doing something that engaged her creativity, she achieved yet another degree, this time in Graphic Design. She then juggled part-time graphic artistry with full-time teaching (art and design, of course), at a high school.

After moving to a small space in Port Moody, B.C. in 2009, Cerqueira was challenged by the space limitations. Sculpting would be too noisy and dirty, so she revisited yet another creative endeavour; photography. On one of her outdoor photography excursions, Cerqueira encountered the Lapidary Club. Her curious nature prompted her to explore, and with the members welcoming her with open arms, she discovered a new obsession.

Amazed and enchanted by all the possibilities and beauty of gemstones, it was only a couple of months before Cerqueira began studying jewelry and faceting.

” I studied with Tom Schlegel, who was so generous he allowed me to use his fully equipped studio until I had enough resources to have my own. For two years I studied with him. It was a pleasure and a challenge. I applied my old skills in metal-working and learned many new ones for setting the gemstones in unique pieces of jewellery. His wife, Lisa Elser, is a famous artist, one of the crème de la crème faceters . She taught me how to facet and, again, she too let me use her equipment. Life is opportunity and fate, and I have been most fortunate in finding the right people. People willing to help and to give. A very Canadian feature that I love and embrace.”



Above, simply stunning artistry and craftsmanship. A variety of stones and gems adorn these utterly unique rings.

It’s now been three years ago since Cerqueira began showing and selling her work. Sinful Designs has been featured at countless predominant markets and gem shows in B.C., and the line is an intriguing and beautiful collection ranging from simple yet stunning to gorgeous intricate statement pieces, with an endless array of stones, crystals, and metals. The energy around these creations is a beautiful thing- you instantly get the sense that something special is at work here and it’s immediately clear that each piece is lovingly crafted with expert eyes and creative, passionate hands.

Lisete and Christine are incredibly knowledgable about the materials they use- ask either of them about the properties and history of a certain crystal or stone, and they immediately rhyme off a wealth of information. And on the rare occasion they don’t know every tiny bit of info, they’ll whip out their Crystal Bible and go to town. Now that’s service.

DSC_0969 copy

Above, beautiful spinning cylindrical Jasper rings on twisted silver bands, $20 or two for $30, Green Market.

As Cerqueira so aptly puts it, “I create meaningful wearable art, where design is reduced to its essential lines, producing clean and flowing shapes. I love what I do and do it with passion, and hopefully it shows in my work.”


The proof is in the pudding, so here are some of my favourite pieces. Check out the selection at Green Market (7A Lonsdale avenue, North Vancouver), and gift someone with a work of wearable art this season! And if that someone is yourself, I totally don’t blame you. This is not your average jewellery- it’s sculpted, shaped, designed, and brought to life with skill, knowledge and an insatiable love for the craft.

Oval Rhodachrosite Ring w/sterling silver band, $75



Don’t get any ideas – this is spoken for! I snapped this piece up for my sister-in-law, who loves big rings. I can’t wait to see her face when she opens it, and I will take great pleasure in telling her all about who made it.

Rhodachrosite is a rare stone, and it’s always pink because it’s a manganese based stone. Hand cut by Cerqueira and set in silver, the pretty pink stone hails from Argentina. This ring is beyond beautiful. It looks warmer or cooler pink depending on the light, but no matter what light is cast upon it, it’s a one of a kind, enchanting piece. Cerqueira has other Rhodochrosite pieces in her collection, so if you’re in love, pay her a visit!

Polychrome Jasper Ring w/sterling silver band and accents, $75, Green Market


This Polychrome Jasper stone comes from Madagascar. Polychrome Jasper is also a rather rare stone. It takes a high polish and is highly silicified. How GORGEOUS is this ring?

Various Pendants, $25, Green Market


Look at that rainbow of colours and variety of shapes. For just $25, these high quality pendants are a STEAL! The stones range from Orange Aventurine (middle row, second from left), to striped Brazilian Agate (middle row, fourth from left), and even Fireworks Obsidian from Mexico (middle row, furthest right), as well as an assortment of other pretty, hand cut stones. Affordable, unique, and beautiful!

Last but certainly not least, I am IN LOVE with the new, as yet untitled series from Sinful Designs. These gems take wearable art to a whole new level. Twists, curves, mixed metals (silver, rose and yellow gold) and an array of arresting stones dazzle in these artistic masterpieces. You simply have to see them in person! Coming soon to Green Market.


Sadly, my camera phone photos do these beauties little justice. I saw them at the Shipyards Christmas Market today and while I didn’t have my actual camera on hand, I couldn’t resist taking a few snaps with my phone. I hope to properly photograph them soon!

I leave you with a few more photos of Sinful Designs pieces at Green Market, including one of Lisete herself. She looks confident and proud, and rightly so.



With local love,


P.S. Sunday, December 20th is the last day to check out the Shipyards Christmas Market- and I HIGHLY recommend you do!







12 Days of Green Market Giving: Day 6

Here we are, already halfway through my 12 days of glorious gift ideas from the wonderful local artisans at North Vancouver’s Green Market (located at 7a Lonsdale avenue, behind Raglan’s.)


(above photo courtesy of Green Market).

Today, I’m featuring another jewellery vendor found at the Green Market. There are several at this lovely artisan gift shop, but the wonderful part is that no two are even remotely alike.

Enter Bonnie Hammond’s Bits and Keys’ which fits right in to the whimsical, crafty wonder that Green Market is chock full of. Hammond took some time out of her only day off (Bits & Keys’ is her full-time gig, but she also teaches occupational health and safety and the history of Unions at high schools across the province, as well as running Curious Flea in New Westminster) to fill me in on all the bits and pieces that make up her entrepreneurial endeavour.


The extra apostrophe in Bits and Keys’ is actually intentional- Hammond’s intent is to have the name pronounced Bits and Keyses (as in, word play on bits and pieces). This cute, funky bit of fun falls right in line with her work. Hammond has been making jewellery with upcycled vintage  keys, doll furniture (tea cups), and various other found objects for three years now.


(Above: Part of Bits and Keys’ unique display at the Green Market shop. Photo: Stephanie Edmonds/She’s So Eco)

After falling in love with a necklace with a vintage key and chain mail during a trip to San Fransisco, the seed of an idea was born. A little later, when Hammond was trying to come up with cool ideas for raising funds to help send a group to Cuba on a work brigade, the key necklace popped back into her mind and she remembered thinking that she could definitely make jewellery of that sort. After a trip to the Vancouver Flea Market, where she purchased $1000 worth of delightful little odds and ends such as chains, keys, tea cups, clocks, and other trinkets, Hammond created some of her own unique, upcycled pieces- and her vintage key necklaces sold out.

DSC_2575DSC_2586(Above, Teapot necklace, $25, Green Market, and Vintage Key necklace, $25, Green Market. Photo: Stephanie Edmonds/She’s So Eco)

This ‘Eureka’ moment was just what Hammond needed to spark the fire that set Bits and Keys’ into motion. She took a corner of her woodworking father’s table at the famous North Shore Green Market Friday night markets, and within a year, Bits and Keys’ was her full time gig. Since then, Hammond’s line, which is a wonderland of spirited, fun, crafty pieces, has been a huge hit at markets, music festivals, and of course, Green Market. While each piece is one of a kind, Hammond is quick to clarify that if you see something you like, this craftswoman can almost certainly recreate it for you.

Fun and whimsy is at the heart of Bits and Keys’,  but Hammond is serious about sustainability. She uses upcycled/recycled items as often as possible, and opts for mostly metals (sometimes glass), utilizing plastic only on the rare occasion that she comes across an irresistible vintage piece that contains it. Hammond also employs a strict zero-waste policy – she uses absolutely everything she can, and when she has something she can’t use, it goes to someone in her wide circle of artisans. What’s more, she takes donations- so before you throw it out, go see her, and remember that one person’s trash is another person’s treasure.


Above, the adorable assortment of Bits and Keys’ handmade earrings at Green Market. Just $10 a pop, these unique beauties feature everything from thimbles to teacups to keys, and as you can see, everything in between! All hooks are purchased new and are lead and nickel free and hypoallergenic. Photo: Stephanie Edmonds/She’s So Eco.

Here are a few of my favourite $10 earrings:


Left-to-right: Teacups, Vintage Keys, and stunning walnut wood scraps from Hammond’s father’s woodwork. (photo: Stephanie Edmonds/She’s So Eco)

And how irresistible are these old thread spools (for a vintage Singer machine, which Hammond notes are detectable due to their thinner spools- the newer ones are thicker.)


Oh, and check out this darling tea ball, adorned with trinkets added by Hammond’s skilled hands, just $20 with any purchase of Tea Lani  teas at Green Market (there are only a couple of these left, and they’re all different!)



(photos: Stephanie Edmonds/She’s So Eco)

In case all of this wasn’t enough, Hammond frequently does custom orders, turning family heirlooms into wearable art, or shopping for customers to create something based on their vision. One such example is this custom made spoon necklace, which Hammond was commissioned to hand-stamp an entire banana bread recipe onto. How cute is that? (photo: Bonnie Hammond).


Another intriguing aspect about Hammond is that she takes Bits and Keys’ into homes! Yep, she does parties where she brings her bag of tricks (which, she says, is “like eighty pounds”, and is always on hand for her to tinker  with at any time or place), and guests can bring their odds and ends, broken jewellery, special treasures, etc. They sit around drinking wine and making jewellery- sounds like a super fun girl’s night in!

Last but not least, here I am in my beloved vintage key necklace from Bits and Keys’.


I’ve only just scratched the surface of this remarkable, hardworking woman and her business, so make sure to check out the selection of Bits and Keys’ at Green Market, and visit them online via their Facebook page.

Who will be featured for Day 7? Come back and visit to find out!

With local love,


12 Days of Green Market Giving- Day 1

Situated in North Van’s popular shopping and dining mecca Lower Lonsdale,(7A Lonsdale, to be exact), nestled behind several beloved restaurants (namely The Distrcit, Raglan’s, and Anatoli Souvlaki), there’s a magical little place by the name of Green Market.

Appropriately painted a rich avocado, the artisan collective charms you before you even enter with its small but adorable square stature, flower box and seasonal details (like plants on the telephone pole, a mannequin sitting on a vintage bicycle, festive lights, etc.) Open the chocolate brown wooden door and you’re instantly swept up in the dizzying array of beautiful, locally made goods. You’ll find a selection of homespun toys, handcrafted jewellery, clean, green skincare, a diverse range of clothing, stunning art, and so much more in this North Vancouver treasure chest.

Owned by local legend Ingrid Doerr (the woman behind the famous Shipyards Markets, as well as her own clothing line, Infinity, and a range of upcycled furniture and homeware by the name of Resurrected), the Green Market brings you the best in local artisan gifts. Run by the artisans themselves, the place exudes a warmth and positive energy that steals your heart immediately.

*First three photos in this post are courtesy of Green Market. The rest are by Stephanie Edmonds/She’s So Eco (me!)*


In May 2015, (just seven short months ago) Doerr took the leap into the ultimate retail adventure, snagging her own storefront to showcase and promote local makers, which is something she’s been passionate about for many years. She snapped up the quaint little space, (a heritage building circa 1908) and set up shop, filling it with eco-friendly, handmade and locally crafted gems. The combination of an amazingly well curated product selection and a charming shabby chic aesthetic radiates heart and down-home authenticity from the hardwood floors to the rafters.

Having experienced firsthand the delight the Green Market has to offer, I’m  pleased to bring you Twelve Days of Green Market Giving, in which I will feature a brand from the Green Market each day, highlighting my favourite gifts for anyone on your list.

For Day One, I’m showcasing none other than North Vancouver artist Duane Murrin, whose work is heavily featured at the Green Market. From coasters to lanterns, candle holders to a wide selection of prints at various price points and size ranges (all of them affordable), Duane’s stunning work features the amazing scenery of British Columbia, processed through his keen eye and spun into artful magic via his talented hands with his own unique spin. Though Murrin’s exceptional and much-beloved work is a little bit reminiscent of the Canadiana landscape style made famous by the Group of Seven, it’s certainly not what you would call derivative- this artist’s most recognizable influences are (as evidenced in his work),  his own mind, his own vision, his own hands and his unparalleled passion for the beauty of British Columbia.
 It’s the artist’s unique, vibrant, visually arresting style combined with his down-to-earth, extremely friendly demeanour that has made Murrin a success. I’ve witnessed -many times- people who have literally been stopped in their tracks by his work. People who’ve just wandered into a coffee shop to jack up on caffeine, unaware that there’s an artisan market taking place, have walked out with several of his prints upon seeing his booth and having a conversation with the man himself. I’ve seen people walk into the Green Market asking specifically for his work, looking for a certain print, finding it, and proceeding to fall in love with others, ultimately leaving with an armful for the simple reason that they couldn’t choose.
What better gift to give than a local artist who creates beautiful pieces and sells his prints at an extremely affordable price? And as if I haven’t given you enough reason to love this artist, here’s another- he cuts the wood for his prints, drills the holes, places the prints on the boards himself, and wraps the glass for the candle holders with his printed stickers. Murrin does not enlist a manufacturer for his work. He’s a self-made man through and through!
Here are a few of my favourites from Duane Murrin’s collection, found at the Green Market.


8 x 8 print- $23
Murrin is a highly prolific artist, so you’ll find LOTS of his beautiful work at Green Market. This mountain landscape is one of my favourites- how spot-on is that reflection in the water? This one was painted at the Elfin Lakes. According to Wiki, “Elfin Lakes are two lakes in Garibaldi Provincial Park that are popular for hiking, snowshoeing, skiing, and mountain bicycling trail located east of Squamish, British Columbia, Canada.”
I have been compelled to visit this spot since I saw this print- that’s the power of art!
Mountain Coaster Set, $17.25
Sweet little squares adorned with stunning B.C. scenery? Need I say more?
Glass Candle Holders, $23
Grab a beautiful candle and give the gift of candlelight and beautiful local art. The ULTIMATE hostess gift.
I hope I’ve inspired you to check out Green Market’s amazing selection of Duane Murrin’s incomparable art. If you’re not local and are interested in Duane, check out www.duanemurrin.com
Pop by Green Market
7A Lonsdale Ave
North Vancouver
(604) 985-9694
Click HERE to visit the store on Facebook.
Which artisan will be featured tomorrow? Come visit again to find out!
With much local love,
P.S. Be sure to check out the awesome Shipyards Christmas Market!
Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 12.00.06 PM copy

One tee, one day, two outfits with Threads 4 Thought

Oh, hey!

Want to hear about my favourite new tee and and a couple of ways I’ve styled it, for both work and play? Perfect! Let’s do it. Before I get into all that though, I want to share a 20% off code for my readers from Threads 4 Thought. Enter the code shesoeco20 at checkout!


Keep reading more more photos!

So, a little while back,  I was presented with an awesome opportunity from Threads 4 Thought, an American clothing company with a fabulous range of men and women’s clothing, consciously created with fabrics like organic cotton and recycled polyester. I was contacted and asked if I would like to participate in their blogger campaign, and was given a gift code to purchase $100 worth of clothing of my choice for review. I was beyond stoked! I’d been needing some new comfortable clothes for a while, so this was the perfect chance to make that happen.

So desperate was my need for comfy t-shirts that I actually ordered THREE Veronica V-neck t-shirts (organic cotton/recycled poly blend). I chose one in black, one in oatmeal and one in grey. When they arrived, I think I actually shrieked and freaked my kid out. I mean, it’s just so rare to find the ultimate t-shirt- figure flattering, not too tight, not too loose, cute and luxuriously soft- but that’s exactly what the Veronica V-neck is, so you can’t fault me for my enthusiasm. After all, I’m a busy mom, photographer, singer, writer, wife, etc, so yes, comfort is key. And sometimes I’m more than fine to lounge around my house in PJ’s (trust me, I am SO good with that), but looking pulled together and being comfortable at the same time is never a bad thing. And as if you didn’t already want ten of these tees, let me just fuel that fire a bit more for you – UM, THEY’RE ONLY TWELVE DOLLARS right now.

Ah, the “perfect tee.”

It’s not a fashion phrase to be taken lightly, is it? It involves so many factors – cut, fabric, feel, texture, body shape. Yet the Veronica tee came swooping in and stole my heart with its ultra classic vibe, and supersoft, supremely cozy comfort. Plus, let’s not forget that it’s a V-neck! I adore V-necks. One thing of note- the neckline IS a bit low. I don’t mind that, but if you do, it can be easily solved by wearing a straight-necked tank top underneath. Honestly, I was hesitant about ordering not one, not two, but THREE of the same style of t-shirt, (a t-shirt I’d never even tried on, at that). But I am SO FREAKING GLAD that I did, because these t-shirts will be lived in. Worked in, played in, slept in- you name it. They’re adorable, they feel like second skin, and they’re just so versatile! Which reminds me of the point of this post- I really wanted to highlight the versatility of the t-shirt, so I would like to share two ways I wore it in one day.

When my husband got home from work one recent Autumn evening, we decided to take our four-year old on a little hike. I wore the black Veronica V-neck with my Nouveau leggings (Black Combo- also from Threads 4 Thought, 95% organic cotton, 5 percent spandex- and for the record, these leggings are also going to be lived in- they are ridiculously comfortable and I think they’re just darling – get them here). I stayed comfortable throughout the hike, and I felt confident in my body, too, which, I admit, is a rarity. The leggings bring out the shape of my legs in a very flattering way, and I LOVE that the tee is on the longer side- I tend to favour long t-shirts. Oh, did I mention that the leggings are just TEN DOLLARS right now? (major sale, they are regularly $38!). Here’s the outfit:

IMG_8977 IMG_8987 IMG_9007

That same evening, I had a meeting with a guitar player (I’m auditioning guitarists for a music project I’m working on), and I left the Veronica V-neck on, ditched the leggings and popped on some navy blue skinnies (H&M), added a blazer (vintage Donna Karan), an antique silver cross (vintage) , a bangle (vintage) and some black zippered ankle boots (Aldo). I took my hair down, shook it out, and pinned the front back. I applied Celtic Complexion’s Ceara lipstick and Milada liner, gave my lashes a fresh coat of mascara, and BOOM, done!

IMG_9011 IMG_9018

*Sorry the photo quality for the second outfit isn’t great- my camera malfunctioned (it’s been repaired, thankfully!) and would not shoot ANYTHING. It was BAD! So the second outfit had to be shot in fairly low light with my camera phone.

There are about a million other ways to wear the Veronica V-neck t-shirt- with Chuck Taylors and ripped jeans, with cute PJ pants on a sick day, with shorts and sandals in the summer- truly, the possibilities are endless with a basic, essential piece like this.

Stay tuned for the rest of what I got in my delightful Threads 4 Thought package.

Find out more about Threads 4 Thought by visiting www.threadsforthought.com. This is actually a very giving and caring brand- they give to many important causes (like breast cancer awareness), and are partnered with many change-makers, such as New Roots (“The IRC’s New Roots program helps refugees become self-sufficient and contribute to their new home through community gardening, nutrition education and small-business farming. With training, tools and land provided by the IRC, refugees are sharing their agricultural skills and producing affordable, locally grown vegetables and fruit for their families and their neighbors”).

All this AND affordable, quality clothing. Seems like a no-brainer to me. Let me know if you end up trying anything from Threads 4 Thought. You won’t regret it!

Thoughtfully & Thankfully (thank you, Threads 4 Thought!),


My small, PERFECT Eco wedding!

Greetings, beauties! I’ve been away for a while, I know. Many things have been happening – all great things! I’ve been doing a lot of copy and content writing (press releases, product descriptions, etc.), while balancing full-time motherhood, aaaaaaand….being a newlywed!  Yes, I got married in May! It was a beautiful, sacred ceremony in Lighthouse Park where myself, my lovely groom, my daughter, and two close friends with their little man gathered with our officiant and we were united in marriage. After nearly seven years together, and a four-year engagement, my now-husband Jordan and I decided to start really digging our heels in and planning in February. Within our discussions, we discovered that the wedding we thought we wanted was not only out of our price range, but also not exactly what we truly did want in our hearts. We realized two major things – firstly, we didn’t want to wait, and secondly,  we wanted it small. Like, really small – mainly because we felt very compelled to DO it and not wait to make big plans. We planned our little wedding in four months. We chose friends to be our witnesses instead of family because we didn’t think it would be fair to have some family members and not others – and the ceremony we chose only allowed for a total of four people (not including small children).

The rings:

Our rings came from Etsy- I wanted something unique and beautiful, affordable and handmade by artisans as opposed to mass manufacturers or multi-million dollar companies. Late last year, my beautiful antique Birks engagement ring went down the drain (literally) while I was dip-dyeing my hair, so I decided to get two rings from the lovely Joanne Rowan, a Calgary-based jeweller, designer and metal worker who creates the most mystical, magical pieces with earthy nature vibes. I chose the “As You Wish” ring (see it here: HERE) and a simple ring fashioned like a twig. Both are made with recycled silver, and the “As You Wish” ring is made features a green amethyst. I chose these rings because the vine design on the bigger one and the twig design of the smaller one represent my love of nature and earth so deeply, and the engraving makes it extra special. I chose “Mrs. Edmonds”, my married name, as my engraving. I’m in love with these rings! They are simply perfect for me.

Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 2.28.22 PM

Photo: She’s So Eco

Jordan’s ring was also handcrafted. From NaturalJewellery, a UK jewellery shop on Etsy, we chose a hammered, silver ring with a stunning thin copper band encircling the top. He gets compliments on it all the time! It was very affordable and extremely well-made. Find it HERE


Photo: NaturalJewellery’s Etsy shop

The Dress:

I knew that I wanted a handmade dress right from the top. My budget was not huge, but I was not going to compromise on having the dress of my dreams, so I went on a hunt for the perfect wedding gown for me. In BLUSHFASHION’s Etsy shop, I found it, and I knew it was the right choice right away. I wanted a boho/garden fairy goddess vibe, and that’s exactly what I got with this dress. It’s a stunning dusty rose shade, with amazing bat sleeves. It’s flowy, comfortable, and super flattering. The best part is that I know I’ll wear it again! Made in Tel Aviv, Israel, this dress is made with Chiffon lyrca – not the most eco-friendly material on the planet, but it was just the perfect dress for me and I love that it’s handmade by an artisan, and I love that I was able to support a women-run small business by choosing this dress. I also went with the matching, satiny lining that is sold separately in BLISHFASHION’s Etsy shop. See it HERE, and find the dress itself HERE


Photo: John Vis.

The Flower Girl:

Our sweet little girl looked positively magical in her custom handmade flower girl dress, by the one and only Jean of Little MoSo. Offering hand crafted, eco-friendly essentials and custom designs with a touch of whimsy and lots of heart, Little MoSo is based in Vancouver and is available online and at In Good Company in North Van. The care, time and effort Jean puts into her superior garments is simply amazing. The bodice of this dress is hand-crocheted with beautiful rhinestone embellishments, forested at the back with a stunning ribbon, and the skirt is comprised of layers and layers of soft pink tulle. To make matters even cuter, Jean added a removable sash that ties with ribbon at the back and features three crocheted roses, the middle of which has a jewel-encrusted centres. It’s just such a timeless, gorgeous dress that will get a lot of party and dress up wear!  littlemoso.com

Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 3.43.43 PM Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 3.45.28 PMunnamed

Top two photos: Suki Fox. Bottom photo: LittleMoso’s Instagram page.

The hair and makeup:

I was fortunate enough to have the very talented Hailey Avalon as my makeup artist. She is a dear friend and a very skilled artist- she gave me exactly the look I wanted, using clean, green products from brands like Elate Cosmetics (one of my faves- based in Victoria- you’ve seen them several times in my blog), Burts Bees, and Wildrose Magnolia.! She was a joy to work with-easygoing and sweet. I was so happy with my ethereal, pink-toned makeup! Get in touch with Hailey here while her website is under construction: https://www.facebook.com/HaileyAvalon She also does AMAZING lash extensions – best in Vancouver, trust me!

My hair was done by an equally talented lady, Laurie Richardson. A Vancouver Film School student and hair wizard, Laurie was laid-back, warm, and extremely skilled with those hands – let me tell you something, my hair is NOT easy to style, and she gave me EXACTLY what I wanted! Our officiant told me I looked like a maiden from A Midsummer Night’s Dream- precisely what I was going for!

Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 2.27.55 PM copy Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 3.45.17 PM copy

Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 3.45.41 PM

Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 3.45.55 PM

Top photo: Suki Fox. second photo: She’s So Eco. Third and fourth photo: Suki Fox.

The Groom:

Well, what can I say- we can’t be 100 percent eco all the time! His suit came from a well known men’s clothing store- and it’s not made with eco materials, nor is it handmade- but we had to make sure it fit and was perfect, so we chose that route. Isn’t he dashing, though? Look for him modelling Green Embassy ties in the blog within the next few days!

Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 5.36.21 PM

Photo: Suki Fox

The Jewellery: I wore two necklaces, one for the ceremony and one for dinner afterwards. The first one was classic and dressy, a vintage choker with pretty pink crystals borrowed from Suki Fox. (You can see it well in the photo of my makeup above, the one that is spot into two pictures). The second (below) is a handmade, stunning necklace made by Suki Fox by hand. She is one of my dearest friends, and in fact was one of our witnesses (along with hubby Rhys- who you’ve seen in the He’s So Eco section of the blog) and their lovely son. Suki is an extremely talented artist and she tapped right into my love of nature, the earth and wildlife by including a rustic swallow and feathers in this unique and gorgeous necklace. Find Suki at https://www.facebook.com/misssukifoxdesigns?fref=ts


Above: Rhys, Sepher and Suki ❤ I love these people so much! Below: me wearing my handmade necklace by Suki.

Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 3.46.17 PM

Photo: John Vis

The Flowers came from my mother-in-law’s beautiful garden. They were the perfect white Calla Lilies. I adored them.

So, there you have it. It isn’t going to win any eco awards, but I think we did really well. Almost everything was handmade by artisans, many of them local, our wedding did not produce any waste (no invitations, no programs, nothing was wasted or disposed of the entire day), and we did it in the beautiful Lighthouse Park, which celebrates our deep love of nature.

I’m thrilled to finally be able to share this post with you!



HUGE THANKS to our photographer John Vis: http://johnvis.wix.com

Here are a few of my favourites of the three of us, all by John Vis:


Flash favourite: Boske Kids Alpaca Knit Flower Clip

Recently, I received this gorgeous Alpaca Knit Flower hair clip by North Vancouver’s own Boské Kids Clothing. Actually, I was just the middle man – it belongs to its rightful owner, my darling little girl. Designed in Canada, made ethically with Fair Trade standards in Peru, this clip has quickly become a favourite not only because it’s beautiful and soft, but also because it has a really cool feature: There is a spot for the snap clip knit right into the flower. This is much better than a clip simply being glued to the flower, because it keeps the flower in place very well, without the use of yucky toxic glue (if my child decides to play with it or for some reason it ends up in her mouth, I’d much prefer her being exposed to Alpaca than a chunk of glue!). DSC_0886lo DSC_0878lo

All photos in this post by Stephanie Deline (She’s So Eco)

My wee one is growing her bangs out, and I had a lot of trouble convincing her to clip them back to keep them out of her eyes until Boské Kids clips entered the picture! She actually ASKS to have her hair pinned back with this clip! I was amazed after sending her to school with her bangs neatly twisted back and held in place by the clip, only to find that it hadn’t even budged when I picked her up from a very active day in the playground and doing yoga. MAJOR win!  DSC_0842lo

In bright sunlight, it looks almost indigo. It’s so pretty!

A local company with eco-friendly clips (among other things) that look so pretty, don’t tug at my daughter’s hair, and stay in place? Don’t mind if I do! Find Boské Kids Clothing at boskekids.com or In Good Company. The clips are on sale right now, so hurry over to the website and check it out! While you’re there, take a peek at all the other exquisite things in the collection.

DSC_0848lo DSC_0872lo DSC_0684lo DSC_0726

In the above photo, my wee one is wearing the other clip we received. It’s made of organic Pima Cotton, and is just as darling as the purple one! I LOVE that sweet button detail!

More about Boské Kids Clothing, from their website:

“Natural, eco-friendly material that is safe for little people’s skin is extremely important to us. We love our children and we want a healthy environment for them to grow up in. We also want to teach them that we are global citizens so it is important to treat one another as we would want to be treated… and that goes for animals too! We are a Canadian owned and operated clothing company for children ages newborn to 6 years.

The word boské comes from the Spanish word bosque (pronounced bOskay), which means forest. In the Pacific Northwest, we live in, play in and enjoy the lush, green forests. Our forests are dense, mossy, green woods, thick with evergreens (cedar, pine and fir trees) that keep their leaves, staying green all year long. In this magical playground, children are enchanted with the mystical animals and vegetation and further develop their imaginations.


Baby Alpaca is one of the most luxurious natural fibers worldwide! And a perfect all-natural material for children’s wear. It is warmer, lighter and softer than sheep’s wool. The alpaca fiber is naturally resistant to water, solar radiation and is thermal and hypoallergenic (contains no lanolin). The elasticity of the fiber helps maintain the garments shape and the silky smooth texture does not “itch” like other animal fibers. The alpacas (cousins to the llama) roam and graze the Peruvian mountainside and the industry contributes to sustainable agriculture in the Andes. Alpacas have 40 natural shades of fleece and are humanely sheared every 2 years. Baby alpaca is not from young alpacas but rather it is the fiber from the first shearing and refers to the fineness of the alpaca fiber. For the other colours, we use Oeko-Tex Certified dyes.

Pima Cotton is the highest quality of cotton worldwide. Due to its exceptional 1-3/8″ staple length, Peruvian pima cotton is especially soft, durable, absorbent and highly resistant to pilling. Our Baby Basics are made from 100% GOTS certified organic pima cotton which is hand harvested in farms in Peru. There are no chemicals, herbicides, insecticides or pesticides used during growth of the cotton crops or during the production process. The eco-white colour is naturally bleached with Hydrogen Peroxide and the waste turns into water. The other colours are dyed with Oeko-Tex Certified dyes. All print designs use water-based ink and snaps are nickel-free.”

Check out these adorable  Boské Kids Clothing booties! I snapped these at the In Good Company booth at the Healthy Living Expo in Vancouver last weekend.


Find out more and shop til you drop at www.boskekids.com, and if you’re in the Vancouver/North Vancouver area, drop in to In Good Company and check out the Boske Kids selection, as well as other fantastic finds from local artisans.

In Good Company

67 Lonsdale Ave, North Vancouver



Eco Outfit/Makeup of the week w/LOTS of Discount codes!

Happy Sunday, loves! Yesterday afternoon I attended a really fun fashion event hosted by Ekaterina Sytcheve of Prospect Solution, where local ladies were showing Haute Couture pieces by Rada Fashion Design, with Stella & Dot jewellery curated by stylist Natalya Popova, paintings by Anastasia Kondratovitch and a beautiful photography exhibit by photo show by Kristina Napolskih.

There were some beautiful pieces and lots of friendly people, and they ladies made great use of the North Vancouver space. It was a great event! I, of course, turned up representing three things I love; Eco Fashion, Eco beauty and LOCAL artisans!

What I wore:



Top: Handmade Cape top with bat sleeves, elastic empire waist and white elastic trim made with Bamboo fabric, organic cotton and spandex by Little MoSo (www.littlemoso.com)

Leggings: Organic Cotton blue leggings from Magaly Fuentes’ Pashen Collection (www.pashencollection.com)

Grey faux leather ankle boots: Thrifted

Bag: Sapphire Plum Trailing Flowers Messenger Bag by Rosie Toe’s Designs. Handmade with Knit and felted from 100% wool. Strap: High quality jacquard ribbons. www.rosytoesdesigns.com

Necklace: Single arbutus branch necklace by Drifted Jewellery www.driftedjewellery.com

I’m trying something new with my fashion posts where I ask the designer what their thoughts are about the piece; what makes it  mazing, unique, and why it’s special to them! I think this will offer some insight into the mind of an artisan, which I find fascinating. With that in mind, here are thoughts from the designer and crafter behind my top, Jean Stenhouse, local (North Van) designer and seamstress extraordinaire, owner of the amazing artisan cooperative In Good Company, and founder/C.E.O. of Little MoSo. Little MoSo features bamboo and organic cotton essentials for men, women and children, with a dash of dressy, high-fashion pieces thrown in.

“Made from my favourite fabric, bamboo, this cape top came about from a recent trip to Seattle. I was shopping in a little boutique on Pike Street and saw a cape top similar to this one. It looked so comfortable and very forgiving on all body types. Its simple lines are exactly what I love in fashion, with emphasis on materials used and “the little details”. This top is in mist grey bamboo fabric with a smidge of spandex for easy movement and ultimate comfort (plus it helps the longevity of the fabric). I added the white Greek key inspired trim as a contrast to emphasize the beautiful, fluid shape.  The elastic empire waist was added to avoid a “tent” top, and bring the fabric against the body to reap the benefit of the tops softness. It’s versatile, beautiful and super comfy; an all in one top!”

My thoughts: I could not agree more. This is my favourite top right now. It’s SO soft, moves so well, and accentuates my waist (which is on the smaller side, while my hips are curvy), while flattering my hips and giving me a silhouette I love. I adore the bat wing sleeves, because I’m a huge fan of that slightly hippie look with a romantic twist, and the mist grey is just gorgeous. Jean’s right, the little details like the empire elastic waist and the pretty trim really make this top extra special. Of course, I make no secret of my love affair with bamboo, so this top, with its mix of bamboo, organic cotton, and a touch of spandex for stretch, is literally the perfect top for me!




Thoughts from Magaly Fuentes on the beautiful Organic Cotton leggings: “I live in these leggings! The organic cotton fabric is super soft but durable, cool and breathable for warm weather, protective and cozy enough for cooler weather…and they have a fantastic waistband that doesn’t flip!!”

My thoughts: I wear these so much that I need to get another pair! Not that they’ve worn out – in fact, the stretchy, comfy and soft fabric hasn’t faded or worn at ALL through dozens of wears, but when they’re in the laundry, it makes me yearn for another pair! I adore Magaly and her entire collection. And I LOVE this cool blue. So pretty!


Thoughts from designer/artisan crafter Lucy Chapman of Rosy Toes Designs:

“My creative process varies from piece to piece. Sometimes I’m inspired by the fibre or fabric, and sometimes by a pattern or image I’ve seen in nature. This particular bag was inspired by the gorgeous jacquard ribbon. When I purchased it, I had no clear picture in mind of the bag I’d make with it, but knew that it needed to be something special. I pulled out all the purple and blue yarn I had and began comparing and contrasting yarns; trying to choose ones that would compliment the strap colors. I love how this bag turned out – from the deep sapphire body of the bag, to the striping that mirrors the banding of the strap, to the floral spray that goes across the bag body. When I was done putting the whole thing together, I looked at it and knew that this was a bag that someone was going to love for a long time. Any time I put a bag together, I make sure I’m only using quality materials that are going to last. One of the best feelings for me is when I hear that the customer or recipient absolutely loves their piece. That they get compliments and questions everywhere they go. When people support handmade, they are having an immediate effect on the life of an artist. They are supporting someone’s passions and dreams directly. You aren’t buying a mega-company or factory made product, but a piece that someone has put a bit of themselves into with every stitch or brushstroke. It goes beyond the product to the story behind it.”

My thoughts: Well, how do I follow such an eloquent and profound statement on handmade, artisan pieces? All I can I say is that I am DEFINITELY one of those people who gets questions and compliments about this bag whenever I sling it over my shoulder- which is often. I absolutely love the design, colours, and softness of this bag. It’s so unique and so beautiful, not to mention extremely durable. And it actually holds a LOT of stuff, which is great because I tend to carry my life with me. Plus, it goes with SO many outfits. The cotton lining has a retro vibe to it that I love and that strap is just a work or art in itself. I love how this bag worked with the outfit!

DSC_1037 DSC_1033

Screen Shot 2014-09-28 at 1.24.23 PM

*above photo that shows the lining was taken from Rosytoesdesigns.com All other photos by Stephanie Deline (me!)

Thoughts from Andrew Azzopardi, designer, wood-worker and co-founder of Drifted Jewellery, a division of Studio Robazzo, which is owned and run by himself and his partner, designer Christina Robev. The two craft Drifted Jewellery from salvaged wood and driftwood that washes along the beaches of Victoria, B.C.

“I love arbutus because the tree has a mysterious quality. It sheds every year and bleeds. The twisting and contorting branches are frozen in motion. We have been trying to capture these qualities.”
My thoughts: I LOVE arbutus as well, and to wear it on my neck is something very special. The single branch arbutus necklace is so simple and tasteful, the perfect mix of modern elegance and earthy romance. I am so fortunate to have received this and other pieces from Drifted Jewellery and I can’t wait to show you more. I wear their designs almost every day, and am proud to do so! People are always asking me about them, they are handcrafted conversation starters!
Andrew has generously offered a discount code for 25% off Drifted Jewellery, which is already very reasonably prices! The code: shesoeco
DSC_2816 DSC_2820
Eco makeup: Eyes: Eyeshadows in Sapphire, Galaxy and Moon highlight powered by Ecco Bella, Mascara by Ecco Bella
Lips: Tinted Lip Moisturizer in Sultry by Scentuals Bodycare from Nature on lips and cheeks (use code sheissoeco_20 for 20 percent off! You WANT these lip tints, trust me!)
Bronzer/contour: Cream bronzer stick by Wildrose Magnolia (use the code “she’s so eco” until October 1st for 20 percent off your cart. Take advantage of this INCREDBILE Canadian brand!!
I hope you enjoyed my Eco outfit/makeup of the week and will join me again for many more posts of this nature!

Eco Fashion Summer Spectacular Vol. 3 feat. Blue Sky Clothing Co.!

Hey there! Things have been so busy in my world lately- I’ve got some prime copywriting jobs, have been working on my column for All Women Stalk, and of course, continue to chase a firecracker three-year-old around! My other half has taken the wee one to a playground, so while I have a few rare moments alone, I thought I’d take the opportunity to write a new Eco fashion post. Today I want to tell you about Blue Sky Clothing Company, an Eco-friendly, British Columbia brand owned by an inspirational and talented designer named Marilyn Robinson. I love supporting local whoever I can, so when I got the chance to have a phone conversation with Marilyn, I was so thrilled to know we are on the same page. We connected instantly, and the passion this woman has for her craft and her beautiful designs had me absolutely in awe. When she invited me to drop by one of the stores (there are five across the province!) and offered to send me with some outfits to review, I was ecstatic. I haven’t met Marilyn in person myself yet, but that’s going to happen in the coming weeks, and I can’t wait. My experience at the store felt like a bunch of girlfriends playing dress-up. The ladies were so warm and open, and they helped me choose just the right outfits to take home (not an easy task, since I basically wanted everything! Flowy fabrics, comfortable cuts and flattering pieces fill the store. From dresses to silk ponchos, bamboo pants to sun hats, there is something for every woman at any age. Before I show you the outfits I chose, here’s a bit more about Blue Sky. from Blueskyclothingco.com

About Us & Mission Statement
It is our commitment to make women feel good about themselves and save the planet one garment at a time. The owner and designer, Marilyn Robinson, believes in helping women to feel comfortable and beautiful without compromising the earth. 
Our process of making the garments is beneficial to the environment, as well as to all the people involved. We have two small manufacturing groups: In Bali, Indonesia, with the help of talented batik artists, we hand make the fabrics of our own design. In the Sichuan province of China, the bamboo is organically grown and processed. 
All Blue Sky Bamboo wear is certified by the Organic Crop Improvement Association and the OEKO-Tex Standard, which means that it is farmed, processed and manufactured environmentally. Bamboo is naturally organic, hypo-allergenic, UV protective and wicks moisture away from the skin. It feels like silk but washes like cotton. The bamboo that is used to make clothing is a different species than Pandas eat. Bamboo for clothing can grow up to a meter a day! 
Since the dying minimums in Canada are too high for our small company, we cannot make our own prints or fabric. Choosing to work over-seas has everything to do with creating unique fabric and design, and nothing to do with labour costs. Most of the sewing is done in the homes of our production teams, where they work the hours of their own choosing. Many of the sewers have been working with Marilyn for the 16 years that we have been in business. 
We offer you clothing that has been made with heart.
That, combined with the photos I’m about to show you, pretty much says it all, I think.
I am in LOVE with the fabrics, the feel, and the designs of my Blue Sky pieces. They are so well crafted and I get compliments whenever I wear them. In fact, I had three women ask me where I got my dress, and when I told them it came from just up the street, at a clothing store that features all locally designed pieces, they were thrilled!
The outfits:
Kaya dress w/front pockets: $69.00 (Rayon) with Long Shawl (Rayon blend) in Burnt Orange, $39.00 Shoes are Homegrown Lux Elite by Sole Rebels, $85.00, which can be found here Necklace: handmade by Suki Fox in Vancouver.
This dress is currently my favourite. I wear it at least a couple of times a week, because it looks amazing with casual shoes, like my gorgeous Sole Rebels seen here. (I  also think it would loo so adorable with a pair of Chuck Taylors!) and is just so easy to throw on and feel like you have a complete outfit. Adding the Long Shawl takes it to the next level. Speaking of the shawl, (which is more like a cardigan), this is another darling, comfy piece that can be styles a variety of ways! I’m in love with these two together! The front pockets on the dress are such a cute touch, and are perfect for a credit card, keys, and lip balm (because, really, what else do you need?)
The accompanying Eco makeup:
Ecco Bella lipstick in Cafe Au Lait, Ecco Bella eyeshadows in Camel, Fawn and Earth, Ecco Bella blush in Earthy Rose, Pure Anada mascara in black, Ecco Bella concealer in Beige.
Cream Silk Poncho: $39.00, Beaded Tiger’s Eye necklace with tassel  $19.00, Black Capri Yoga Pant (Bamboo blend) and Nikki long tank top in Khaki, $44 (bamboo blend), Sunhat: $19.00
Flip-flops: Bought forever ago, can’t remember where! Sunglasses: Thrifted
I am obsessed with this poncho. It is so versatile and pretty, light and airy. Perfect for Summer! The top is so comfy and flattering, and the pants are pure bliss to wear.
Carmen top with coppery beading, $59.00 (Rayon blend)
It’s called a top, but it’s so much more. I wear it with skinny jeans, with leggings, and as a bathing suit cover up (seen here). The flawy cut and “bat-wing” arms make this piece so elegant, and the copper beading is the perfect touch.
bluesky DSC_1507
Kiki Green/Yellow Gingham dress, $69.00 (cotton)
A super cute, feminine 50’s housewife type of dress with gorgeous rushing at the chest . Wear it with heels and a pretty cardi for a Summer wedding, flats for a day trip, or just throw caution to the wind like I did and pair it with cowboy boots (thrifted) and red lipstick. The possibilities are endless!!
I hope that this post has given you a glimpse into a company I feel very strongly about. Blue Sky is all about locally designed, diverse pieces that celebrate women of all ages and sizes. I truly believe in the brand and the passion that thrives at their core. Special thanks for Marilyn for providing me with these exceptional pieces, and the beautiful, intelligent women at the North Van location, who treated me like an old friend.
Wishing you lots of sun and warm waters,
Ordering & Information (Yes! You can get these pieces shipped to you!)
Please email or phone with the list of items you are interested in. We will contact you with further information.
Thank you so much and may Blue Sky shine on you!
Phone: 604-365-0780
Store Locations & Hours
All Stores are open Monday through Sunday, 
from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm.
Hours may change seasonally. Please call your local 
Blue Sky store for further details.
Lower Mainland:
2029 West 4th Ave, Kitsilano 
1312 Commercial Dr, East Vancouver
1533 Lonsdale Ave, North Vancouver
511 Baker St., Nelson
350 Balfour Ferry Landing, Balfour
 250-229-4434 (seasonal)

Eco Fashion Summer Spectacular Vol. 3 Feat. Synergy Organic Clothing

Welcome to the third instalment of my Eco Fashion Summer Spectacular series, where I feature outstanding brands with Eco-friendly fabrics and values, modelled by me, and photographed by my better half on our recent holiday!,

The beautiful scenery at our Ocean front cabin island inspired me to play dress up, and how fitting that I have a gorgeous Eco wardrobe to compliment the stunning natural setting of our Summer home.

Today, I’m featuring Synergy Organic Clothing, which was actually the brand that got me into Eco Fashion. I also brought along two other pieces from Synergy, but sadly they got too wrinkled in my bag to model (and there’s no electricity, so ironing wasn’t an option!)

However, I’m proud to be modelling this gorgeous two-tone angel wing dress, which is one of my favourites. It’s made of  100% organic cotton, and I absolutely adore the look and feel of it!




What makes Synergy Eco Friendly:

For starters, their entire collection is made with 100% organic cotton, and dyed with only low impact dyes. Founder Kate Fisher developed her brainchild in 1993, when her travels to Nepal inspired her to purchase the fabrics that planted the seeds of Synergy in her mind. Today, Synergy still maintains production in Nepal, in accordance with fair trade organizations, using low impact dyes that meet the basic requirements of GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard). They’ve even hired professionals to oversee the production, ensuring that no toxic chemicals are used, and always prioritizing fair wages. Read more about Synergy here and here.

Why this outfit is a Summer essential for me:

As you may have noticed, I like versatility in my clothing. I like comfort and adorability, both of which this little number has in spades. Organic cotton is super soft and with just enough stretch to it, and like many of the pieces in my current wardrobe, this dress can be dressed up (heels and a smokey eye, hair piled up in a pretty bun) or dressed down for a Sunday afternoon, like I’ve done here, with loose hair, my Sole Rebels shoes and a grey cardi. (By the way, Sole Rebels is another amazingly Eco friendly brand that makes fabulous footwear!). Let’s not forget the GORGEOUS angel wing appliqué, which is not screens, but sewn in, with strips of fabric. Isn’t is beautiful? I also love the v-neck and the pretty dark grey (midnight is the name of the shade), which is easy to accessorize with and goes with almost any shoe or sandal!

I am so impressed with the durability, functionality, versatility and classic yet modern vibe of Synergy Organic Clothing. On their website, they touch upon the idea of fusing Eastern and Western fashion influences in their designs, and I think they pull that off effortlessly. Their pieces are very wearable, super comfortable and flattering, and their Eco-friendly fabrics and ethics are admirable. Combined with the adorable, elegant, timeless yet unique cuts and designs, this brand is an absolute gem and I’m thrilled and proud to own their pieces.

Where to get it:

Right here!

Other pieces I own and love from Synergy:

The Cherry Blossom Angelina skirt in Emerald and the Sweetheart Cami in black, both of which you will find in an upcoming look, and both of which are essentials in my wardrobe!




Necklace: Thrifted. The accompanying Eco Makeup: Pure Anada tinted moisturizer in Very Fair, Pure Anada Natural Mascara, Ecco Bella lipstick in Cafe Au Lait, Ecco Bella blush in Wild Rose, Glory Boon Heal and Conceal concealer.




Til next time! (lots more Eco Fashion posts are coming your way, so stay with me!)



*Dress generously provided by Synergy Organic Clothing for honest review. Makeup generously provided by Ecco Bella, Pure Anada and Glory Boon in exchange for honest review. Whether I receive a product for review or purchase with my own money, my opinion is never influenced and is always honest.*